March 7, 2014

After 19 Years Jack Tretton is Leaving Sony


As of March 31st, Jack Trenton, the Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO is stepping down. This was a mutual decision by Tretton and SCEA to not renew his contract after 19 years at SCEA. Jack Tretton has seen four PlayStation consoles launch with his time at Sony, and with this past E3, became the gamers CEO, closing the Sony event to massive applause. He has taken his fair share of criticism, especially during the early life of the PlayStation 3, but has always had this humble appeal. I have always had a liking for Jack and his interest in gaming and the PlayStation brand. There are some CEO’s in this industry that come from the outside and lack the qualities Jack has displayed over the years. He will be missed in the indusry and we here, wish him the best of luck on any future endeavors. Current COO of SCEA, Shawn Layden will be moving to the CEO vacancy. Layden is a 15 year veteran at PlayStation. He will assume the roll on April 1st.

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