March 26, 2013

Borderlands 2 newest playable class

If you’ve been grinding along in Borderlands 2 and Thought to yourself the game simply didn’t have enough variety for your taste then perhaps the latest playable character class will quench your thirst for more.

Krieg the Psycho has been introduced based on the delightful psychos present throughout the game. He wields a large home made axe and will specialize in crazy. This particular class will benefit from running into horded of enemies head on with no regard for self preservation. His special skill will be “Blood Axe Rampage” and will cause you to run into the middle of a blood bath and regain health for plowing through baddies. Krieg is a bit larger than your average psycho and dawns a bit more gear. This addition should make for highly interesting game play.

I gotta hand it to Gearbox for keeping the game fresh through golden keys and periodically adding content. Not many games these days maintain their playable value as well the borderlands series does.


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