February 3, 2010

AMD to release 6 Core CPU’s uhh and Intel too

SOB I just got my quad : )  Advancement is good, this means that good products at lower prices.  Intel’s 6 core CPU “gulftown” processor that will be named Core i7-980x will be coming out the end of March, and will be costing over a grand.  So in response to this AMD’s 6 core processor that will be named “Thuban” 45nm chips as Phenom II x6 1075T, 1055T & 1035T models sometime in May as well.  I think it is exciting the direction the industry is going and has been going.  These new products will push software developers to utilize the full potential of this hardware and for sure give us PC gaming enthusiasts more eye candy and more kick ass games to dive into.  I don’t have a good grip on how game development teams are utilizing the multi-core technology that is already on the market, but it sure does offer a lot of potential for us to have a more intense gaming experience.  As far as I can tell this new 6 core technology would be most beneficial to ppl like my friend that is a mechanical engineer who runs multiple resource heavy programs at once to develop models for whatever parts he is working on creating… without lag.  But for the gamer, I can’t see how this would be beneficial to upgrade to this new core technology for the inflated prices it will come on the market at, maybe only for bragging rights.

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