June 6, 2012

2K Heard But Did They Listen? XCOM Enemy Unknown


At E3 this week 2k games revealed (yet again) an announce trailer of sorts for the turn based strategy classic turned first person shooter XCOM! The announce trailer v2.0 shows a complete re-vamping of the entire game to match the original game with some game-play elements and visual ques to match while still remaining a FPS at it’s core I am intrigued by this decision after this game was slated for release 3 months ago and is now pushed till the end of this year or early next. So which version interests you the most? Me, I loved the 50s sci-Fi horror look and feel of  version 1 but I felt it wasn’t XCOM but something else but still very cool. The latest version does have look to have some of my favorite elements from the original but will it live up to the creed from which it came?   I’m not sure but I’m truly excited to see how it turns out XCOM is one of my all time favorite PC games so this latest rendition  allot to live up to!


So check out the E3 trailer from 2011:



And Here’s the newest E3 trailer from 2012:

Upon further research both versions of this game will be released with Enemy unknown(from 2K/Firaxis) trying to be true to the original and the other game simply titles “XCOM”(from 2K/Marin) to have the 50s Sci-Fi look

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