2011 October

October 31, 2011

He Killed Me!? Impossible! He Must be Cheating!


This is something that has been on my mind for quite sometime now but I’ve never actually voiced it before until this weekend when I probably heard ‘foul play’ called at least 30 times.  I’ve noticed in today’s gaming scene that it’s common place to call foul play everytime one’s self gets killed.  I’m not denying that there are hackers out there in the PC gaming and Console gaming industry, and in recent years the number of them have been growing but that doesn’t mean every time someone gets killed it’s because of a hacker. 

Up until recently hacking was primarily a product of the PC gaming industry and for a time console gamers had been spared the horrors and extreme annoyance which is hacking.   However, in recent years, a number of hacks have appeared on console systems across multiple games and now our console brethern are suffering the same thing the PC industry has been facing for years.  The biggest problem with hacking in console based multi-player games is there is basically no way to ban or kick the person commiting the offense and thus they are forced to suffer through it. 

Having said all of that I think it’s important to note that just because someone beats you doesn’t mean they are cheating.  People tend to call ‘foul-play’ because they think they should of won when in reality they just got outplayed.  Lets face it, we’ve all done it, myself included have screamed “hacker, hacker, hacker!!!” over Xbox Live or Ventrilo when we were unable to fathom how they beat us… we swear they were behind the corner when they shot us when in all reality it was most likely a lag spike, or the most likely culprit, we just got outplayed. 

There are some individuals out there that are so good at the games they play that you would swear they were cheating.  I’m going to use an example of a kid I played in Halo 2 back when I was in college.  This kid wasn’t your typical gamer in the fact that he only had half an arm or an underdeveloped arm that never fully finished growing.  He was simply one of the best Halo players I have ever seen, and I’m good, or was good back several years ago.  No one could touch him and his final score had to be something along the lines of 30/2.  The fact that he had a ‘handicap’ just added to the illusion that he was cheating when in all reality he was just simply a much better player then me. 

I’ve been accused of cheating many times and I’ve been banned for ‘cheating’ several times as well and I’m sure many of you reading this have seen and experienced similar things.  I’m happy and sad to say that doesn’t happen anymore, mainly because I’m not near as good as I used to be and thats simply because I don’t have the same reflexs at 26 that I had when I was 16.

While I do believe there are cheaters out there I don’t think they are every single person that kills me and neither should you.  It’s hard for us to admit sometimes that we just simply got outplayed.

October 30, 2011

Congrats X Superbox Winners

The X Superbox contest ended last Friday and we are excited to announce the winners of the contest.  Congratulations to Ray16, HoneyBakedHam, ArrenDusk, RokDC and Liztress.  If you are on this list we have sent you an email congratulating you for your winning!   Reply to that email and we will send you your prize.  Thank you so much to everyone that participated and thank you to Egosoft who was kind enough to sponsor us the games for this contest.  Thank you everyone!

October 30, 2011

All Hallows eve approaches…..

Hey everyone, how goes it on this weekend of weekends? Halloween is almost here, everyone ready to munch down on endless candy or anyone playing some creepy games or watching a good slasher flick over the next few days? Since moving back to Florida from the great white north, I am shocked to find the utter lack of Haunted Houses down here; excuse the pun but it’s literally a ghost town. My favorite holiday of the year and in the area I live in it goes unnoticed. I guess I can’t have it all, I do have white sandy beaches and it’s still in the 60’s; I could be buried in 6 inches of snow. My Holiday will consist of watching my Steelers romp on the Patriots, and then possibly watch either Sleepy Hollow or Sweeney Todd while reading my Spider-Man Origins of Venom Graphic Novel. Thinking of dressing the puppy up as nibbler from Futurama and taking him around Trick or treating, closest thing I have to a child that may fetch me free candy. I kid, I kid; stupid puns. Any who, I leave you guys and ghouls this weekend with a song that has me pumped up for Sonic Generations launching this week; this could be the first good Sonic game in over a decade. More importantly, Nintendo take note this is how you celebrate an anniversary for one of your beloved franchises. Mario received a collection, why can’t Zelda or Metroid, or are they just there for when Mario isn’t making you money and you want to appease you loyal fans, which you have sorely neglected and has now come back to royally bite you. Ok I am done ranting; the song comes from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Sound of Speed album from the talented mixers at Over Clocked Remix. Happy Halloween everyone and try not to OD on candy.



October 27, 2011



This week we are coming at you with Batman: Arkham City, the state of License games, and what qualifies a game for Game of the Year status. Here’s a hint, that “modern warfare” game your playing will never win this award. Next week we are coming at you with all things Battlefield 3, from console to PC. Hope you enjoy.



