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April 30, 2011

Gamer Charities… Changing the Lives of Children Forever

When we turn on the TV, Radio or even read articles on the web all we see are advertisements for the latest and greatest, news or horrors befalling some poor country or state, or any other number of atrocities that fall upon the living.  The news only seems to recognize the rich and powerful or bad news.  I think it’s time to recognize the people who go out and try to make a difference  in the world and change it for the better.  While I may not have the mass resources of a major broadcasting company or an Oil exec I think the recognition is important.

Many of you probably have never heard of ChildsPlayCharity or TheHumbleBundle as they are not advertised across the net and lets face it many of us, especially in the United States tend to forget how easy we have it  compared to many other places across the Globe.  We see so much death, violence,destruction and devastation that we’ve almost become detached and don’t think of it anymore as anything but white noise on the evening news.   I myself had never heard of either of these two charities until one of them got some ‘lime light’ on EvE onlines front page.  I’m not an emotionally driven person, I never have been and I never will be but for some reason Childs Play Charity touched my heart and it was at this point that I told myself “I’m going to stop saying I’m going to try and help and actually go do it”.  I then proceeded to Child’s Play and anonymously donated.  While my donation was nothing major, under $100 as I had very little money at the time, that small amount of money might give some child dying in a hospice some final moments of joy before they exit this world far too early.  If my small donation can put a smile on a suffering child’s face for even two hours is it not worth it?  Ever since first reading about Child’s Play Charity I’ve made it a personal mission of mine to donate whenever a CPC or Humble Bundle  has a donation drive.

Shortly after donating to Child’s Play I ran into a group of Independent developers who threw together a product called “The Humble Bundle” .  To diverge a little bit I think “The Humble Bundle” is the most innovative product marketing of the new millennium.  What they do is give you a set of say 5 games that they want to sell.  All of these games are DRM free and they can be activated on GoLive and Steam or you can just download them from their site with the cd keys they provide to you.  They then, and here is the amazing part, let you set your own price for the games and in addition to that you can choose to donate a portion of the amount your paying to Child’s Play Charity.  You can split the money between the developers anyway you like.  You can give 100% of the money to the Devs or 100% to charity or split it evenly across the board.  You can set the amount by moving the sliders as shown below.

While it’s true that many people will only pay $0.99 for the whole package (and yes I consider this to be  ‘cheap’) there many people donate in amounts far greater.  During the last drive someone paid over $2500.00 for ‘The Humble Bundle’.  I’ve found that even though I might not like all the games, which I didn’t in some cases, that it goes to a great cause such as CPC, support Indie developers who promote DRM free games and I get to grab several great games for a crazy low price which if you’ve looked at the average release price of a new games these days is quite a bargain and I feel good about myself too and lets be honest we can all use an ego boost from time to time.

I understand that not all of us can afford to donate to a Charity or like Indie Devs who do the same thing but we all  probably know someone who does and lets face it most of us could skip one of our morning Starbucks runs or evening beer run once a year and donate $5 dollars to a deserving charity.

In the end I just want to give some recognition, albeit small, to the men and women at Childs Play Charity and Humble Bundle who are trying to make the world a better place, and from me and the staff at TGB we thank you for all that you do.

I would encourage anyone who has been looking for a quiet way to help out a good cause to go check out “The Humble Bundle” and “Child’s Play Charity”.  You can check them out at the links below:

Child’s Play Charity

The Humble Bundle

Here is Humble Bundles last drive:

April 30, 2011

Dead Giveaway: Left 4 Dead 2 Giveaway

Hello fellow TGB readers. To thank you all for the support you have given us we are  giving away a free copy of Left 4 Dead 2 for the PC.  This is a Steam copy and you WILL need to have a Steam account to receive it.  This is a Steam purchased copy so you won’t have to worry about it disappearing of your list.  Staff and previous staff members DO NOT qualify for this contest.  The contest starts today April 30th 2011 and ends May 7th 2011 To qualify for the giveaway all you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Register on the site here (if you’re already a member you don’t have to do this)

2. Like us on facebook

3. Comment on at least two articles over the course of the next week. 

At the end of the week we will pick a winner from the list of people who participated and we will post the winner up on the site on Sunday May 8th.  To claim your prize you must email me after the contest is complete with your steam account information and we will gift you the game.  The winner will also have the option to write an article about a topic of his choosing. 

