July 12, 2010

Blizzard gains aggro from its customers

So what new fantastic idea has Blizzard come up with this time? How about making you use your real life name instead of a character name or chat handle. Yep that’s right. With the introduction of Battle.net’s Real ID program it gave users the option to use your actual name instead of the usual character name. Now Blizzard has said with the new upcoming Starcraft 2 forums and eventually the World of Warcraft forums, you will have to have and use the Real ID program to gain access and post. Blizzard claims this in effort to make the online community “behave” and not start online fueds on the message boards. However on the flipside, millions of subscribers will no longer be anonymous. In an age where identity theft is a major issue, it seems like Blizzard is making it even easier to do. Blizzard forums have been on fire with angry consumers commenting that people will be stalked or even have accounts hacked. Blizzard doesn’t seem like they are going to stop this change from happening, so how will this change affect them? Will people quit playing? Will people stray away from Blizzard products? Only time will tell, but this could turn into profit loss if it goes sour.


  1. ScrotusKilmystr - July 15, 2010 1:35 pm

    I guess they just don’t want to have moderators police the boards anymore. Anonymity is a powerful thing it gives you the power to say what’s on your mind when you nomrally wouldn’t. So I do think this is a drak road they are traveling for sure…

    Besides that I just can’t help but get the blizzard is vader amd activison is the emporer vibe lately haha

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  3. T8 - July 13, 2010 12:34 am

    I can agree with alot of the anon ideas, but often times youll find that communities are built and players end up changing their names to their actual name “T8” (Tate). I like the idea of calling people i play games with regularly by name, but should have the choice to do so if i please. Im neither yay or nay for it, but id be fine with both.

  4. CABXYZ - July 12, 2010 11:18 pm

    Ace, I see your frustration with this. If I have a hard day at work and want to come home and rant about something in a game that is frustating me, I want to do it as SkUllCruSHER, I should be able to. While I’m in the formus I should be the crusher of skulls, not Bob, Bill, or Angus. It is like having a voice but with out the publicity. I can see their point of trying to keep message boards civil, but that all falls on the person no matter the name. Blizzard shouldn’t have to be an authority on their boards and niether should any other community manager, it all falls on the shoulders of the individuals to keep everything on a certain behavior level.

  5. Scythoro - July 12, 2010 10:42 pm

    I don’t believe ID theft is the issue with most of Blizzard’s subscribers. The problem is that they no longer have anonymity with their speech nor will they be held unaccountable for their ranting. They’ll no longer be able to vent out their frustrations publicly while keeping their ID private. However, if my name were Percy or Melvin, then yea I’d probably raise a fuss.

  6. AceOfNades69 - July 12, 2010 7:26 pm

    As a Blizzard account holder myself, I am hesitant about this change. I was looking forward to Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft’s expansion later this year, but now I am not to sure.


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