October 27, 2011

EA’s Origin gaining momentum

EA has announced they they will be getting some heavy third party support from major game companies such as Warner Bros., THQ and Capcom. Currently Origin carries EA titles exclusively, this partnership will put titles published by other major companies on Origin’s shelf. If your one of the few who actually like Origin then this likely excites you, however this can only go one of two ways for the rest of us. Either EA will continue to let Origin be the sub par piece of trash that it is or this acquisition of titles produced by other major companies, thus broadening its horizons, will motivate if not require EA to step it up and make Origin a working piece of software. Personally I detest Origin, its glitchy, clunky and entirely unoriginal, it basically copies Steam, almost exactly, the UI is really the only difference between Origin and Steam. Despite the fact that Im no fan of EA, the fact is they are huge and arent going anywhere, and there is no denying they publish amazing games. So lets hope that EA making more titles available through Origin will get them to fine tune and polish it. At least they could put out a version that isnt a BETA version, I was actually surprised when I updated Origin for BF3 only to find at the top of the window “Origin Beta”, its been long enough they should have a more polished non beta version. So heres to hoping that offering non EA titles will end up with EA being held accountable for Origin and force them to really fine tune it and make a shiny program that can appease us all. Also on a final note, lets hope this doesnt have any negative effect on Steam and the deals/partnerships major companies have with Steam.

October 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 and the glitches that come with a brand new game

Battlefield 3 has been long anticipated and long in the making and has left many frustrated and disappointed at launch.  The most prevalent issue, at least the one I encountered along with many others is punkbuster causing issues. There are likely many other issues depending on each individuals situation, ie. system specs, drivers, etc. I dont know a fix for everything but if you are having issues with getting into a server then getting kicked minutes later you may have made the unknowing mistake of not allowing the BF3 installer install PB due to the fact that you already had PB installed. I kept getting the message “….kicked my admin….” this was happening because the PB files needed to play the game came with the game and I didnt install them, I figured I would simply do a manual update of PB but no joy. it would just keep its current version and tell me there were no updates. In the end I had to uninstall and redownload the game and reinstall allowing it to install PB from the game files. This fixed the issue and its been happy hunting ever since. If this isnt your issue hopefully someone with the same problem will find a fix and post it, but in the mean time if PB seems to be cock blocking you this may be the way to go.

If anyone encounters anymore issues/fixes post them here so we can help each other out

October 25, 2011

The Ultimate Gaming FPS simulator or the 1st Holodeck!

This ultimate gamFPS simulator was built by the crew at “The Gadget Show” a tech show from England on Channel 5. Armed with the E3 demo of Battlefield 3 and about $650,000 they have made the closest thing to a holodeck I’ve ever seen! Using ambient lighting, a hacked Kinect controller, a floor that lets you simulate walking without moving, some remote contolled paintball guns, and a 360 degree full room screen these guys have built something insanly cool!


So, if you got that kinda scratch lying around watch the video to learn how to build your own!


Source: Engadget


October 25, 2011

ESWC Tournament Finals Repeat International

A lineup of twelve teams competed in the Electronic Sports World Cup’s first ever Dota 2 tournament starting Saturday. Some familiar names from the International showed up, but the majority of the contenders haven’t yet been seen in this new game by those of us without Dota 2 Beta invites (which is to say the majority). The defending champions, EHOME, progressed all the way to the final round, but in a stunning rematch with NaVi, who beat them in the finals to win the Dota 2 International at Gamescom, history repeated itself and NaVi triumphed.

I feel that this ESWC tournament has proven two things. For one, NaVi is definitely not a team to underestimate, as they’ve capped off both of the only two major Dota 2 tournaments so far, and show no signs of slowing down. For two, Dota 2 is going to be an enormous game. It’s still in beta, and there have already been two major tournaments with large prize pools that garnered lots of attention. With the majority of high-level DotA teams playing in these tournaments, it’s obvious that Dota 2 has gained acceptance from at least the majority of the original pro community. Taking all of this into account, Dota 2 is going to be a tough game to beat in the near future, holding the title of true sequel to the original, as well as bringing the biggest part of the professional DotA community along with it. I don’t expect this to be a huge problem for League of Legends, as the games handle differently enough to be able to coexist. However, new entries in the “MOBA” market, especially the recently announced “Blizzard DOTA”, had best beware. There’s only so much room for spotlight, and Dota 2 is going to be one of the biggest contenders for it.

October 24, 2011

Battlefield 3 Release Date Pushed Up

According to the realase date checker on Origin, Battlefield 3 will now be unlocked at 10 PM Mountain standard time.  This is fantastic news for those who were wanting to play the game before they had to go to work the next morning.  I’ve already predownloaded BF3 and am waiting anxiously for the unlock.  Stay tuned to TGB for the review!

Battlefield 3 was originally set to unlock at on October 25th at 1 AM on EA’s Origin.  The game will now unlock at October 24 at 10PM.  See you all on the Battlefield!

October 24, 2011

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Primarily DX9?

The Elder Scrolls games are known for being a hit PC game, so I was a bit surprised and disapointed to learn that the fifth entry, Skyrim, will ship with primarily DX9 features and perhaps a handful of DX 11 features that Bethesda was able to get for free. An interview with one of the games developers revealed that Skyrim will release with primarily DX9 and whatever DX11 features that were freely available, however a patch to include more advanced features such as tessellation could be seen later on . I understand this game has been in development for quite some time and that DX11 is still relatively new, however it would seem to me that such an anticipated title, especially for those who played the original games on PC would tout more than the minimal (and fairly unnoticeable) DX11 features. I will say though that despite the lack of DX11 the game world looks fantastic. The most noticeable thing is lack of tessellation. This is obviously due to the fact that Skyrim is releasing for console and PC at the same time, the good news is that gamers playing on PC will be able to crank up the textures and resolution along with other features to get the most out what the game offers, the PC version should upscale fairly well.







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