If you are already a member of TGB fret not you can still qualify for the contest just like us on facebook and comment on two of the articles and you are set to go. 

If you already own Left 4 Dead 2 and you win the contest you can either take a second copy for yourself or we can gift it to a person of your choice.   

Please be sure to check the system requirements below to make sure your system can handle Left 4 Dead 2:


  • Supported OS: Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
  • Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 128 MB, Shader model 2.0. ATI X800, NVidia 6600 or better
  • Hard Drive: At least 7.5 GB of free space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


  • Supported OS: Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
  • Processor: Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with Shader model 3.0. NVidia 7600, ATI X1600 or better
  • Hard Drive: At least 7.5 GB of free space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


  • OS: MacOS X 10.6.4 or higher (Snow Leopard Graphics Update required)
  • Processor: Dual core Intel processor, 2GHz or better
  • Video Card: ATI Radeon 2400 or higher / NVIDIA 8600M or higher / Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Not supported: OS X 10.5.x, ATI X1600 or X1900 graphics, NVIDIA GeForce 7 graphics or Intel graphics less than Intel HD 3000.

Haven’t played or heard of Left 4 Dead 2?  Check out some of the gameplay videos below.


Good luck to everyone and enjoy!

April 28, 2011

Epic Throwback: Tabletop Games are Most Certainly NOT Dead.

My grandpa and great-uncle are more than happy to condemn the hell out of this generation for being lazy. They talk a massive mountain of crap about video games, stating that “people would be less lazy and socially inept without them.” They fail to recognize that nerds created the gaming culture, and not the other way around. Back in their day, they didn’t have video games. They had comic books, collectibles, and good old tabletop games.  Roleplaying games with rulebooks the size of phone directories, war games with miniatures scattered all over the table, and all sorts of other board games once enjoyed the same position as video games now do. While there were some that were considered “normal” and “fun for the whole family”, others were so incredibly complex that only the nerdest of the nerds could interpret them.

^This predates World of Warcraft by like three generations.

I took a trip down to Wilmington, North Carolina a little over a week ago to visit a fellow Aspect member. While I was in town, I stopped by a local popular game shop, Cape Fear Games. What I saw inside surprised me. This store apparently sees just as much traffic every day as  every single clothing store in the mall does. It’s not just the same guys, either. A purchase is made at least every five minutes, and there are always people in the back, gaming. They sold Warhammer 40,000 products, Magic: The Gathering cards and products, various RPG books (including GURPS, 3.5, and Pathfinder), and all sorts of supplies and other board games. I visit this store every time I come to town, and each time I leave with something. Be it new and interesting board games, Pathfinder RPG equipment, or cards for MTG, I pretty much make myself buy at least one item. Even if I don’t particularly need it (I don’t NEED any of it), it feels good to support a subculture that isn’t constantly raging about who is more legit and pro than the others.

^Although I still maintain that these guys have way more creative drive than most MMORPG players.

I’ve tried out many of these popular tabletop games, and they’re just as fun as any video game. So, if you’ve never tried, give it a shot! There’s at least one game store in almost every major city, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one within an hour drive. Have you played some of these? How do you think the community is faring? Are you an elitist about your particular D&D edition? Comment below!

April 27, 2011

Touhou: Just… What?

Yesterday I… experienced a few games in a series known as the Touhou Project. While admittedly it was a really fun experience and the games were very enjoyable, they just totally overloaded my “lolwut” capacity. Allow me to further explain.

^Go ahead and prepare your brain for the ensuing flood of “Wut.”

It’s easy to recognize a Touhou game when you see one. There are two defining characteristics. One: These games are needlessly difficult. They’re of a genre called “bullet hell”, similar to the retarded amount of sidescrolling/upscrolling space shooters on old game consoles, only with about a million more bullets per stage. Two: These games are obscenely Japanese. If someone asked you, “Hey, I want to lose all faith in Japanese culture, can you show me one single video game to do that?” this would be that game. If you have a friend who’s an anime maniac (and probably creeps you out at times), you might want to show him or her these games.

^This was on page one of a Google Image Search for Touhou. Go figure.

