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Horde and Alliance Level 3 Garrisons

When I heard that Bliz­zard were intro­duc­ing Gar­risons to WoW I was ini­tially excited, the con­cept sounded great and the idea of char­ac­ter hous­ing had been some­thing play­ers had been after for a long time. So, we now had this home base all of our very own to go back to, with every­thing you could need under one roof, bank­ing, pro­fes­sions, quests, all in the com­fort of your own Gar­ri­son. But some­thing was ter­ri­bly wrong, the Gar­ri­son got tedious very, very quickly.

Apart from your Gar­ri­son mak­ing you feel extremely iso­lated from every­one else in the game, one of my par­tic­u­lar bug­bears is that by incor­po­rat­ing the pro­fes­sions into the Gar­ri­son it felt like you just had all these bor­ing tasks to be com­pleted before mov­ing on to some­thing more inter­est­ing – log in, you’re in your Gar­ri­son, go to the mis­sion table and send out fol­low­ers, time to go to the mine, time to go to the herb gar­den, time to go and col­lect tim­ber for your mill and so on. By doing this it took some­thing away from hav­ing to go out into the world and actu­ally look for things which is part of the enjoy­ment of the game, it some­what bypassed explo­ration for the fun of it and run­ning into ran­dom events and other play­ers on route. I hon­estly miss log­ging into a tav­ern some­where in Aze­roth and being sur­rounded by other play­ers, at the moment I log in, I’m in my Gar­ri­son and it’s time to go to the mine, sigh!

Now, how about the Gar­ri­son and Ship­yard mis­sion tables? Each mis­sion takes between 30 min­utes and 12 hours to com­plete on aver­age, so you basi­cally log in and then depend­ing on the level of your fol­low­ers you assign them to mis­sions aim­ing to get an 100% chance of suc­cess – there is very lit­tle strat­egy here and once you have the hang of it (which takes no time at all) it’s just another bor­ing task to com­plete at your Gar­ri­son in the hope of get­ting Gar­ri­son sup­plies, gold, or other items. You do not inter­act with your fol­low­ers, you just assign them to tasks, wait till the time is up and col­lect your loot, think microwave pop­corn, ding, take out pop­corn put in next batch. And, that is not even men­tion­ing the Shipyard’s pol­icy on com­pletely destroy­ing ships that you’ve taken the time to level up should you not com­plete a mis­sion, there­fore, for every mis­sion it is just bet­ter to make sure it has a 100% chance of suc­cess oth­er­wise be pre­pared to kiss your Destroyer goodbye.


Garrison mission table

I guess it’s a bit of dis­ap­point that it hasn’t worked out as I ini­tially thought or as Bliz­zard had planned, but it was a good idea and I accept that some good things did come out of it, it just didn’t work in the game for me and a lot of other play­ers, par­tic­u­larly as end-game con­tent. At this point in time, the idea of lev­el­ling a new char­ac­ter and then hav­ing to level another Gar­ri­son for each new char­ac­ter makes me cry a lit­tle inside. I’m glad that the new expan­sion, Legion, is mov­ing away from the Gar­ri­son and get­ting us all back out into the world and inter­act­ing with other play­ers. I have no doubt that Bliz­zard will build upon every­thing they have learned from the Gar­risons and the feed­back received from play­ers and I’m opti­mistic that Legion’s Class Hall will be a much bet­ter fit for the game dynam­ics as a whole.


Class Hall image

From what we know, the Class Hall is going to be sim­i­lar in some ways to Gar­risons, build­ing on its good points, and as their name sug­gests they will be unique to each class. At the Class Hall you will be able to get class-specific quests and mis­sions and cus­tomise arti­facts. How­ever, the main dif­fer­ence is that they will also be avail­able to other mem­bers of your class which takes away that com­plete sense of iso­la­tion and inac­tiv­ity expe­ri­enced within your cur­rent Gar­ri­son. We also know that instead of just pick­ing up fol­low­ers to send on yet another mis­sion via your Gar­ri­son mis­sion table, we’ll have select cham­pi­ons of our class who will assist us in our own quests. The infor­ma­tion avail­able on the Class Halls are not set in stone but it has def­i­nite poten­tial and to be hon­est, I’m not sure it can be worse that the cur­rent Gar­ri­son set-up.

So, what will I miss from my Gar­ri­son? Well, the sec­ond Hearth­stone was pretty handy.

