October 17, 2012

10 Reasons I Love Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Concept Art

Balancing GW2 and WoW game time is a fine art, which I have to tell you I haven’t yet mastered! Of late I’ve been playing a hell of a lot more GW2 and jumping on my soap box telling everyone why I’m enjoying it so much, so I thought I’d actually put text to editor and run through what makes GW2 such an amazing game for me.

1. It’s all about grouping and playing together, you aren’t forced together but form a natural alliance that allows you to achieve your objective, grouping is so easy in GW2 and it makes the game so much more enjoyable. It’s inclusive rather than exclusive, bringing people together rather than pushing some people out because they have done the endless gear grind.

2. There are no ‘kill 10 mountain lion’ quests, GW2 is all about dynamic events that unfold as you travel around the world, you really feel engaged in the story e.g., repelling a bandit attack on a village, rather than focusing on the number of targets you have to eliminate.

3. You don’t need a dedicated tank and healer to form a group and everyone has the ability to resurrect a fellow player.

4. High and low level players can play the game together, the high level player is just scaled to the level of the area, this means it’s not a walk in the park for the higher level player and keeps it interesting. You still do a bit more damage, but the mobs are still a challenge, and more importantly the quests give you loot that is appropriate to your level.

5. There is no subscription fee, meaning that I don’t need to worry about multiple subscriptions running at the same time and not getting value from each one of them – you can stop playing and not have to worry about cancelling any subscription. You can even come back in a few months time and pick it up again, as if you’d never left, your character will be sitting there, just like you left it. And who cares if your friends are all level 80? They can come play with you and be dropped down to an appropriate level so you can all enjoy the game together.

6. The addition of vistas to locate and view is a fantastic idea, some of them definitely get you thinking and once you get to the location you’re rewarded with amazing views of the landscape. The art of GW2 is stunning and comes alive with detail, it’s quite simply a sight to behold and you can’t fail to be in awe of it – one amazing job done there.

7. Really engaging story lines for your character with the ability to stop and start the storyline whenever you want, e.g., when you want to focus on events or professions instead. You play the game how you want to play it, exploration is a key part and scouts in each area point out areas of interest that you can choose to go an investigate.

8. The GW2 community is really friendly and helpful and Arenanet are constantly updating and fixing the game to ensure optimal gameplay.

9. I can carry a whole range of weapons and each weapon that I use has it’s own abilities which are unlocked as you get more experience. As well as wielding an impressive arsenal I can also swap weapons during combat which changes all my abilities.

10. You are no longer separated from the rest of the world on your server, if you don’t like your community then you can play in another one, simple.


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