2013 April

April 30, 2013

Something To Get Wet Aboat – Leviathan: Warships On Sail Now

You may or may not have seen the trailer a couple weeks back where Leviathan: Warships decided to slow down its trailer in an advertising market designed to put in as much as possible into a two minute video. Here’s that one:




So, now that you’ve seen that, here’s the release trailer from today, featuring more of the same, which is about as desirable as free ice cream (unless you’re lactose intolerant, in which case please comment for a more appropriate simile for your digestive needs). Here IT is:




Now, with that out of the way, the real information is that you can buy Leviathan: Warships now. And, after seeing those trailers, you probably want to out of a deep feeling of longing you can’t quite explain, save for the fact that no other video game has made you feel so deep-down satisfied prior. You can purchase it here on Steam, or here on a stunningly wide array of other digital distribution platforms. The tablet version will be made a-sail-able on May 2, for all of you captains on the go.


Not mentioned in the trailer is a moderately neat ability to take your save from the computer to the tablet or vice versa, which is fairly neat on a technical / why-are-they-only-now-doing-this level if not the most endearing feature.

April 30, 2013

A Galactus sized tease for the Lego Marvel Super Heroes


Now, for a trailer that is much different than the one I just recently posted. Travelers Tales and Marvel are teaming up for a Lego game based on the Marvel franchises. The Lego games have seen the likes of DC and their stable of heroes and villains in the Lego Batman titles, now we will see what they can do with the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, and company. This is the first teaser that shows no gameplay, but gives us a hit at who the villain is, and his name is in my title. The game will focus on more than just the Avengers and will be released this fall. The game is keeping the look of the adorable, yet awesome minifigs that come in the Marvel sets. I will definitely be playing this in the fall, who knows, maybe I will pick up another Lego Marvel set to go with my Wolverine set. Watching it again, I didn’t notice Deadpool popping out the umbrella, just awesome!


April 30, 2013

Xbox Live Update: Star Wars, Sales, and a Blood Dragon


There isn’t that much on the Xbox Live Marketplace this week. There is a solid offering on the arcade front as there are plenty of sales. There is one in particular that was announced this morning. The Star Wars tables for Pinball FX2 are on sale starting today and ending on May 8th. The tables will run you 400 MP at a 50% discount. The tables are available on a collection of other platforms and are on sale as well. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is on on May 1st. The 80’s themed standalone will run you 1200 MP, not bad for being able to fight dinosaurs with neon lights. The standalone title is looking like a blast, miming cheesy 80’s action movies. There are plenty of other arcade titles on sale and sadly, that is the extent of this week. before I get into the sale I forgot one other things. For those of you that are on season pass holders for Gears of War: Judgment, the Call to Arms map pack is available for you to download. the map pack will cost you 1000 MP. The arcade sales can be rough ranging from crap to gems that really need played by everyone one, this week is a mix of it. D&D Daggerdale is a mess and should be avoided as well as Tony Hawk if you have any fond memories of the original PlayStation title. Joe Danger 2, Castlevania: SOTN and Pac-man CE EX should be picked up by all, they are excellent and addicting. X-Men, Scott Pilgrim, and The Simpsons are great if you have a group of friends to play them with, alone they can be a chore at times. Here is the list, enjoy and hopefully next week we get more in the update:


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD 600 (50% Off)
NBA JAM: On Fire Edition 600 (50% Off)
Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale 320 (60% Off)
Scott Pilgrim Knives Chau Add-On Pack 80 (50% Off)
The Simpsons Arcade Game 400 (50% Off)
NFL Blitz 600 (50% Off)
Castlevania Symphony Of The Night 320 (60% Off)
Pac Man CE DX 400 (50% Off)
Joe Danger 2: The Movie 800 (33% Off)
Zombie Driver 400 (50% Off)
X-MEN 400 (50% Off)



April 30, 2013

New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer focuses on Protagonists


The newest trailer for Rockstar’s venerable franchise has hit the internet running and we got a bonus. The trailer is broken up into the three protagonists that consist of GTA V. This will be the first time there will be three protagonists in the same shipped package for a GTA title. GTA IV had three protagonists, one for the main title and two in the subsequent DLC expansions. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor will have interloping story lines and work together during the course of GTA V. The three are worlds apart, Michael being well off and just tired of his life, Franklin has been in gangs all his life and wants out, and Trevor is a just a crazy drug dealer from the sticks. The Rage engine looks fantastic and the direction as well. People seem to forget that a GTA title is not all running around blowing things up and beating up hookers. There is a lot to the stories much like an episode of The Sopranos. They are a caricatures of American Life and you can sit back and see some of the crazy things we listen and put up to on a daily bases in this country. The game will be out on September 17th on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


