Black Mesa: A Half-Life 2 Re-Make

Play­ers of the award-winning sci-fi FPS Half-Life 2, devel­oped by Valve, would have been able to finally play the long awaited re-make of the game when it was released on Sep­tem­ber 14th 2012. Black Mesa, a free total con­ver­sion mod­i­fi­ca­tion of Half-Life, began in 2004 being dri­ven by a vol­un­teer devel­op­ment team who are also fans of the game — the project came about due to the belief that Half-Life didn’t quite live up to the poten­tial of the Source engine’s capa­bil­i­ties (used by the Half-Life sequel, Half-Life 2) and so they took the sto­ry­line and pack­aged it up into a new pol­ished ver­sion which included work on new mod­els, maps, sound­track, voice act­ing and textures.

Of course, this is def­i­nitely not news to any Half-Life fans who have been eagerly await­ing this mod for some time, but when I actu­ally saw the trans­for­ma­tion of the old game to the new one I must admit that I was totally blown away and was kick­ing myself for not hav­ing played Half-Life sooner. So much effort has gone into this that I’d chal­lenge any­one not to be impressed with the results, take a look a the exam­ple below from the Black Mesa website:

In this release fans are able to play in single-player mode only, Black Mesa have con­firmed that co-op play would poten­tially arrive after the release of single-player but that the devel­op­ment of this part of the game would not be deliv­ered by the Black Mesa team. Also, in this release you will be play­ing from the chap­ter ‘Inbound’ (where our main char­ac­ter Dr. Gor­don Free­man starts his day rid­ing a tram headed to the Sec­tor C Test Labs) until Lambda Core (when Gor­don finally arrives at the Lambda Com­plex, an advanced tele­por­ta­tion research lab where the rem­nants of the Lambda team have taken refuge), the Black Mesa re-vamp of the game ends here when you jump in the por­tal to Xen. The sec­ond part of the single-player release will add the Xen chap­ters and will be done in the form of an update to the game.

What do you need to play it?

1. You must have a source game. You can­not use the free Half-Life 2: Death­match, Half-Life 2: Lost coast or any demos.

2. The 2007 Source SDK. You can install this from the Library > Tools menu in Steam.

Access your Steam games library.
Click the drop­down beside the Search bar and select Tools.
Find Source SDK Base 2007 in the list and select ‘Install game’.
Once instal­la­tion is com­plete restart your com­puter to ensure all files update correctly.

3. The Black Mesa mod. Which you can down­load from the Black Mesa homepage.

If you are like me and haven’t played Half-Life then why not down­load a copy from Steam where Half-Life 2 is only £6.99. Black Mesa is a great piece of work and an amaz­ing achieve­ment for the devel­op­ment team, I’ll def­i­nitely be adding this to my library.

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