January 11, 2011

I’ve got a Golden Ticket, oh wait it’s a fake…

So with a new year brings a new E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). As all gamers are aware its the place to see all the newest and upcoming games and projects from all the companies in the business. Wouldn’t it be awesome to actually be there though? That answer is yes. However E3 is not open to the public. Only people who work in the industry or press can get access. So the people decided to fight back in a way. Some of the samller websites who were fortunate enough to get one of these golden tickets decided to sell them off. Some of these passes sold for as much as $700 and that’s hoping you didn’t get a fake copy. E3 heard about the black market E3 pass trade and decided to do something about it. To do this instead of getting the actual pass in the mail, you will recieve a barcode. This barcode will be redeemed at the doors of E3 where they will be giving out the pass itself. It won’t completely get rid of the problem but they hope it will help.

Now thats all good and fine but I gotta ask, why not open the doors for at least a day to the public? There is nothing to lose from this. Here E3 let me help you help us. Step 1: Open for 1 day to the public Step 2: throw a price tag on those public tickets ($50-$100), that’s easy money to make and people would probably pay more than that. I don’t understand the issue here, people get to come in and play the new demos and see all the new stuff while E3 makes money off us and gets all kinds of  publicity. After all, the people are what drives those sales anyway, why not get real feedback?


  1. AceOfNades69 - January 13, 2011 2:31 pm

    That’s just the thing, they won’t fix the problem it will just add another hurdle really.

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - January 11, 2011 8:01 pm

    so whats to stop people from simply selling the barcodes in mass quantities? find me a barcode and will start ebaying them bitches!!


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