April 30, 2013

Nintendo Now Selling Refurbished Handhelds


The big N is now selling “Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products” on their online store. There is an array of 3DS and DSI models available and undermining the competition greatly. they have Aqua Blue and Midnight Purple 3DS’s for $130 and a bundle that comes with the handheld and Ocarina of Time 3D for $170. The DSI’s are the XL versions and are available in Metallic Rose or Midnight Blue. The DSI XL’s range from $99 to $129 the latter offering Mario Kart DS. All of the handhelds are cleaned, inspected, and tested though some minor cosmetic blemishes may be there. They do offer the one year warranty that comes with their new products at no additional charge. So you get a certified, good looking handheld, under the price of Gamestop’s refurbished, plus the Nintendo warranty; why would you go else where? Right now at Gamestop, their Aqua Blue 3DS (which is such as awesome color, it was the color I chose at launch) is sitting at $159.99. $20 more than what Nintendo is selling it for and it doesn’t come with a warranty unless you spend extra money. Nintendo is doing the fight against used products right and other companies should follow suit. Prohibiting used games to be played isn’t the answer, beating the retailer that sells used products at their own game is. I have been looking for a good sale or a really good used Midnight Purple 3DS for my significant other so that she can play Style Savvy: Trendsetters without always stealing mine when I am in the mood for Fire Emblem. You can find the “Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products” here and stick it to the Gamestop hipster employee.

April 29, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: An Injustice has been Rectified


Looking back among all the Gaming in Stereo’s I have posted the only fighting game soundtrack I have featured was various Street Fighters. Today, we are going to listen to a recently released fighting game that has been captivating my time, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Injustice is from the talented people at NetherRealm Studios, the people behind the critically praised Mortal Kombat (2011). Injustice is based on DC comic characters like Batman, Superman, and The Flash, and thrown into a chaotic fight between two worlds. During DC’s many story lines there have been alternate earths, showing different realities. In Injustice, one of these earths shows an alternate reality where Superman, grief stricken by the murder of Lois Lane at the hands of the Joker, has seized control of earth; he has lived long enough to see himself become the villain. I applaud NetherRealm for being gutsy enough that during this alternate reality, they killed off some characters. NetherRealm has set the bar for single player campaigns in fighting games and Injustice is no exception, clocking in around 8 hours, which is better than most AAA titles. The game mechanics are solid and there is a bevy of content in the S.T.A.R. Lab missions, unlockables, and online game modes. The music is just as epic as the combatant’s themselves. It was a shame that I had to go into the settings and turn up the music, but once it’s heard it fits nicely into the game. Today we are going to look at two specifically, and funny enough they both appear in menus. I hope you enjoy the music of Injustice: Gods Among Us.




Injustice: Gods Among Us – Christopher Drake

This is the title track for the game and shows up right after you hit start. This track plays during the main menu, but just because it’s at a menu doesn’t make it any less effective at hyping you to watch show downs between DC finest heroes and villains. The march like atmosphere leading up to the (1:46) feels heroes march; that you are about to walk amongst gods. At the (1:46) mark the song transitions into something more serious, that feel of heroes rising to an occasion. Throughout the story there are plenty of heroes and some where you would least expect them.


Justice is Done – Dean Grinsfelder

This track I personally hunted down, there is a portion of the track that plays during the character viewer that is breathtaking. As something simple as looking at a character model, turns into an epic gaze. The later part of the track reminds me of the music from Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, which was done by Hans Zimmer. The part of the track that is played during the character viewer starts at the (1:22) mark. It just reminded me of how epic these characters are, how much they sacrifice, that despite adversity they still over come, these are the heroes earth deserves. The title of the track is fitting, NetherRealm has given these characters justice.

April 26, 2013

Rayman Legends is just as Endearing as the First


Rayman Origins is one of those games I will gush on for years to come. The gameplay, animation, humor, and overall presentation is something this generation was in dire need of. I have reported in the past that it was getting a sequel, Rayman Legends and was to be a Wii U exclusive with a set release date of February 2013. The game has now been delayed until September and will go multiplatform. I am not upset about the game going multiplatform, though I am buying it for the Wii U after playing the demo and Challenge app; it feels more natural on the gamepad. Yesterday saw the release of what Ubisoft promised Wii U owners for delaying and canceling exclusivity, the Rayman Legends: Challenge App. I never got around to playing the full demo for Rayman Legends when it hit the Wii U eShop back in December. Yesterday I had a chance to play through the Challenge App that features those demo levels and adds new daily and weekly levels. You compete on leaderboards across the Nintendo Network it hopes to raise your Awesomeness level. There is one level of the three from the demo that had me laughing, loving, and enjoying every minute of it’s genius. Castle Rock is a musical stage that plays the rock anthem Black Betty by Ram Jam. I played and replayed that level a dozen times between last night and today and I can’t stop loving it. I loved Rayman Origins and pretty much every game that comes from Michel Ancel, so when this game comes out in September, you will be hard pressed to pull me away from it. Enjoy headbanging Rayman and the gameplay demo of Castle Rock from Rayman Legends.


Video by IGN.