It’s pretty tough to explain the plotline of this series. The first five games were released only in Japan for the PC-98 computer series,  but the rest have been on Windows. Their storylines seem pretty far apart, with the exception of the consistent presence of the protagonist Reimu Hakurei (The one at the bottom in the red in the previous image). I guess it’s sort of a Final Fantasy type deal, with consistent characters but seemingly unrelated plotlines. Many important bosses return as playable characters, and there’s a cast of about four or five that appear in most of the games on Windows. Usually there is some sort of problem (evil red mist, defiled shrine, SOMEONE REPLACED THE ENTIRE MOON)  that must be solved, but the plot really doesn’t apply too much to the gameplay.

^Wait, you mean this one was a fake?

Playing this game involves six keys. Z, your shoot key, might as well just be taped down. X fires a screen-clearing bomb for when you can’t take the heat. The arrow keys are by far the most important, and your mastery of dodging bullets and hitbox memorisation is the difference between life or death. The mechanics of the game are simple, but it’s ridiculously hard enough to make up for the simplicity. The amount of crap you’re expected to dodge, even on medium difficulty, is unholy. Bosses attack with “spell cards”, preset attacks that you can practice (like song sections in Guitar Hero) in a practice mode. Trust me, you’re going to want to practice.

^Yes, I used a demotivational in my article. Bite me.

There’s an entire community for these games, even though many of them are really old. Simply typing “touhou” into your search bar will direct you to a number of places with people who can help you get the games, patch them into English, and weep bitterly as you get destroyed by a million bullets. The best place I’ve found for additional information is here, at the wikia page. If you want to try the games out, obtain a copy of Imperishable Night, which is considered the easiest. Stay tuned, I’m going to LP this game and post a video up this afternoon. What do you think of hard games, Japanese games, or Touhou, specifically? Let me know in the comments!

April 26, 2011

Sony Gives Us the Bad News

Well after almost a week with out our beloved Playstation Network, Sony gives us the news. Apparentley it wasn’t Skynet taking over…..my bad. Sony said it was hacked and the hacker or hackers were able to get access to 70 million user profiles. Sony released this statement:

“Although we are still investigating the details of this incident, we believe that an unauthorized person has obtained the following information that you provided: name, address (city, state, zip), country, email address, birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login, and handle/PSN online ID,” wrote Patrick Seybold, senior director of corporate communications for Sony Computer Entertainment America. “It is also possible that your profile data, including purchase history and billing address … and your PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers may have been obtained. … While there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, we cannot rule out the possibility.”

Sony also said they are rebuilding and we should start seeing services back online within the week. Nobody has taken credit for the hack, but do you really expect them to? Should be interesting to see where Sony goes from here though. With E3 coming up soon it makes you wonder what kind of impact this will have.

April 23, 2011

The End Has Come


Well as most have heard or encountered the Playstaion Network is down. It has been down for about three days now. Now breath as you read I know its hard. This problem couldn’t have come at a worse time for Playstation either with the releases of Socom 4, Portal 2, and Mortal Kombat this week. I too am victim for I cannot play Socom 4…..it still hurts. Now Sony has come out and said oh we have a server hiccup it should be fixed in two days time. Only it hasn’t been fixed. Several excuses and reasons for the outage have made their way to the web including too much server traffic with the new realses, downloadable games crashing the server, or even a hacker attack. Basically what it boils down too is my games don’t work and I don’t know why….QQ. However there is another theory that needs to be explored. Skynet became self aware on April 19th….coincidence? Hopefully Kevin Butler can fight back the machine invasion and get our servers back online soon because I’m not sure how long people can last.

April 22, 2011

Portal… My First Step Through

With the upcoming release of Portal 2 I realized that I had never actually sat down to play the orginal.  Sad I know, but regardless, I’ve had Portal sitting in my ever expanding Steam queue for quite sometime and never got around to playing it.  I’m not sure what had stopped me from delving into it, perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t quite understand what it was all about or perhaps there were to many other games pressing for my time.  Regardless I finally told myself that I was going to play it after my friends at work were raving about how awesome the first one is and amazing the second one was.

For those of you who don’t know what portal is, much like I didn’t before I played it, it is a puzzle game.  If you are expecting a high powered action game you are going to be disappointed but that isn’t to say that portal is a bad game because it most definately is not.  Portal is probably the most original game to come out in years.  There is really nothing else like it on the market that I know of. 

