July 2, 2012

Blacklight: Retribution finally makes it to Steam! Don’t expect to play it tonight…

Free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution has finally made it’s way over to Steam, something that’s long been hinted at. When I played a few nights ago it would even open up the Steam overlay, despite not being on Steam and in fact a normally downloaded version. But either way, the game’s now available on Steam, so get to downloading so you can play this game! Expect exciting scenes like this:



That’s right, thanks to the game’s newfound popularity on Steam, what used to be an instant pick-up-and-kill-some-mans game has now become a 5 hour wait. Literally five hours.



Don’t let that discourage you though, the game is actually one of the better F2P games available. I’ve rather enjoyed the time I’ve spent with it, and aside from this insane queue, completely and totally recommend at least trying it out, if not becoming an actual player.

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