July 19, 2011

Video Awesomeness Valve Edition


This Week’s edition of Video Awesomeness will be on Valve! For those of you interested in the giveaway I’ll high light some of the quintessential titles listed that have made Valve what it is today!

Starting off the list is the game that made the house of Gabe Hewell and Mike Harrington known as VALVE what it is today. Released in 1998 to make a horned-rimmed glass wearing, crow-bar wielding scientist a total bad ass is HALF-LIFE! Here’s a fan made trailer which is total bad-ass:

Next on the Valve list released in 1999, introducing the world to the sweetness that was Team Fortress Classic mostly team based multiplayer shooter this game truly lives up to the word… Classic! Check it out:

Another great multiplayer classic released in 2000 that was originally a mod for Half-life was Counter Strike. It to is a team based multiplayer shooter but with a more serious edge that many games try to emulate today check out this clip:

Then in 2004 came Half-Life 2 and the modding community went crazy with the PC version! This was what a sequel should be from story to graphics of the time this was one of the best check out the trailer:

In 2007 the Orange Box was released for the PC and introducing some of Valve’s biggest titles to the consoles which included Half-life 2 , episode 1 and episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and a little game created by a couple of grade students known as…Portal here’s a Portal video because the portal gun rocks:

Now in 2008 the zombie Apocalypse hit the video game world with Left for dead featuring some of the greatest co-op game play, unique vs multiplayer modes and one of the most diabolical AIs The Director which controls the zombie hordes in the game. Here’s some video of the zombie massacre:

In 2009 the Zombie Apocalypse continued to the surprise of everyone with Left for Dead 2 which again was just as good if not better than its predecessor with engaging co-op, vs modes AND an even more devious Director AI this game will keep you zombie killin to the wee hours of the morning! Check it out:

Now I didn’t cover all of the games in the Complete Pack but I think I show cased some of the best. So enter the give-a-way and win the awesomeness that is Valve!!!!!

Now because valve rocks you must check out this music video:


  1. zero_19 - July 20, 2011 7:59 am

    Nice article man, I love Valve….

  2. Billy - July 20, 2011 12:24 am

    <3 counter strike.
    i'm kinda addicted to it. 😀


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