Portal starts you out in a lab, where you, Chell wakes up from stasis hearing instructions and warnings from GLaDOS about the upcoming test experience. This part of the game that involves distinct test chambers that, in sequence, introduce players to the game’s mechanics. GLaDOS’s announcements not only instruct Chell and help her progress through the game, but also to create atmosphere and develop the AI as a character. Chell is promised cake and grief counseling as her reward if she manages to complete all the test chambers.

I would say there are around 23 stages in portal.  The first ones start off with easy to solve puzzles which require you to open only a single portal  and progressivly get harder with puzzles require enginuity and creativity to solve and involve the use of physics and moving platforms. 

Being that there aren’t any enemies to fight within the game outside of avoiding turret fire and finding ways to take them out one might think that Portal is a boring game but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Portal is one of the most engaging games I’ve played in awhile, especially in the puzzle solving genre. 

Portal thankfully avoids the mistakes that many other puzzle games tend to make and that is making overly pointless puzzle that serve no purpose or puzzles that are so insanely hard that you have to Stephen Hawking to solve the puzzle.  While a few of the puzzles … “puzzled” me for a bit I found them all to be exciting, intuitive and creative.  In addition to having great puzzles the games AI is ever amusing with lines such as “we were just kidding we really weren’t going to kill you” or “there will be a party with cake for you”.  The AI does a good job of pushing forward the story as well.

Portal two is a unique adventure, one that begs to be taken.  If you haven’t played Portal or have been on the fence about trying it, much like I was I would suggest that you give it a try.  Portal is fantastic and I will most definately be picking up the second one. 


April 17, 2011


Celebrating almost 20 years of spine ripping fatalities….

On April 19 the world will be treated to the first true Mortal Kombat game of this generation. (Yes I know MK vs. DC was on this gen but it doesn’t count) Violent, bloody, and full of bone crunching thrills; the new game, entitled Mortal Kombat, is a reimagining of the first three games of the series. The game play resembles those titles by going back to the 2-D plain roots while retaining some of the move sets added when the game went 3-D. The combat reminds me of the MK2; there is no run button, there are combos but the combat does not rely heavily on them, and the tone is a hint of MK1 with no signs of dumbass finishers (Babalities, friendships, brutalities, and animalities), just an epic, brutal tournament held in outworld. We would not have this culture impacting series if Jean-Claude Van Damme was too busy with another project; yes, mister Universal Soldier had a very large impact of the history of this revered franchise.

The first “Finish Him” takes arcades by storm….

In 1991 Midway wanted to produce a fighting game compete with the growing popularity of Street fighter. Ed Boon and John Tobias, the creators of the franchise, wanted to use Jean-Claude Van Damme for the game but he was currently tied to another game that would never see the light of day. On a coincidental note, he would go on to play Guile in the Hollywood adaptation of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombats largest competitor. Johnny Cage would be the nod to Jean-Claude in the game, being a high profile action star and even retaining his initials. So Boon and Tobias went with plan B and created a fighter with digitized actors with a more realistic feel unlike the cartoon sprites of Street Fighter. The game had 7 fighters (Johnny Cage, Kano, Raiden, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Sonja Blade), each character playing identical to the next, except for their special moves. What set this game apart from its competition and gained the attention of the media and the senate was the blood and gore. When one of the characters won the best of three rounds the announcer would yell the infamous “Finish Him or Her” and a bloody death would ensue, normally consisting of heads exploding or being ripped off, and a few special ones like Scorpions “Toasty” fatality of lighting someone on fire. Blood would fly from characters when receiving an uppercut or roundhouse kick or during special moves; landing on the ground and only staying there a few seconds. In 1992, Mortal Kombat would be unleashed in arcades and would be a resounding success, but success came with a price. Mortal Kombat would become one of the prime games that Senator Joseph Lieberman and Herb Kohl would sight as being too violent and pushing the industry to regulate it’s self. Out of these hearings the Entertainment Software Rating Board or better known as the ESRB was born and has regulated the industry ever since. The game was ported to the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo in 1993. There was much debate to the SNES version of the game due to its censorship, the blood and gore had been removed. The Genesis version was held intact but there was a code to activate what had been stripped of the SNES port. To this day I still know the code (A, B, A, C, A, B, B) and still have my original Genesis copy.

The series began and died with two….

