Bullet Run Shutting Down! In Other News: It Apparently Launched!

Sony Online Entertainment’s F2P shooter Bul­let Run has announced that it’s clos­ing down this March. This com­ing hot on the news of… Well, no news really. This game appar­ently launched last July and the fact that we didn’t even know it did that is prob­a­bly speak­ing more tomes about why it’s being shut down than any arti­cle can.



The game’s news blog has released a post with a small FAQ and thanks for the two peo­ple who were aware of the game. Included in this post is an offi­cial shut­down date of March 8th, 2013, and infor­ma­tion about pay­ments and refunds. Notably:


  • What is the refund pol­icy for exist­ing Plat­inum Mem­ber­ships? How will I get a refund?
    • As of Feb­ru­ary 1, 2013, all billing for Plat­inum Mem­ber­ships will end. SOE will pro­vide a pro rata refund for any time remain­ing on your Bul­let Run sub­scrip­tion past Jan­u­ary 31, 2013. If you have a valid credit card on your Sta­tion account, the refund will be applied to that credit card. Oth­er­wise, SOE will mail the refund check to the cur­rent billing address on your account. Refunds are expected to be issued within 90 days after the shut down date (March 8, 2013). Please be sure to review and update your email and mail­ing address in your Sta­tion Account so that we can con­tact you regard­ing any refund.


In an increas­ingly crowded free2play mar­ket, one with games of incred­i­ble qual­ity like Plan­et­side 2 to com­pete with, there are numer­ous lit­tle shoot­ers like this that sim­ply aren’t good enough to even enter the market.

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