May 24, 2013

A Look at Xbox One’s Attractive Cases


I am a big fan of game cases that have more style than function. The Xbox and Xbox 360 had simple DVD cases that were green and that was about it. Starting with the PSP tiny cases, I fell in love with cases that were different from the norm. The DS brought in a a neat and useful package that was trimmed down for the 3DS while adding these neat windows for art inside the cases. The Vita has to have the smallest cases of all time, but they have ample space for some beautiful art. The Xbox One cases seem similar to a Blu-Ray/PS3 cases with its shorter height and ample cover space. By the Forza 5 mock up, we can see that art is the name of these cases, with minimal logo coverage. If the cases will feature something Sony started doing with the PS3 cover sleeves and having unaltered art on the reverse side, these cases could be a real thing of beauty. The only thing missing from this case, which even through the PS3 cases redesign Sony kept, is a “only on Xbox” logo. These were prominent during the early days of the 360, but when the case redesign came, it disappeared. Outside of the new controller I feel this is one of the best things to come out of the debacle of Tuesday’s announcement. The Wii U has already showed it can do cases that focus on art and covering the case in a bath of great looking blue, and now the Xbox one has a tasteful green to complement the great cover art. I am curious to see what the PS4 cases will be like. This, outside of the endangered instruction manual, is one of the reasons I prefer physical media. Having a bookshelf full of beautiful cases with some awesome artwork, is like having a small art museum in your home. Hopefully we will get to see more of the launch title are at E3 in just a few short weeks.



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