In 1993, Mortal Kombat became a franchise spawning one of the greatest fighting games of all time Mortal Kombat 2. MK2 was everything the original was and more, better graphics, better sound, more fighters, and more over the top violence that would cause senators to cringe. The game had a darker tone and played faster and smoother than its predecessor. There were now two fatalities per character and the inclusion of more stage fatalities as well as the roster being expanded to twelve combatants, Kano and Sonja the only characters that were not included in the sequel, though can be seen in one of the arenas. As well received as the game was there were some questionable design choices that threw the game into obscurity with the inclusion of the “alities”. MK2 would have some very memorable fatalities, but every fighter was equipped with Babality and a Friendship finisher both of which were non-lethal. I was not a fan of these, the Babality would turn your opponent into a baby, that was all; a huge waste of time. The other, the Friendship was humorous, normally with characters giving gifts or honking clown horns, was worth a few laughs but ultimately useless. Including these types of moves was a distraction. A game built on ultra real characters killing each other to win; blood and gore flying everywhere and at the end a shrunken down version of that character and a baby cry. Yep, all that intense fighting to hear an annoying kid crying and throwing the darker appeal of the game out the window, crushing your pride as the victor. With the inclusion of these types of finishers, the franchise would go into a tailspin into the world of bizarre finishers and characters.

Let’s take out staple characters and break the Kombat….

It wasn’t till 1995 that MK2 would receive a sequel, the notorious Mortal Kombat 3. This game was a departure from the previous games in terms of combat and over all feel. The run button was added, giving players a one up on other players defending as well being implemented into the new combo mechanic. The combat focus more on combos, some being ridiculously long strings of button combinations, and made combat feel faster but not as satisfying. The roster was widely changed removing several fan favorites such as Scorpion Johnny Cage, and Raiden; while replacing them with the likes Striker (he was my favorite to practice moves and fatalities on because he just screamed douche on so many levels, I still hate this asshat of a character). Some characters from the previous games were kept but radically changed, Sub-Zero was unmasked and given a ridiculous red “scar”, Shang Tsung now had some greasy long hair and some bad eye makeup, and Jax now had “robotic arms”, all of which came off being pretty lame. There were some new faces that would be a nice welcome and would be included in future entries such as Night Wolf, Kabal, Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke (now a cybernetic Ninja). Shao Kahn would remain the villain but his lackey fight would be dreadful; you would face Motaro, a Centaur (they officially ran out of ideas at this point). The Stop motion character models would look better than ever but the technology was becoming increasingly dated. Several graphical glitches would happen during fatalities and the stop motion Motaro looked out of place alongside the highly digitized actors. The game would go on to be a hit despite the major changes and would spawn two upgraded versions, i.e. Street Fighters “Super” series. Ultimate MK3 would bring back some of the favorites that were lost in the sequel such as Scorpion, Reptile, Kitana, and Jade. Mortal Kombat Trilogy would follow after but only on the home consoles. This release would include every character to date accompanied by a few new fighters such as Chameleon, Rain, sub bosses and Shao Kahn. Mk3 also added more absurd finishers with the inclusion of Animalities, where the victor would turn into an animal and kill the opponent. If you thought the creative steam dried up there a finisher that was specific to Mortal Kombat Trilogy was the Brutality, an 11 button combo that ended in the vanquished player exploding into bits. (I am going to go home and beat some ground beef 11 times in hope of it exploding!* picture below). MK3 almost ruined the series for me. The dark, violent game I knew was now violent and goofy for no reason, but redemption is at hand.

Fill the next 15 years with a rollercoaster ride of sequels….

After MK3 the series would make its leap into the 3rd dimension. MK4 would be a failure at the arcades though had a fun home port that never would live up to its predecessors. Mortal Kombat would start fresh with a string of titles on the 6th generation hardware, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance, Deception, and Armageddon (which would be the new “Trilogy” and incorporate every character in the MK universe). They were received well and brought the series into proper 3-D and gave back the series its relevancy. In 2008 Mortal kombat would share the ring with the like of DC comics in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Due to DC, this would be the tamest Mortal Kombat in history with very little blood and most fatalities been toned down to earn the game a Teen rating from the ESRB.  

Let’s make like Goro, break it in half, and throw it to the ground…..

