June 9, 2010

Battleground Europe 1.31 Graphics Rehaul Released

After almost two years in development the team at Cornered Rat software has released the much anticipated 1.31 release for Battleground Europe.  Battleground Europe (World War II Online) has been running on the Unity I graphics engine since it’s release.  The engine features no physics and is over 11 years old.  The engine has been heavily modified over the years to add some more appealing graphics but that could only take the game so far. 

The new graphics update features the addition of physics, weather and updated capture mechanics for towns.  The update also features updated models and textures for buildings, vehicles, and infantry and helps everything to look more realistic.  The game has a whole new feel to it that is quite refreshing.  You can read the full list of updates here

I’ve played Battleground Europe ever since it was open beta back when the graphics were cardboard box style.  The game has seen many changes over the years and provides one of the most authentic and tense World War II experiences out there.  The game caters to those who like to work in groups and achieve objectives.  It also provides one of largest assortment of player vehicles, classes and deployable structures to date.    If you have played this game or have thought of trying this game you will not be disappointed. 

You can check out Battleground Europe by  going here.


  1. Matt Callahan - November 30, 2014 5:20 pm

    Do NOT sub or play BattleGround Europe. The company that made it Corner Rats are only in the business of taking your money and NEVER putting it back into the game. They DESTROYED the game years ago and stopped funding development for it. There is NO roadmap to development and all they care about is milking every single dollar from people who wish for it to become a better game. Your better off spending your money on a game with a future and that is backed by a real development company unlike corner rat software which is a bunch of GM’s who NO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT DEVELOPMENT. Let the game die which it will never because its so basic it can run on a server in a guys closest “DOC” who is basically the person who resets and turns on the server.

    There is NO programmers at Corner Rat Software and their GM’s are a bunch of assholes who gave up on BattleGround Europe years AGO.

  2. YaRight - June 13, 2010 1:44 pm

    I played it when it 1st came out in 99/00 Have also played last 2.5 years. Now 1.31 is up and running. Love the graphics, but, been killed so many times by guys that dont even raised there guns. Thought the LAG Death was goin to be fixed or tamed down a lot. I have been running at 20+ FPS. Also the armoured car can be killed by small arms fire. Thought it was made to protect from small arms fire. And the atg/aaa guns with HE rounds do not have a kill radius/zone at all. You need a direct hit with these to kill anything, especially the infantry. My history says HE (high explosive) rounds had a kill radius. The Axis side equipment appears to die easier than the Allied side equipment. A panzer dieing from small arms fire? Not that I ever heard of. Many holes in game. Graphics majorly improved, kuddos for that. Need deparately to fix the holes in armour that allow easy kills. The AXIS equipment dont live up to its protection potenial by a long shot.

    If I could I would like my money back. Paid for a year and have been cheated out of full use by a 3 week lame intermission where we beta tested the 1.31. Didnt know I had to pay for being a beta tester. Also the scenario was a D-Day thing. Which wasnt a bad idea, but the axis were limited on supplies as part of it. As the Allies got further away from supply lines, their supply didnt decrease as it should. The Axis got closer to its supply lines and it didnt increase as it should. So, the Axis didnt have a chance at all to survive. Many were very disgruntled by the whole thing.

    Signed. Frustrated for TOO LONG

  3. T8 - June 10, 2010 5:16 pm

    now its time for me to check out WWIIOnline. Btw Brad your link at the bottom of the article isnt working <_<


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