July 28, 2012

Castle Story Gets A Kickstarter



Recently I’ve been following the development of indie developer Sauropod Studio’s Castle Story as it seemed like a fantastic game in the making. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to be getting a huge amount of attention, but clearly it had enough. It fired up its Kickstarter yesterday, and funded its modest goal of $80,000 within 5 hours. But, with 28 days left to go, you still help fund the project and secure your copy of the beta-as-it-turns-into-a-game and various other goodies, including access to the prototype they’ve been showing for a while. The first reward tier starts at $15 with full access to the beta as it develops, with the second being $25 and getting you the prototype. Beyond that is t-shirts and posters for backers, and a few other lovingly crafted goodies.



Their Kickstarter has a fantastic video explaining everything, so without further ado, here it is:



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