May 24, 2013

Achievement Tips Day One




Still working on a title for this little project Brad and I have been discussing but the content will be the same. We wanted to do some helpful articles, him doing PC bits, and me on the console side of things. The first thing I wanted to do was hand off some of my Xbox 360 Achievement hunting tips that has helped me garner a 102,684 gamer score in just a few short years. The little sound you hear above have kept me playing games that I would have normally shelved after a play through and while replaying, found new ways to enjoy titles. Granted I have played quite a bit of games to achieve this score, but to have a score like this does not require tons of games. If you think about it over the course of 5 years, 102,000 is not that complicated if you 1000 point games. 102 games over the course of that time would require 20 games per year. But enough with the numbers here is some tips to help you get the most gamer score from your games.


1. Multiplayer – First and foremost, if there is multiplayer achievements try to hit those first. Some communities do not last forever despite how much we like a games multiplayer. I jumped on Lost Planet last night, a game that was released in 2006 and a multiplayer I really enjoyed, and it was a ghost town. I found one game that had one person in it, that was it. Turok is another example, I tried playing the multiplayer 8 months after it’s release to get some achievements and 3 people on a Saturday were playing. The last example is Full Auto, I will never 1000 point the game. I have every single player achievement but because less than a year after it’s release the gaming community died and I will never get those. So tip number one, if there is multiplayer achievements and the game does not have Battlefield, Gears of War, Halo, or Call of Duty in the title, do those first. You should do these preferably with in the first few weeks of a games launch, that is when games have been typically the most active.


2. Have fun the first play through – Most of my achievements have come after the first play through. What ever I managed to tag on my first play through was just icing on what ever treat the campaign held for me. Enjoy the first play through. Most games, at least the well written ones, have a story to tell and some times achievement hunting through that story can break the experience. So if you just broke the seal on a new game, sit back, relax, and enjoy it. Achievements can bring out the best in a game, like a completing  a stealth run on Deus Ex or Dishonored, but I feel playing the game the way you want to on the first try to enjoy the story is key. Enjoy the game, achievement hunt later.


3. If the servers are going to close, jump on those games – just like tip number one, if a company decides to close down shop and take it’s servers with it, hope on those games quickly. I am losing out on some Homefront and Army of Two achievements because of this deal. Homefront’s multiplayer was still active up until the day THQ filed for bankruptcy, that wasn’t the issue. What was the issue is that the servers closed up on that day as well rendering the multiplayer inoperative. EA has been notorious for shutting down their servers rendering some modes inert. I wanted to play through Army of Two (the first title) co-op with a friend over Xbox Live only to find out the serves had been shut down and that I could no longer play the game over Xbox Live, which is a shame. Previous year sports titles are notorious for being shut down as well. If you want some achievements for something like FIFA Soccer 10, you are out of luck. Like the multiplayer tip from above, if you find in the gaming press that servers are about to be shut down and you want those achievements, pop that game in and get hunting.


4. Don’t let Achievement hunting be a chore – Achievements should be fun. Most developers, not all, try to make achievements fun and make you play games in interesting ways. Some are pretty straight forward and if the game is fun can be fun as well. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) is a good example. The game is very easy to achieve the 1,000 point max, just simply play through the game. The game though is one of the best Need for Speeds in the past decade and made getting those points very enjoyable. Then there are games that are the opposite like Perfect Dark: Zero that are number hungry and expect you to play several hours of bot matches to get points that are not really worth it. Achievement hunting is a meta game over the base game, the game should be fun. Two of the best times I had in getting achievements were Bastion and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. They are games I adore, but the achievements were fun and really drove some skill into nabbing the 100% completion, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) was another I had such enjoyment finishing to completion. Achievements are work but if you enjoy getting them, they should be fun, not a chore.


5. Be proud of your achievements, don’t farm just to farm – Sure there are games out there like Avatar: The Burning Earth that can net you 1,000 points with in 20 minutes. I have never exploited a game for achievements, I am proud of what I have accomplished, you should be to. Yes I know it is just a number, but it’s a meta game I can’t put down. Enjoy the sound of getting achievements, enjoy playing games in a new light, enjoy seeing your score increase. Games are about experiences and having fun, it’s why we play. Achievements can be fun be proud of the fun you have had.


I have more tips to give and may include specific games in future articles. I hope some of these tips help in your achievement hunting. If you have any tips or tricks you would like to share that I could include in future articles post them below. I want to do this with PSN Trophies as well as I am starting to garner those as well.


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