July 29, 2010

3DS will get price point and release date……soon

Today we finally got a date on a price point and release date for Nintendo’s next handheld. VG247 reported that Nintendo talked to Bloomberg Japan and they will be holding an event on September 29th to unveil the price and release date for their 3D handheld. It it known for sure that it will be out by the end of their fiscal year ending next March. My prediction is next Feburary and the at the lovely retail price of $199.99. I really can’t see it going any higher than that, it is empressive tech but I really don’t think they want to out gun the Wii with the price. The original DS launched at $249.99, since this is more of an advancement on that hardware the price should be kept reasonable. It’s the same step the Gameboy took to the Gameboy Color, refinement of the hardware plus a step in a new direction. I am really looking forward to this device. I have a lite and never saw the point to upgrading to the DSI, but this seems liek worth getting on day one. Plus if they do have a remake of Ocarina of Time, I’ll take two please.

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  1. DianaQ - August 1, 2010 9:02 pm

    This handheld looks both sleek and with the 3D option, it should capture a good portion of the market. I am sure that whatever price they put on it, it will sell.


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