December 11, 2009

America’s Army = 32 Million in Tax Payers Doe

americas_army_logo_250This game holds three titles in the Guinness Book of World Records; Largest Traveling Game Simulator, Largest Virtual Army & Most Downloaded War Game.  America’s Army was released back in 2002 and has been available for free download since its release.  It was developed and created as a recuing tool for the US Army.  Has it been successful in its role as a tool to influence young men and women to join the armed forces?  I don’t know of anyone that has admitted that any videogame has played a role in their decision to join the military, but I do know from personal experience that games and movies have a deep impact on the youth of the country.  So the question is; was the 32 million dollars that was funded by you and me worth it?  I’m not sure if there is any way to really know, but the sum of 32 million to promote the Army may not be much compared with other forms of advertising that the government has implemented, such as TV, radio or fairs.  But one thing is certain, they sure hit their target audience.

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