February 21, 2010

Arrrggg, Pirates be Among us

Antipiratgruppen (yea, u guessed it, an anti pirate company) notice a Pirate Bay user (millions) was uploading from a Danish IP, or more specifically uploading new content.  Meaning contributing to the site, not just leaching, (u know who u are).  The anti-piracy agency, along with some cops and a warrant raided this dude’s house; they found several hard drives, and a web server.  This did not happen in the States, but has.  It seems that record companies have started to realize that arresting a single mother for downloading some of their copyrighted songs is just bad publicity.  As it would be if Ubisoft decided to sue a 20yr old kid a million bucks for downloading a copy of Assassins Creed II from Thepiratebay.com or Btjunkie.com because he thinks online authentication every time he wants to play his game is shit, and it is.

So are these companies, specifically game development companies and their associates really saving themselves money by implementing this type of authentication that Ubisoft seek, DRM (Digital rights management)?  Or are they just giving “crackers” something fun and interesting to do with their time?  One thing is for sure, their DRM wanna be money saving tactics sure are making a lot of good customers pissed and helping the booming pirate community.  If you’d like a laugh and to see how companies have tried to threaten and shut down sites like thepiratebay.com and btjunkie.com check this out :  http://thepiratebay.org/legal .  This is a hilarious list of emails and faxes between company lawyers (Microsoft, EA, Sega, to name a few) and the good folks at the Pirate Bay literally saying, ur a dip shit, I live in Sweden, not in the States, go f*** urself.  They are entertaining, lol

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