March 14, 2012

Borderlands Devs: game testing done right

Gearbox Studios, the developer for Borderlands 2 is hitting the campuses and getting real world input from students and other who will be playing their games. This has achieved a much better view of what users want and what works and what doesnt. Initially the game was scoring an average of 4.5 but after much testing and what they learned they were scoring an average of 8.5. This is how developers should doing things, if everyone was doing this the quality of games would go up and we would be less likely to see disasters such as Duke Nukem Forever and Brink. If Borderlands 2 is half as good as the first one were in for a treat and it will likely be one of the few games worth pre ordering.

Borderlands 2 is scheduled for release on Sept. 18 so save up $60 and schedule a week or two of vacation time off work.

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