October 17, 2013

Arkham Origins New tv Spot and Soundtrack Preview Does Not Disappoint



Hot off the presses this morning is the newest trailer in the marketing machine for Batman: Arkham Origins, and it does not disappoint. The trailer clocks in at only 0:53, not even a full minute, but what we get from it is so much more. The trailer shows how the one traumatic event scars Bruce for life, leaving him emotionally dead. Though now a man with a purpose, I love how they show through the years and even through his training, he is broken; those emotionless eyes are haunting. This could be one of the most emotional trailers I have seen for any medium, reminds me of the Dead Island trailer from a few years back; you get goosebumps every time you watch it. One event, one random act of violence, one life voided of emotion, and that life changed for ever. I was on board with this title since the last trailer and seeing actual gameplay via E3. Though Rocksteady may not be doing the title, it will be using many of the mechanics and changes they made to the Unreal 3 engine. With Arkham Asylum and City, WB Games have created a franchise that has come to define action/open world games and superhero games in general, I highly doubt they would let that bar slip now. Again, below is the new TV spot for Batman Arkham Origins which is out on October 25th worldwide.





The next section talks about the soundtrack and some of the titles maybe potential spoilers, read with caution.

While I was looking for the trailer above, I came across a sampling of the soundtrack from Arkham Origins. Thanks to the people over at the YouTube channel BatmanArkhamVideos, they have taken the samples of the official soundtrack and strung them together into one huge preview. Overall I am very impressed with what I heard. I was hoping that we would get the return of Ron Fish and Nick Arundel from Arkham City to reprise their efforts, but instead they landed Christopher Drake in the composers chair. Drake has scored several other DC media, mainly animated features, with his most recent outing on the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns. The whole soundtrack interest me, but there are a couple of track in particular that interest me. The main theme (#1) and the end titles (#31) have reoccurring themes that I would like to see develop into something grand. Arkham City had an incredible main theme, here is hoping Origins can outshine it. Two other tracks that have caught my ear is is The Night Before Christmas (#2) and Carol of the Bells (Joker’s Theme) (#12). I love the chimes and sleigh bells in (#2) giving it a eerie feel reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Carol to the Bells is a traditional Christmas Carol, that is turned on its head and been given a nice, big smile. The bells and distorted guitar bring a haunting and evil presence to something that is suppose to be filled with joy, I love it. There is a lot to love from this soundtrack, and if you want to hear more of the these tracks, there is another preview over at Water Tower Music’s SoundCloud page.



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