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January 31, 2012

THQ losing its already weak grip on US stock market

THQ has been the main focus of blunders in the gaming world as of late and THQ’s rough patch only appears to be worsening. With weak game sales and the fail that was the uDraw tablet for X360 and PS3 THQ has been threatened with a NASDAQ delisting. THQ’s share price has fallen below $1, the minimum for a stock listing, if THQ doesnt bring their stock price above $1 by July 23rd they will be delisted from the stock market. If they do manage to bring their stock prices up they will have to maintain it for no less than 10 days to avoid delisting.

The company has been in a downward spiral for a while now, noting that if THQ fails to profit in the 2012 fiscal year it would be their fourth year out of the past five that THQ sustained a yearly loss. There have been massive budget cuts and layoffs which makes THQ’s denial of recently rumored game cancellations questionable. Is THQ still on track for current game scheduling or are they putting on a front to try and save face and salvage what they can without going under?

THQ puts most of the blame on its x360 and PS3 versions of the uDraw tablet. Sure it hurts when a game fails, especially when that game comes with the added costs of necessary hardware, but it seems hard to believe that the bombing of a single unit would cause such disdain for the company, especially when their track record for the past five years has been more loss than profit.

This could be the beginning of the end for THQ, which is a damn shame. Many of my favorite games were developed by THQ and its sad to see them go under the way they are. Lets hope they can salvage their company and start bring back the top hits we have come to expect from them. And lets not forget that should THQ not get it together we may not see some of the highly anticipated games we’ve been waiting for.

January 30, 2012

D20 Girls Giveaway Second Winner!

A second winner for the D20 Girls Giveaway has been selected. Congratulations to MaxxTx on being the second winner of the D20 Girls Giveaway.

MaxxTx, you have been contacted by TGB listing instructions on how to claim your prize (Skyrim or SWTOR).

Again congratulations to MaxxTx and keep an eye out for more giveaways!!!

January 29, 2012

No joy for ME3 making it to Steam

EA strikes again, the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3 will not be available on Steam, at least not yet and its future on steam is grimm. It will be available through a number of other third part digital distribution methods but not Steam. And regardless of where you get Mass Effect 3 you will be required to install Origin to play it, even if you buy a retail copy. The good news is that the game can be played offline once the game has been activated through Origin and there is no install limit on the game.

It makes sense that EA would be pushing its own digital distribution software and they absolutely should, but its still pretty weak that they are cutting steam out of the mix. Steam is big for a reason and cutting their customers off from their favorite vendor may cost them a few customers, although they aren’t likely to hurt from it. The game will sell very well despite not being on the nets biggest vendor. If your like me youll still buy ME3 but be highly annoyed with the ever intrusive Origin being forced down out throats. It would be nice if EA cared more about customer satisfaction rather than a forced agenda and spying on its customers. But its something we’ll have to either live with or boycott in the hopes that other follow suite to send a message to EA.

January 27, 2012

Release Date Revealed For The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on the Xbox 360

Yesterday in a press conference in Warsaw, Poland, CD Projekt RED revealed the release date for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition for the Xbox 360. Also revealed was that there will be two versions available to purchase, hitting store shelves April 17th 2012!


Adam Badowski, head of CD Projekt RED studio had this to say about the game:

 “The Xbox 360 version is a complete adaptation of the game to the new platform; we’ve rewritten the code so it feels native to the console. This latest version of The Witcher 2 has been expanded in many ways, and some experts believe it to be one of the best-looking games ever to make it to consoles,”


The game has been extended through added quests and locations enhancing the already complex story of the battle for the Northern Kingdoms.


“PC users who already own the game will be happy to learn that they will be able to download all the added content free of charge. At the same time, the Xbox 360 version will incorporate all DLCs and upgrades made available thus far for the game’s original platform (including the ‘Arena’ arcade mode and Tutorial that were part of the latest and richest PC version)” added Badowski.


For details on the 2 editions and pre-order information head over to: buy.thewitcher.com, But for now check out the amazing CGI release trailer below!





I think this is great news, an incredible award winning title ported over from the PC to the console AND all the added content available FREE to everyone who bought it on the PC! What do you guys think? Have your say below!

January 26, 2012

Next Gen Xbox rumors

Its no secret the Microsoft has begun its first stages of development for its next installment of Xbox gaming hardware. Little is known but regardless rumors seep through the grape vine. The latest set of rumors to surface regarding the next Xbox are that it will introduce the next level of Kinect hardware and will supposedly the next Kinect will ship with the next Xbox.

The next gen Kinect is rumored to have an onboard CPU that will increase its motion detection (and hopefully reduce lag associated with the current Kinect), a feature that was considered for the current Kinect but never made it to the finished product.

