November 5, 2011

Speed Run FTW….Literally!

Sega is putting together a great little contest that will put many to the test and may result in swears and broken console accessories. Take one part Sonic Generations, take one part modern Sonic, mix it with some classic speed run competition and you have a contest I haven’t heard of in ages. With most games today being so script heavy, speed runs died a few generations ago, but their back baby! The great thing about this contest is you don’t have to actually buy a copy of the game, the demo that is on PSN and XBL qualifies! So grab your parachute pants and gear up for a good old early 90’s speed run! The details are below from the Sega Blog, but this really shows the industry has lost some of its luster over the years. Speed runs, high scores, playing a game because it was just fun and threw you into this childhood like state has seemed to die. Speed runs and high scores were the cause for replay in my early gaming years now, you are lucky if the average gamer plays a through a game more than once if it doesn’t have a K/D ratio involved. The last game that I felt really touched the golden age of gaming was Mirrors Edge, maybe that is why I love it beyond the originality. I have spent many nights and put a lot of stress on my body trying to beat my friend’s scores in Geometry Wars and loved every minute of it, it felt like I accomplished more than in most $60 retail packages. I still remember when G4 was about video games and not shows that are just trash, minus Ninja Warrior and their other few Japanese imports. They would play a small commercial sized segment that would show off someone’s speed run in Tomb Raider or how someone achieved a high score, I would be in awe and would try hard to replicate it, though nothing ever came from it. Now we have 12 year-olds showing me their sniper no scope montages in Call of Duty via YouTube and I thought G4 was full of garbage. Sniping in CoD takes as much skill as playing minesweeper, watching someone make precision jumps in Tomb Raider (PS1) with that awful PS1 controller (no, not the Duel shock) and heavy pixilation is skill. I don’t want to come across as a grumpy old gamer that wants these kids off my lawn (though I may be), but there doesn’t seem to be the same passion for games anymore by gamers and even developers. Yes, I know we are trying to make games something different and bringing the word media to the for front instead of the word game, but I just can’t help but feel the modern day gamer feels games are just disposable products ready to be dumped into the nearest GameStop to get their next fix only to be traded back in at a later date. I love the 360s and PS3s achievement/trophy system, it tries to add that lost element and has me digging back into games and trying bizarre and wonderful things to get that score just a bit higher, even if it is only 5 points or a bronze trophy. I feel more accomplishment in my 77,484 gamer score than any K/D ratio or sniping spree could ever give me. I love games for the stories they tell and appreciate them for giving me an opportunity to experience a narrative like no other medium; I just for once would love to go from point A to point B as fast as I can without a cut scene or heavily scripted event getting in my way, sadly those days are numbered. I see all these so called “gamers” with T-shirts, hoodies, and different types of merchandise with “old school” (I hate that phrase with burning hatred of a thousand suns) characters, but when was the last time you played an 8-bit game or have you ever? Do you know who Billy Mitchell is or Steve Weibe is? Do you know who Nolan Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto, Yu Suzuki, Keiji Inafune, or Howard Scott Warshaw is? No is the answer you will get 98% of the time. Anyway, now that I have depressed myself enough I am going to burry my woes in junk food, all the details are below and hope to see some times posted in the comments. You only have till November 9th se get to work and see if you can beat this cranky old timer.


From the Sega Blog


“Sonic Generations is here! While many of you are enjoying the full game, others are still playing the demo on PSN and XBL. Now it’s time to get your fingers flying, because we’ve got a contest (actually, 3 contests!) for all the speed runners out there.

If you live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Mexico and are 13 years old or older, you’re eligible to enter. Please note that there are 3 separate contests — one for the US & Canada, one for the United Kingdom, and one for Mexico. Be sure to read the official rules for your country and follow all of the requirements outlined in them, as contest details may vary slightly from country to country. We tried to make this as inclusive as possible, but due to varying contest laws in each country, we cannot make this open to everyone. Apologies if your country was left out.

About the Contest(s)

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the latest demo for Sonic Generations (PS3 or X360)
  • Play Modern Sonic (in Green Hill) until you get your time at or under 1 minute and 50 seconds
  • Make us a video showing your speed run! Please note that the following requirements apply with your video:
    – Your Entry Video cannot be a “direct feed” from your TV; you must have your video recording device pointed at the TV.
    – You must record your entire play through from start to finish (without cutting or editing actual game play) and the completion time must be clearly shown at the end.
    – At the conclusion of your play through, you must show your face on camera and say the phrase “Enter me in the Sonic Generations Demo Sweepstakes!” (or Spanish equivalent, if you’re entering from Mexico – see rules below for exact phrase)
    – Your entire play through time as documented at the end of your Entry Video must be NO GREATER THAN one (1) minute and fifty (50) seconds.
  • You then need to upload your video to YouTube. Then send an e-mail (where you send it to will depend on where you live).  In the email, you’ll need to send us your information (see official rules below for your country for the exact information you need to send).
  • Determination of winners varies by country, so again — please read the official rules for your country below.
  • The contests end on November 9th, so get your videos in before then!


What do you win for your efforts?

US/Canada and UK winners will receive a 20th Anniversary Sonic statue! These have been a really hot commodity that fans have been asking about, so here’s your chance to win one!

The winner from Mexico will receive a 20th Anniversary Sonic T-shirt, Sonic Generations buttons, a Sonic Hat, and the Sonic Generations game.”








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