July 14, 2011

3DS Netflix goes live today…..

If you need a reason to dust off you 3DS and give it some love, Nintendo has your anti-static cloth in hand. The Netflix app that was discussed at last year’s E3 went live today on the3DS’s E-Shop. A bevy of content will be available as well as 3D movies that don’t require you to look like a hipster with those funky glasses. The parental controls on Netflix will work on the 3DS application as well as the 3DS parental controls will keep your rug rats from experiencing anything not age appropriate or from them witnessing the bevy of crap movies and shows available on the service and scaring them for life (Glee needs destroyed!). I am one excited to download this app. If I can have the 3D version of Tron Legacy available to me on the portable I will be in heaven, plus it will make work more tolerable (not this job, this is the fun job). The only problem I can see would be the battery life sucking horribly due to the 3D being used while the WI-FI is streaming. The app is set up a lot like the PS3 app and my whole instant queue is there, I had to try the app out with my favorite Futurama episode (as seen below). The app is great and I can see using this a lot while I am typing articles or on the go at an airport. Hopefully this will entice more people to pick up the handheld that have won me over (OoT FTW!). Anyone else excited that the 3DS features are finally coming to fruition?



  1. CABXYZ - July 14, 2011 8:14 pm

    Sitting in airports and some buses and planes now have WI-FI as well. For me the best use has been sitting it on the cradle off to the side of my computer and watch/listen to something as I post. I could see it maybe sitting on my bedside table when I can’t sleep. Its free and something I wouldn’t pay anthing extra for, but it could be great for the insomniac or the weary traveler.

  2. ScrotusKilmystr - July 14, 2011 6:29 pm

    hey we could all go to McDonald’s with our 3DS’s and have a portable 3D movie party with Ronald Mc. and the Fry guys….well becasue they have free wireless and well… I like the Mcnuggets…..

    Anyway this is intresting to see for sure makes me wonder if Hulu+ will be next

  3. thsoundman - July 14, 2011 6:01 pm

    I’m curious how many people actually use this feature. The reason I say this is that the screen is so small. I’ve got movies on my Ipod and my Droid Evo yet I never use the ability. I actually have netflix on my phone and the video quality is… so so… that being said most people that have a TV that has netflix on it or a PC that has a much bigger monitor? IS there a time where this would be preferable to the other? I’m just not seeing the use.

    If your traveling I could see it but then you’d have no ISP and most sections that I would want this on my phone I wouldn’t be able to because I wouldn’t have any reception.


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