Also the next Xbox is said to utilize Blu Ray instead of DVD, a wise choice if Microsoft intends to continue to compete. Really though it was only a matter of time before they succumbed to Blu Ray, yes Microsoft spearheaded HD DVD but it lost and its time to move on.

And last but probably the most controversal piece of unconfirmed news is that the next Xbox is rumored to use a new tech that will actually block users from playing used games on the console. Should this rumor come to fruition it will be a bad move by Microsoft. Will it kill the company or even the Xbox? no, but it will undoubtedly piss off the majority of Microsofts user base, especially the budget gamers. For brand new games this is less of an issue seeing as you only save about $5-10, but for older games that can be had for $10-30 this will create issue. Hopefully Microsoft doesnt make such a forcefull move or they will likely lose some of their revenue to those who can get the same used games for Playstation.

January 25, 2012

Music for Gamer’s: Wednesday Edition


Today were going to something a bit more epic, slower, and could be quite possibly the best soundtrack available on the Xbox Live Arcade. This is Asteroid Belt by Steve Burke off of the Fusion: Genesis Soundtrack. For a small project started by a group of former Rare employee’s, the game play and soundtrack are ambitious. Fusion: Genesis has the soundtrack of a full production which, pardon the pun, is rare. Steve Burke delivers a soundtrack as epic as the vastness of space. This particular piece is in one of the early sections of the game and you can get a great sense that what you are going to experience great Sci-Fi battles and exploration. Hit the link to find the download and take a look into Fusion: Genesis a great “Diet” MMO available on XBLA.



January 24, 2012

Music for Gamer’s: Tuesday edition




Today we go from one of gamings greatest franchises to another. Street Fighter has been a fighting genre staple since the early 90’s. Today’s track comes from the Super Street Fighter HD remake that was released for download a few years ago. Clamato Fever by AE & Prozax should open every EVO tournament, the song is epic. Get ready to rock the asphalt and go toe to toe with today’s greatest warriors with this fantastic remix from the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Offical Soundtrack. As before hit the link below to find where you can download this track, enjoy!



January 24, 2012

D20 Girls Giveaway Winner!!!


We apologize for the delay but we have a winner, Congratulations to Karen from D20 Girls for winning the giveaway!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope to continue to see you on the site 🙂

January 23, 2012

MS points coming to an end?

Rumor has it that the Microsoft virtual currency system that utilizes Microsoft Points will be getting phased out in favor of real world currency. By the end of 2012 the Xbox Live marketplace, zune, and windows phone and any other devices/software where one would use MS points will be converted over to using actual dollar amounts for purchases. This is of course the unofficial word as it is still just a rumor, but I think we can all be hopeful that this change will take place.

The point system isnt a bad system in its entirety, there have been purchases ive made that when I did the math it was actually a bit cheaper to buy with points than with cash, and if buying something that was a few hundred points then same difference. However Microsoft has ripped many a customer off by forcing the point system on them. The minimum you can buy is 400 points, what if you simply want an avatar item valued at 100 points? well your either stuck with 300 points youll never use or your forced to buy more in order to get something else just to get rid of the points you initially purchased. Its basically Microsoft forcing customers into a “minimum purchase” regardless of what the person wants to buy. And even for large purchases there is likely a few points left over that will never get used. Ill admit this likely doesnt bother most users but its still a rip off anyway you look at it, Microsoft is getting your cash to be used however they see fit and you are left with points you may never use. Lets hope the rumors are true and Microsoft changes to a real world currency system.

January 23, 2012

Music for Gamer’s: Monday edition



As of today I am launching a new Monday through Friday feature article that will encompass all things video game music related. The title of the article is still up in the air at this point but the content will remain the same, I am taking suggestions.  Game Trax has been suggested but I am giving it up to a vote. To the content! Every day during the week I will highlight a new song, original or remixed. I have a plethora of content to post and hope that you, the readers, find some really great music to listen to and download. I will only be posting things I have obtained through the proper channels and will be posting links to where you can download this fine content and give the artist their dues. Don’t worry there will be plenty of free stuff but all worth checking out regardless of price. Not enough gaming news sites feature game music and it is a real crime, but no fears, we are here to pick up the slack. To kick start this new wave of features, we will be visiting one of my favorite series and giving thanks it was around to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary late last year. This song, Thunderstruck, was done by Big Giant Circles ft. some1namedjeff, and came from the OverClocked Remix album 25YearLegend: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute. A great mix of 8-bit sounds and modern sounds this song and album are becoming one of my favorites from the great men and women over at OverClocked. The link to the album is below and hope everyone enjoys the new daily article.


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