June 5, 2011

Brief Update from CharcoalCoyote

Hey everyone. Just dropping in for a few to let everyone know what’s up. I’ve not dropped off the face of the planet; far from it, in fact. I’m graduating from high school (yes, I’m seventeen years old for those of you who were unaware) on the 11th of this month, and I’m turning eighteen on the 17th. My aunt is getting married on the 18th. With all of this junk going on, there’s been next to no time for anything that involves sitting still for long periods of time. However, expect an extravaganza of new stuff whenever I return!

Stuff to look forward to includes:

  • Indie Games vs. Big Name Developers- my article that I owe DrPixel from the QWOP Challenge.
  • A look at Portal 2 Multiplayer.
  • Another “Games for Gameless Situations” article.
  • A look at DiRT 3 (and rambling on why I love rally racing)
  • LPs and Casted Games! Hear my witty commentary and southern dialect!

And last, but not least…


Granted, it won’t  be ALL me; I’ll have tons of support from all the other staff members at TGB. However, you can expect a healthy serving of my own personal spin on things.

I look forward to rambling for you all some more in the near future!

See you soon,


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