2013 January

January 31, 2013

Nintendo eShop Update


This weeks update sees a slew of new games on the 3DS and a liquid puzzler on the Wii U. The big game coming to the eShop will be on February 4th, Fire Emblem: Awakening. Also available is Ice Climbers for the Virtual Console, and a handful of other downloadable titles like Ikachan (from the creator of Cave Story), 99 Moves, Bloody Vampire, and Witch’s Cat. On the Wii U there is a demo for The Cave and the release of Puddle (from the makers of Fluidity on WiiWare). That’s about it for this week, though the coming weeks should be good, I hear early in February the mother of all 8-bit Mega Man games, Mega Man 2, will be coming to the 3DS Virtual Console. Also still going on is the 30th Anniversary sale on the Wii U with a different title every 30 days for .30 cents. Via Game Informer here are the dates for the remaining sales:

– Feb. 20th – F-Zero (SNES)

– March 20th – Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (NES)

– April 17th – Kirby’s Adventure (NES)

– May 15th – Super Metroid (SNES)

– June 12th – Yoshi (NES)

– July 15th – Donkey Kong (NES)

January 31, 2013

New Theater Releases in Your Home……..At a cost

Have you ever wished you could skip theater lines and over priced popcorn on the release weekend of that movie youve been looking forward to? Well a company called Prima Cinema has made that a reality, but it comes at a steep price and exclusivity that may be close to impossible to obtain.

Prima has developed a home theater device that will stream/download a newly released in theaters movie directly to your home. The unit costs $35,000 and comes with a remote fingerprint reader for security. Each newly released movie viewing will run $500 ( thats $500 per viewing not per movie ) with the option to pay a yet to be determined annual fee for an unlimited subscription.

The catch (aside from putting a second and third mortgage on your house) is you cant just go buy this. One has to be on what is being called the “Bel-Air Circuit”, an intensely secret screener list that gives those on it access to first run theatrical releases. To add to its difficulty that circuit list is per studio, so should you make the list of one studio this does not guarantee you access to other studio’s releases, you must be on a studio’s list to view their movies, and by the sounds of it you dont simply sign up, you get invited giving studios the freedom to hand pick who gets their fresh movie goodness in the comfort of their own homes.

If I had $35k and $500 to burn every few weeks…..I still wouldn’t blow it on something like this, but thats just me. Would you try to get in on this with unlimited cash flow? Thoughts?

January 31, 2013

A look at the newest trailer for Injustice: Gods Among US


Here is the newest trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, by NetherRealm Studios. The game will be released on April 16th. So far this title is shaping up ot be one of my must haves of the spring. NetherRealm was responsible for the wonderful Mortal Kombat re-imagining back in 2011. The roster so far is the following :

– Superman

– Batman

– The Flash

– Green Lantern

– Green Arrow

– Wonder Woman

– Nightwing

– Cyborg

– Solomon Grundy

– Harley Quinn

– Catwoman

– The Joker

– Deathstroke

– Lex Luthor

– Bane

It is a little heavy on the Batman villain side of things, so variety from the other hero universes would have been nice. Sinestro, Doomsday, and Darkseid would have been nice, but there is always DLC, or a sequel. The game looks to be built on the same lighting quick combo system that the new Mortal Kombat had and was a blast. The armored look to everyone is a nice touch, a little more grounding. The Flash maybe fast but he isn’t indestructible like Superman. Here is hoping there is more to unlock in this game, unlike Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.




January 31, 2013

Painkiller Hell & Damnation Free Multiplayer Weekend

Recent HD re-release Painkiller: Hell & Damnation is having a free multiplayer weekend on Steam, and the game and its DLCs are currently 66% off for the promotion.



While I’m attempting to find some way to cobble together recording and editing capabilities for a video review, you can get a good opinion of the game for yourselves this weekend. The game features standard multiplayer modes, as well as a form of co-operative play as well.

January 31, 2013

GTA 5 held in contempt until September.


Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, announced this morning that the Grand Theft Auto 5 will be delayed from its original May release to September 17th, 2013.

“The September release date moves the launch back from its original projected release window of spring 2013 in order to allow additional development time. The biggest, most dynamic and most diverse open world Rockstar Games has yet created, Grand Theft Auto V blends storytelling and gameplay in new ways as players repeatedly jump in and out of the lives of the game’s three lead characters, playing all sides of the game’s interwoven story.”

That is from the press release Take-Two issued this morning. While the game does look amazing, both visually and in story telling, I get the feeling the game is closer to being done than what they lead on to. I am sure the game still needs some time to iron out the rough patches, but with GTA (being very misunderstood with the regular press) always being a target when the “violent video games” trolls come around and right now even in the next couple of months, a new GTA could see some backlash from the press and politicians. I am looking forward to Rockstar’s new take on American culture since this country has changed quite a bit since GTA 4 was released in 2008. Below is the latest trailer for the upcoming Rockstar North production.


January 31, 2013

Crusader Kings II – The Old Gods Announced

Unfortunately Cthuhlu was an ELDER god and wasn't included.


