January 29, 2010

Apple releases 1GHz A4 CPU

Ohh wow, whoopty doo.  I must say that Apple does have some cool stuff, IPod, IPhone.  But when it comes to computers or this new Applet, I am less than impressed.  Last November I was in an Apple store within a swarm of red-shirted Apple salesmen, and I asked them some down and dirty questions about their hardware.  Yea it looks cool to have all the hardware in an oversized monitor, but what is the advantage to having an Apple over a conventional PC.  Well some may say Apple’s don’t get viruses.  Well, that’s just a load of BS.  I know a certain Soundman that claims he does see viruses on Apples as well as PC’s at his job.  When talking to the IT guy at my job, he states that Apples don’t get viruses as much because the ppl that are infecting PC’s don’t give a shit about Apples, they take up such a small portion of the computer market it’s really not worth their time.  So aside from looking slick, I am hard pressed to find justification in dropping 1500 on a computer when I can spend 400 and upgrade my PC’s Mobo, CPU, and ram, and basically get a new computer.  And if you look at the specs Apples offer for the prices, they are non impressive, not to mention the pain in the ass of installing a 2nd OS to run games through Windows on the Mac.  God, just talking about the limitations of Apples makes me mad.  And while I’m on it, WTF is with these mousse that have only 1 big button, and f***in eh, I don’t like pressing control and clicking to get the right click option that a “normal” mouse would give.  So besides being a lot more expensive and not offering anything cool, I cannot envision a true gamer ever using a MAC to own noobs.  Which is what it’s all about after all.

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