February 2, 2013

Arcade Games of Yor: Bettletech: Firestorm

Back in the days of yester-year I heard about Dave-N-Busters, if you haven’t heard of D-N-B’s then you are sadly missing out, it’s the greatest thing this side of DisneyLand! They bring two of my favorite things together under one roof…. A full arcade AND a FULL service bar! Oh and they sell a decent steak, you can shoot some pool to, if you’re into that sort of thing. So my brother and I made a pilgrimage to see the sites drink some drinks and burn some tokens, well at least virtual tokens anyway.


Upon entering the arcade I was immediately taken in be the familiar sounds of days gone by, the waka-waka of Pac-Man, the pew-pew-pew of Space Invaders and a cacophony of old and new sounds playing music to my ear holes! But through the sensory overload I saw a line of people in the back of the arcade waiting to try a game tucked away in the corner with a giant sign that flashed:  Bettletech: Firestorm!

Now being a fan of the Mech Warrior & BattleTech PC and board games I made a “B”-line right over waited my turn, 20 minutes later I finally get my shot at what would be an epic experience in video gaming. While you waited there was a training video playing that explained the basic controls, strategies and the multi-screened display contained in each “Pod” check it out:

It may look dated because it’s be around since 1992! My first experience playing was round  1999 or 2000


When I climbed into the cockpit I was overwhelmed by the multitude of buttons and levers that the training video never told me about! So me being me once the game started I started pushing buttons and flicking levers just to see what they do. There were controls for things like infra-red, night vision, targeting, weapon cycling, gauges for weapon cool-down and the list goes on and on. Well, in the process of discovery I died several times with out even firing a shot and I could hear my brother chuckling in the next pod because he was the one doing most of the killing (douche-bag haha) anyway that first match sadly I didn’t do all that well. The session ended and I left holding my head in shame. To top it off they run a play by play video of the session when you leave so I was able to see my shame first hand *sniff* *sniff*.



We immediately got back in line, me determined to clear my call sign (I think it was “sack smacker” or something) of shame. The next round was different, my curiosity paid off! The session had environmental conditions ( it was night and foggy if I remember right) and I had the upper hand because I knew how to bring up night vision and Infra-red detection (because these Mechs do generate some serious heat signatures). This gave me the edge I was able to evade all my opponents targeting and destroy them all! I giggled will excitement at the carnage I way-laid on my opponents (including my brother) “whose laughing now!” I thought as I continually destroyed each of my adversaries with extreme prejudice! The session over I felt vindicated in my victory over all who opposed me! (ok maybe I went a little psycho but I was out for virtual blood haha).

We exited our Pods and I watched the play-by-play with a grin from ear to ear seeing the destruction I imposed on my fellow Mech pilots. I looked at by brother and he punched me in the arm (douche bag!) me being the better man I asked if he wanted a beer and we went over to the bar to toss back a pint….. Ahhh memories! Friendship, brotherhood, and the lamination of the women…oh wait did I just say that? Anyway a few years back, sadly D-N-B opted to remove Battletech: Firestorm and replaced it with skeeball.. I saw this and I tear trickled down my cheek but don’t fret if you want to experience this game is all it’s glory there are a few place here in the US of A that still have this game available to play! Click HERE to hit the WIKI page that has more details about the game and links to locations across the country  that still have the awesome game available to play!

So has anyone played this arcade classic? Do you wish you did? Or does it look lame….good or bad drop a comment and be heard!  Now watch some game play and enjoy:

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  1. Rick "CABXYZ" - February 4, 2013 4:26 pm

    It looks awesome. It reminds me of a game at Disney Quest that is now “Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter”. It had four people, one steering, the other three controlled the guns on the mech. I miss games that had a room all to themselves, I miss the arcade scene and absurdly huge cabinets.


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