March 12, 2010

Borderlands–Psychotic RPG Goodness

I recently, after some reluctance, have picked up Borderlands and wished I had done so sooner, This game is well worth the $50 spent. I was reluctant to buy this game due to advertising strategies, to me it kinda seemed like that movie trailer that had all the good parts in it and when you actually saw the movie were sorely dissapointed. This however is quite the oppisite. This game picked up on the excellent mechanics that I think made games like Fallout3 and Masseffect a huge hit, RPG FPS. Who doesnt like being able to blow stuff up, put holes in anything that moves while at the same time leveling character abilities and roaming a huge open world???

Borderlands is obviously not the first to implement this techniqe but they did a damn good job of perfecting it. This game has enough content to keep one busy for quite some time while keeping the experience fresh throughout the game. There are 3 things that make this game what it is . First, Story/Characters: at the start of the game you have the option of being any one of the characters shown in the pic at the top of this post, each with their own abilities and personality to make them what they are, I especially appreciatated the personality factor, it allowed me to not just play the character that had the abilities I wanted but also allowed me to pick a character I could relate to making the experience a much richer one. Not to mention a goofy little robot named ClapTrap. Second, Mechanics/Gameplay: Borderlands leaves nothing to be desired straight from the get go. Like most games it eases you into it, but does so without making the game seem to easy or boring. From the start there is comedy, action, and story building. It starts out subtle but engages the player in a strong gripping way. This game brags there are millions of weapons, this so far is true, everywhere I turn there is a new gun to play with, the only downside to this is that there can only be so much weaponry, while each weapon is different in some way you will come across the same weapon many times only it will have a slightly different name and characteristics, but its not all bad, it give the player a good variety or weapon characteristics and no one will be left wanting when it comes to how to shoot/blow up badies. Next, the ingame characters are quite awsome, they are half of what makes the game so good. The badies you come across will talk trash and somtimes incoherant babble which if nothing else makes for a funny good time. The same can be said for the plot characters, they are well developed and add not only to the story and content but also give the game its robust personality. And we cant forget the scale, some the Boss’s Ive come across are gigantic and fit well into the giant world that is Borderlands. The developers really pulled this on off, The world is huge yet easy to travers and travel though. And Third, Graphics: This is one thing that kind turned me off at first. The game has superficial cartoony look to it, which in the end is yet another thing that gives this game character. The graphics give this game a very original feel and offers it own variant of eye candy.

Bottom line: This game offers much in the way of content and unique visuals and an overall excellent unique game play experience. The game still retails for $50USD and in my honest opinion is well worth the money.

(This is new to me so Ill post a video when I learn how to embed video)


  1. PimpmasterF - March 12, 2010 7:28 pm

    I wouldnt say its above fallout3 but I do think it improved on what fallout3 set out to do with the RPG FPS genre. however personally I prefer borderlands over fallout3 due to its robust content and vivid environments. I really liked fallout3 but for me it got old after the 3rd DLC. However I cant wait for New Vegas 🙂

  2. DeathProof - March 12, 2010 7:03 pm

    I’ve played through about 3 hours of the single player missions with this one. And it is friggin fun. The story is cool, the characters are cool and gun/game play is very nice. The cartoon look turned me off too, its lacks realism that many fps bring 2day, but makes up for it by being just entertaining. I think this one is a winner too, but above fallout 3? Not too sure about that : )

  3. PimpmasterF - March 12, 2010 1:06 pm

    Fallout3 was excellent, and in my opinion Borderlands improves on Fallout3. I think its a stronger game with better and more thouoghly developed content and story. All around I think its a stronger, fuller game than Fallout3. I thought the cartoony look would bring it down to but 2K actually made it work in an excellent way and makes the game stand out among the rest

  4. thsoundman - March 12, 2010 12:37 pm

    You know I was looking at this game and I even saw one of my friends playing it. I just haven’t been able to get myself to buy it. Perhaps it’s somthing to do with the Cartoon drawing/art style the game uses. I’m not personally a big fan of this. I didn’t like it in Prince of Persia either. I don’t know what it is. The premise of the game looks pretty damn cool though. How would you pit the game say agaist fallout 3? Better? Worse? The same?


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