April 17, 2012

Apple may brand their own console

A week after rumors were heard about Valve getting into the hardware market Apple has rumored to be working on its own console device in collaboration with Valve. The Console will be built into a TV set and will operate via an Apple branded motion/touch/sound controls much like Mircrosoft’s Kinect.

If this rumor turns out to be true it should prove to be an interesting entry into the console market. I see a few flaws though, first the Kinect like controls, while not a bad idea it will still need a physical controller if it wants to compete on a core level. Second, if Apple doesn’t include a physical controller they will severely cut down their user base by failing to attract the hard core gamers, if its meant to be casual whats the point, everyone already has either a smartphone or kinect for casual play. And third and probably most problematic is hardware upgrades. every few years a new PlayStation, Xbox and Wii come out. If apple builds a system into a TV set how do they plan on competing with next gen hardware? Only those with cash to burn and a worrisome hardon for Apple will fork out the cash needed for both a new system and TV every few years.  Apple would have to implement some kind of upgrade panel with removable hardware. Bottom line, I see this being more of a fail than a win for them. Its a really cool idea but an impractical one.


What are your thoughts on a TV/Console from Apple and Valve? Would you buy it? What do you think its future will be like should it come to market?


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  2. Seth - April 18, 2012 10:21 am

    I’m with you on this. Now is a bad time to enter the gaming market as a rookie. They’d compete directly with the Wii-U from Nintendo, a company that stands alone in terms of tenure and innovation. While in a couple more years, Microsoft and Sony will be releasing new consoles as well, with plenty of processing power, and intensely serious corporate staff. Apple has never been about power, so it errs on the side of innovation. But pure innovation never made it in this business. It can’t just be “fun” or “fascinating”. The product has to provide a spectacle. Nintendo has smarter innovations behind it. Microsoft has more power and networking. Sony has the elite reputation. Apple’s got the funds for it. But they clearly lack the street wisdom. This is an Ivy League suit deciding it’s time to rap. Fail.

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