February 11, 2010

Bioshock II (Play as a Big Daddy!!!)

The game came out 2 days ago, and I was planning to write something on it earlier but just got a 360 (always have been a PC gamer) and had to hook that baby up to my pre-run HDMI cable and try to beat Halo 3 (now 75% through, I have to work too u know).  So although I am excited to have finally gotten a 360, I do realize there are some sweet games coming out this month and for sure this year.  Next Tuesday the 16th Aliens vs. Predator Requiem is coming out, and it looks like a kick ass game too.  It has some of the same developers from the 1st Aliens vs. Predator, so they have had the vision from this game and how it should have looked back in the day.  Back to Rapture we go.

Umm, question.  Was the 1st Bioshock awesome?  Were the creatures in Rapture freaky and fun to kill?  Was Rapture in itself an awesome and fun city to kill your way through?  Was it not sweet to get a plasmid upgrade and be able to wield an abnormal type super power in one hand and a weapon in the other?  And the answer to all these questions is…yes.  So how much cooler would it be to do all this in a refined world and environment where you actually play as a Big Daddy?  Ohhhh, sounds like a winner. Defiantly check this one out if you’re into FPS’s, and really, who’s not?

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  1. PimpmasterF - February 14, 2010 5:30 pm

    Just started playing this the other night and gotta say it is freakin sick, gripped me right from the beginning which is a rare trait for games these days, most games Ive played usually take about an hour or so to really get me into it, I can say the same for Darksiders, just beat that the other day and it was freakin phenomenal, the ending was one of the best cliff hangers ive seen in a game.


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