April 26, 2013

2K Games and 2K Marin Unveil The Bureau: XCOM Declassified


Today, 2K Games and 2k Marin finally unveiled the much delayed XCOM, but it is not the XCOM they once showed. There is a new title, new point of view, but the same 1960’s styling that was captivating about what they showed back in 2010. The game has been renamed The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and will be out August 20th, 2013. The game will tell the beginnings of the XCOM organization and government conspiracy. The game has been in development since 2006 and has gone from a FPS to a third person shooter with first player elements to what is now strictly a third person tactical shooter. XCOM is a PC franchised with a herald background in the tactical strategy genre. We saw last year’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Firaxis Games bring an XCOM game to a new generation, which did not compromise what the series was known for. The Bureau seems to take what 2K Marin have learned from the success of Enemy Unknown and apply it in their own setting and story, to keep what made XCOM, XCOM. We saw a similar transition with EA and Starbreeze’s take on Syndicate. Syndicate was a strategy title that was turned into an FPS, with mixed results and slow sales. The live action trailer for the new title is below. The alien design has stayed the same despite the revamp, and I love it. Enemy Unknown had the traditional grey aliens, mutant people, and cybernetic terrors, while The Bureau goes for more of an X-Files vibe. I am very excited they are keeping the 1960’s motif, even if it is set in America, it’s a time period that is rarely seen. Being so close to E3, expect more news on The Bureau: XCOM Declassified in the coming weeks.



April 25, 2013

MMORPG Update: WoW News

TK MMORPG Update PictureI’ve been almost solely playing WoW recently with my band of fellow worgens, battling our way through each expansion towards the glory of level 90. I’ve just hit 80 with my holy priest and I can honestly say that I’m enjoying every minute of being a healer, first time playing this class and I’d take this over a DPS role anyday – I do miss the thrill of hacking into your enemies with a massive sword or mace though! There have been just a few things going on in the Blizzard realm recently, first and foremost the first batch of BlizzCon 2013 tickets went on Sale, we’ve had the latest installment of Dawn of the Aspects released and Pinnacle of Storms became available in Raid Finder.

Dawn of the Aspects Part 3 Image
Image courtesy of battle.net

First Batch of BlizzCon 2013 Tickets Sold Out

When the first batch of tickets went on sale on the Wednesday 24th April it was certain that they would be sold out, but if you didn’t manage to get your hands on a ticket in the first batch a second batch of tickets will be going on sale on Saturday 27th April at 10am PDT. There are also tickets available by buying the pre-BlizzCon charity dinner tickets. If like me you are not lucky enough to be physically going to the actual event there will be virtual tickets on sale at a later date so you can still be part of the event. More information can be found in our original blog post here: http://www.thegamersblog.com/blizzcon-2013-ticket-dates-announced.

Dawn of the Aspects Part Three Released

The third book in the 5-part ebook series written by Richard A. Knaak is now available, you can download the latest version through the Apple iBooks store or you can download it from Amazon. In this book the proto-dragons rally against Galakrond, while Kalecgos is beginning to lose his own identity. The visions he is having (seeing through the eyes of Malygos) are becoming more and more real to him and he struggles to tell the past from the present. Jaina meanwhile investigates the artifact that is causing Kalecgos’ visions and this leads to shocking revelations about it’s origins. For more information about this series and the publication schedule, take a look at our blog post here: http://www.thegamersblog.com/mmorpg-update-dawn-of-the-aspects.

Pinnacle of Storms is Now Available

On the 17th April the final wing of the Throne of Thunder was made available, the Pinnacle of Storms. You will face Iron Qon, the Twin Consorts, and Lei Shen – the Thunder King. In order to access the Throne of Thunder in Raid Finder you will need a minimum average ilevel of 480. This marks the completion of the Throne of Thunder raid that was released in patch 5.2.

I’m off to do a couple of dungeon runs now, good luck to everyone hoping to get BlizzCon tickets on the 27th April!

April 25, 2013

eShop Update: Rayman, Mega Man, and Waiting to Update


There isn’t much new on either eShop this week, but what is new counts in big ways. Rayman Legends Challenge app, the special free feature to Rayman Legends for pushing the title back and making it multiplatform is out today. The Rayman Legends Challenge app feels like a small chunk of the finished product given to Wii U owners as compensation for weeks before release, pulling the carpet out from under them. The Challenge app gives you three levels, including  the Wii U featured Murfy’s Dungeon. There will be daily and weekly challenges to partake in and leaderboards are included with those challenges. The app is free to all Wii U owners and is available now on the eShop. Also coming to the Wii U sometime this week, I thought it would have been today and it still could be, is the much needed Wii U system update. The update that was detailed in the last Nintendo Direct, will improve software load times significantly, while adding the much anticipated Virtual Console. The Virtual Console list seems a bit short but they are just now launching it with the newly added features, here is what may be on sale when it launches: Excitebike, Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong Jr., Ice Climbers, Punch-out, Kirby’s Adventure, F-Zero, and Super Mario World. On the 3DS the only notable release this week is Mega Man 4 on the VC, but thats awesome. I already have 2 and 3, slowly my SD card will only comprise of Mega Man titles. Mega Man 4 will run you $4.99.

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