Right on the heels of the new “The Republic” DLC update which expanded the gameplay to include merchant republics, CK2’s Facebook page started a piece-by-piece reveal of an image, culminating in this final one here:



The teasing had come to an end and clearly showed a Norse warrior and many longboats, indicating that players would FINALLY be able to play as pagan characters. Here are the features of the upcoming Old Gods expansion:


  • Play as a Pagan chieftain and ravage your weak neighbors. If you remain at peace for too long, your people will grow restless…
  • New special start date in 867 AD: The Viking Rurik has founded the kingdom of Rus and the Great Heathen Army under the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok rampages through England.
  • Play as a Zoroastrian lord and restore your ancient religion to prominence.
  • Adventurers: Landless characters can gather armies and go off to carve out new realms on their own.
  • Prepared Invasions: Declare your intention to invade and watch your armies grow with adventurers and restless warriors, but don’t wait too long to start your war or it might all fall apart…
  • Rebels with a Cause: Rebels are no longer a faceless menace – they are now led by characters with agendas.
  • Loot and pillage provinces. Burn down their cities and take their gold!
  • Sacrifice to Odin at the great Blot!
  • Christians and Muslims can dispatch missions to convert the depraved heathens.
  • New beautiful Pagan interface skin.
  • New events and decisions: berserkers, sejdr, curses, omens, divinations, runestones and much more.


The only release date the cryptic page has is Q2 2013, but any CK2 player knows how to wait. Especially with the new fantastic The Republic DLC just having been released two weeks ago.

January 30, 2013



Part 2 of Cooperative Brew is up on the channel. This time we talk about Carly Rae Jepsen while we fail at playing Chivalry… ya it gets weird.

If you want to see more videos like this one, click HERE to visit TheGamers­Blog­cast YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy,


January 30, 2013

Nintendo’s Sales Results From 2012 Are In!



Nintendo, this morning posted it’s sales results from April – December of 2012 and they are rather good despite cutting some projections. The Wii U saw a reasonably good launch with hiting 3.06 million units and selling 11.69 in software. The aging Wii and DS had decent years as well selling 3.53 million and 2.15 million units respectively. Here is a break down of console sales and software sales for each.

DS – Units sold – 2.15 million (life to date -153.67 million)

– Software sold – 30.24 million

3DS – Units sold – 12.71 million (life to date – 29.84 million)

– 3DS XL Units sold – 7.05 million

– Software sold – 39.56 million

Wii – Units sold – 3.53 million (life to date – 99.38 million)

– Software sold – 45.08 million

Wii U – Units sold – 3.06 million

– Software sold- 11.69 million


Nintendo has dropped the forecast of Wii U consoles sold to 4 million, it had recently projected 5 but still 4 million isn’t bad. For everyone griping about sales figures for the Wii U and some calling it and early failure let me put things into perspective. The Xbox 360, in the same amount of time that the Wii U has been available it sold 1.69 million units, the PS3 had sold 1.63 million units, and the Wii had sold 4.007 million units. The numbers are pretty good, they won’t have another Wii on their hands but, the Wii was a special case. The Wii had limited supply runs to the demand, word of mouth lit sales of fire, and you had people that had never bought a gaming console before plunking down $250 to play WiiSports. The 4 million mark may rise as a slew of good looking software is going to be available this year and could spark more interest.


January 30, 2013

PlayStation Store Update.


I think I am going to permanently switch this weekly article to Wednesdays, it is just easier since I get the information after I leave for the day. That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of good stuff on the PlayStation Store update! Vita PlayStation Plus members snag a free game, a legendary PS2 game hits, a  Thievius Raccoonus hits in demo form for both the console and handheld. Here is what hit the PlayStation Store this week.

Demos: Crysis 3 multiplayer beta (PS3), Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3, PS Vita)

PS2 Classics: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS3)

PS3 Full Games: Bayonetta ($19.99, PS3), Zone of the Enders HD Collection ($34.99, PS3), Hitman HD Collection ($39.99, PS3)

PlayStation Plus: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (free, PS Vita), Madden NFL 13 ($29.39, PS3/ $19.59, PS Vita), Section 8 Prejudice ($5.00, PS3), Greed Corp ($2.50, PS3), Gatling Gears ($2.50, PS3)


There is plenty more to be had on the update, you can find all the deals and downloadable goodies here. Personally, I would pick up all of Vanguard Entertainments games (Greed Corp, Gatling Gears) for $5, they are fantastic. Section 8 is a fun multiplayer shooter and I would pay $5 just to have more people playing the game. Looks like Sony is starting to take advantage of the PS Vita PlayStation Plus subscription and offer some free games for the service. Ninja Gaiden Sigma  was awesome on the PS3, and free is a great price.

Details of PSN Update by the Official PlayStation Blog.


January 29, 2013

Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios Shuts Down.


Just last week we saw the close and auctioning of THQ and all of its in house studios, this week comes the news of another studio closing its doors, Junction Point Studios. Junction Point Studios was formed in 2005 and was then bought by Disney Interactive in 2007. In 2010 the studio released Disney’s Epic Mickey, for the Nintendo Wii, which for all of its faults a very entertaining and dark, at least by Disney standards, romp through Disney’s forgotten past. The game, according to vgchartz, sold well enough with 2.84 copies sold world wide. In 2012 we saw a return to the wasteland with Mickey and Oswald teaming up in Epic Mickey 2: The power of Two. Lukewarm critical reception and abysmal sales, vgchartz reporting only selling 1.15 million across 4 platforms; the previous game topped that on one. The more well received 3DS version, The Power of Illusion, sold only a paltry 190,000 units. I personally would have liked to have seen more come out of this franchise and had maybe a darker third entry as well as another handheld entry. We wish everyone at Junction Point the best and hopefully you all land in a good studio soon. GamesIndustry has a statement from Disney on the closing.

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