In 2009 Midway filed bankruptcy and Midway Chicago (the studio behind the series) would land at Warner Brothers interactive and find rebirth as NeatherRealm studios. The new studio, still lead by series creator Ed Boon, is crafting this reboot of the franchise and a glorious return to the dark and violent. The game’s story line will take place between 2 and 3 while ripping out the spine of those games and just keeping the meaty parts that count. The game will be a 2.5D fighter in the vein of Street Fighter 4, and will be limited to two fatalities per character with various stage fatalities as well. The various “alities” of yesterday have been scrapped and a new meter has been placed at the bottom of the screen. This meter acts almost like the combo meter in Street Fighter 4. Hitting the first level will cause special moves to increase in attack, the second to be a hit breaker, and the third to initiate the new “X-Ray” attack that focuses on breaking bones and puncturing organs for massive damage. 26 fighters will be included with more through DLC and classic costumes available with purchases at different retailers. On April 19th prepare for Kombat and add a classic fatality to daily gaming diet.

April 15, 2011

Killzone II

Throughout the years I have played almost every gaming franchise there is except those exclusive to the playstation series.  Up until recently I had played very little on the Playstation outside of a few WWF Smackdown games back in early 2000’s.  Upon realizing this I have slowly been correcting this mistake.  One of the franchises that I have never touched until last weekend was the killzone series and I am sorry that I have waited so long to do so.  I must confess that my entry into the series was Killzone II and I have yet to play Killzone I but I will soon rectify that as well. 

Killzone II takes up directly after the events of Killzone and Killzone:Liberation and follows the exploits Sergeant Tomas “Sev” Sevchenko and his band of special forces “misfits” as I like to call them as they are somewhat lacking in discipline.  The game takes place entirely on the Helghast homeworld of Helghan and the ISA invasion of the planet.  The invasion is supposed to be a quick, fast and effective but things go downhill fast. 

Killzone 2 is a pretty game.  The intro cutscenes really showcase this with the ISA cruisers descending upon Helghast homeworld.  I really enjoyed the visuals in Killzone II even though I got really annoyed with the white outline that seemed to surrouned all the NPC’s.  For a 4 year old game Killzone II holds up really well against newer titles when it comes to visuals. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Killzone II from start to end and I think I played it over two sittings.  The campaign probably reigned in at about 9 hours which is about twice what we get from many other AAA fps titles. 

Having said all of this I felt there were some things that could have been better about this title.  My first gripe was the controls.  I found them to be fairly clunky and perhaps this has to do with the PC being my platform of choice but I found the aiming so sensitive even with the sensitivity turned down.  This made it incredibly difficult to aim and the NPC tend to move frequently so this made for some frustration.  This could just be my inexperience play on console system but I don’t find I have this issue with Resistence.  There are also spots throughout the game where you have to set demolition charges and it just felt clunky and not very streamlined. My second complaint is this really should be a multiplatform title.  I think this game could have been quite successful on the Xbox and I think would made a fantastic PC game.  I actually felt like the game was a port from the PC to the PS3 because of how clunky the controls felt to me.  This is an odd statement, especially coming from me and even more suprisining considering this is a PS3 exclusive. 

Killzone II is a fantastic title and my complaints aside, small ones at that, and if you haven’t played it I suggest you do.  I’m sad to say that it took me this long to finally start playing this franchise.  I believe after playing Killzone II I will definitely be picking up Killzone III and Killzone/Killzone: Liberation.

Who here has had the chance to play any of the Killzone titles?  What did you think?  Did you have a similar experience?


April 8, 2011

Illusion of Gaia Live Play by Hessie

A friend and clanmate of mine, Hessie, has been doing a liveplay series of Illusion of Gaia. For those who have never heard of such, liveplay is the fine art of playing a video game and giving commentary on said video game for the amusement of the audience. Illusion of Gaia is an RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Enix (pre SquareEnix). He’s pretty new to this type thing, but eh is a pretty cool guy and doesn’t afraid of anything. Feel free to check him out on his youtube channel. I’m sure he’ll appreciate feedback, and if he doesn’t, tell him Charcoal said he’s a tard.

Also, I’m planning on doing one of these myself, in order to get some commentating practice (I want to be a caster in Dota 2.). What game(s) would you guys like to see me do? I’m considering:

  • Secret of Mana
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Final Fantasy III (which is really FF6)
  • Chrono Trigger
  • F-Zero
  • Top Gear
  • Legend of Zelda: Link To The Past

Let me know what you think of Hessie, liveplaying, or what I should commentatify myself below!

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