October 23, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Foot….. Battlefield?

Ok so I’m sure some of you are getting sick by the total media blitz that has hit every type of video/data stream entering your dwelling but you have to admit this game is going to be Epic to say the least. Now that there is less than 48 hours before launch and some last minute trailers have hit the You Tube! One is a fan made trailer for “Battlefield 4” and totally backed by Dice being that they put it up on their Facebook page and the second is a live action/CG trailer also up on the Battlefield Facebook page daring you to choose whats real and whats memorex!


First is the “Battlefield 4” made by Freddiew hit the link to check out their You Tube page they have some really well made video’s for your viewing pleasure!



Now here’s the live action/CG video that dares you to pick out the live action from the CG to me it’s a little obvious but still looks total kick-AZZ check out the Battlefield You Tube page for all the latest updates and freebies!


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