February 22, 2012

Borderlands 2 on Android?

During last weeks PDXLAN Gearbox Software demoed Borderlands 2, this in and of itself would have been an interesting activity, what makes it stand out though is the fact the demo was being run on a Tegra 3 powered Android Tablet.

Tegra is Nvidia’s mobile CPU solution and has the Tegra 3 is the latest quad-core variant. It is already in a handful of tablets such as the Asus Transformer and is about to hit a large number of Smartphones. The fact that Borderlands 2 was running on this mobile processor is not only impressive and says alot about its heft but also shows promise in the way things are going in the mobile community. If a tablet can run a PC grade game it wont be long before mobile gaming is taken to a whole new level.

Does this mean you will get to play Borderlands 2 on your new tablet or quad-core smart phone? No, this is entirely up to developers, we may see a mobile optimized version of Borderlands, or a cut down mobile version, and a slew of other games for Android and iOS, but its too early to tell what exactly is on the horizon of mobile app development. When the quad-core mobile devices start hitting shelves at a more standard rate well have a better idea of where things are going. This year will be a big one for mobile development and may very well pave the way for hard core gaming on the go.

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