Batman: Arkham Origins gains Multiplayer courtesy of Splash Damage


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The Arkham series is finally dip­ping into mul­ti­player this fall. Splash Dam­age, the peo­ple behind Wolfen­stein: Enemy Ter­ri­tory and Brink, will be pro­duc­ing the mul­ti­player com­po­nent to Bat­man: Arkham Ori­gins. The new online mode will fea­ture 3 vs. 3 vs. 2 game­play. The teams of three will be com­prised of thugs and either the Joker or Bane as they fight for con­trol of Gotham. The team of 2 will com­prise of Bat­man and Robin, which Robin to be exact is still a mys­tery. In Arkham City we saw Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Tim Drake), as this is a pre­quel, it maybe safe to say that it is Grayson (but that is just my spec­u­la­tion). If you are the dynamic duo, you will play Ori­gins mul­ti­player through the series preda­tor mode, tak­ing out the vil­lains in all sorts of stealth like ways. If you play one of the war­ring gangs, it will play like a third per­son action title, com­plete with guns and gad­gets. It looks inter­est­ing. I know a lot of peo­ple, myself included, will state that the pre­vi­ous entries did not require a mul­ti­player com­po­nent and suc­ceeded just fine; but then I take a look back at Mass Effect 3. ME3 was another “why do we need mul­ti­player in what has pri­mar­ily been a sin­gle player” affair and after dozens of hours, my tone changed dra­mat­i­cally. I am will­ing to give this a shot. I think given the right com­mu­nity, this could a a lot of fun, just how Mass Effect 3 was. The only last real con­cern I have is devel­oper. Just like the main game, this mul­ti­player is not being done by Arkham vets, Rock­steady. Splash Dam­age has had ups and downs and most recently a very huge down with Brink. Brink was a promis­ing shooter blur­ring the lines between sin­gle player and mul­ti­player, though upon release was rid­dled with issues and fell flat on its poten­tial. Below is the offi­cial trailer for the mul­ti­player side of Bat­man: Arkham Ori­gins which will be avail­able on the PlaySta­tion 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Weird that the game is also com­ing to the Wii U, but there is mul­ti­player com­po­nent for that plat­form. Bat­man: Arkham Ori­gins is out Octo­ber 25th, 2013.



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Aug 06, 2013
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