June 24, 2012

Always having a happy ending is not always the best ending

Warning: spoilers throughout, read with caution.


After having a busy holiday last year I never got around to picking up Resistance 3, though I love the series and greatly anticipated it. A few days ago thanks to a Best Buy coupon I was able to snag the game for a paltry $10. I have been very careful of reading reviews or any spoilers across the interwebs so that the ending is still enigmatic and I keep my hopes for the ending I want still alive. I don’t want the series to end well, and by well I mean have a happy ending. I want to see the Chimera burn every last shred of humanity off the planet, not because I dislike the human characters, because I really do like them. When you have a series that is promoting lost hope, the end of days, the hurrah of humanity, you should end with that continuation. Now, I will say I would like to see Joseph Capelli give the Chimera hell on his way out in a blaze of glory, but I want the resistance to fail. The Gears of War series is a good example of how not to end the Resistance series. The GoW series was great until the final battle of GoW 3. The series always offered a shred of hope amongst the massive Locus invasion. Cities were falling; millions were dying, humanities back is against the wall and out of nowhere, miracle cure! Watch us wipe out the locus in one swift strike! Where was the impending doom? The Locust Queen had a giant nuclear beetle, a massive legion of soldiers, had a giant city sinking worm even; but no, it was no match for the brodudes of Delta Squad. Please don’t get me wrong, I really like the series it just ended on a sour note with me. The Mass Effect Franchise is a black hole I could get sucked into, but the more I think about the ending the more I get it and the more I like it; at least the ending I chose. What if the Reapers did win, despite your choice? I chose the blue ending, left side, good ending, whatever you want to call it. I wiped out technology and ended the reapers, but I also restored the balance, which was their job in the first place. They eradicated species to reset the balance of the universe to go back to square 1 and start over, in a way my Sheppard did just that. ME3’s ending was borderline grim, I may have saved humanity or what was left but at the same time I reverted the species back hundreds of years, and it didn’t end on a happy note or with the fanboys. I guess I’m just tired of the same old clichéd endings and typical writing tropes of not only video games but movies as well. Once in a while a grim ending is always welcomed and to break the monotonous mold. Anyone else feel tired of the only way to put closure on a series is to make it happy?


Please be kind in the comments, I will finish Resistance 3 by midweek so please no one spoil anything.

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  1. CABXYZ - June 26, 2012 1:32 pm

    Well i know I am commenting a bit late, but I powered through this game on Sunday and while I was pleased with the game, wow the ending was a letdown. Sony has said that with the poor reception of the Vita title, Burning Skies, that the series would be shelved. R3 felt more like a side story and not one that should have been told to end the series on. I like Joe Capelli as a character but this game was more personal and not about the one thing it should have been about, the ending of humanity.


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