WoW Soaring Skyterror

As you know, there has been drama, there has been uproar, and after a lot of spir­ited dis­cus­sion Bliz­zard announced the rever­sion of the orig­i­nal plan to restrict fly­ing in Draenor. Although they still firmly believe that keep­ing your feet on the ground is a key part of dis­cov­ery in WoW, they also under­stood that for many it was an impor­tant aspect of the game and some­thing that wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily com­pro­mise their objec­tives for explo­ration. So, they came up with a com­pro­mise. Unlike other fly­ing achieve­ments which just rely on hit­ting a level require­ment and buy­ing the fly­ing abil­ity for a sum of gold, play­ers would need to com­plete the achieve­ment ‘Draenor pathfinder’ released in Patch 6.2 which would award the abil­ity of flight as well as a chro­matic rylak mount, the Soar­ing Skyter­ror. Once achieved and with Patch 6.2.2 fly­ing in Draenor would become pos­si­ble for all your char­ac­ters at level 90 or above.

In a blue post ear­lier this year Bliz­zard said that: “We believe this strikes the right bal­ance between ensur­ing ground-based con­tent lives up to its full poten­tial, while pro­vid­ing play­ers who’ve already fully expe­ri­enced Draenor’s out­door world extra free­dom to “break the rules.” This also pro­vides a gen­eral blue­print going for­ward for con­tent to come. Play­ers will explore new and undis­cov­ered lands from the ground, and then once they’ve fully mas­tered those environments—a notion that con­tin­ues to evolve with each new expansion—they can take to the skies and expe­ri­ence the world from a new van­tage point.”

What is the achievement?

The Draenor Pathfinder achieve­ment is a multi-step achieve­ment that can be tracked via the achieve­ment page in-game. It does take some time to com­plete and so now is the time to get started if you haven’t already. It is com­prised on the following:

  • Explore Draenor: Explore all of Draenor’s zones
  • Mas­ter Trea­sure Hunter: Col­lect 100 Treasures
  • Lore­mas­ter of Draenor: Com­plete all major story quests in Draenor
  • Secur­ing Draenor: Com­plete 12 spe­cific Apexis Dailies
  • Tanaan Diplo­mat: Hit Revered with the three new Tanaan Jun­gle fac­tions — Order of the Awak­ened, The Saber­stalk­ers, and Hand of the Prophet (Alliance)/Vol’jin’s Head­hunters (Horde).


For a com­plete look at every step of the Draenor Pathfinder Achieve­ment, Wow­head have pro­duced the Draenor Pathfinder guide which will pro­vide you with every­thing you need to know in order to make get­ting the achieve­ment as easy as possible.

Track­ing your progress

You can track your progress in two ways:

  • Track your objec­tives in-game by open­ing the achieve­ment win­dow, search­ing for the Draenor Pathfinder achieve­ment and select­ing the ‘track’ option which will add the objec­tives on-screen under­neath your quest list.


Wowhead Flying Tool for WoW

The good news is that the achieve­ment is account-wide for the most part, mean­ing that you can com­plete the objec­tives towards this achieve­ment on dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters. The excep­tion to this is Secur­ing Draenor, for this you must do all of the quests on one char­ac­ter only.

Log­ging in this past week­end it was great to see every­one hard at it, work­ing through those quest­lines for the achieve­ment. Good luck, I look for­ward to see­ing you in the skies of Draenor very soon.

WoW Legion Image from Blizzard Website

These are excit­ing times for all World of War­craft fans, with the announce­ment of the lat­est World of War­craft expan­sion, Legion. The expan­sion was just announced at Gamescom 2015 and since then Bliz­zard has released a raft of infor­ma­tion which includes the key fea­tures and nec­es­sary lore to enable all fans can get up to speed before jump­ing into the action.

Legion will be set on The Bro­ken Isles, which is a new and expan­sive con­ti­nent com­pris­ing sev­eral small islands in the heart of Aze­roth: The Bro­ken Shore, Sura­mar, Stormhein, High­mount­ian, Val’sharan, and Azsuna. In War­craft lore, before the Great Sun­der­ing, the region that would become the Bro­ken Isles was a part of Ancient Kalim­dor . It was here that the ancient for­est of Val’sharah, home of Cenar­ius, was located, as well as the city of Sura­mar, home­town of Tyrande Whis­per­wind, Mal­fu­rion Storm­rage, and Ill­i­dan Stormrage.

The Broken Isles Map

In this new expan­sion, the mutual enemy of the Horde and the Alliance, the Burn­ing Legion, has returned. In order to com­bat the armies of the Legion invad­ing Aze­roth, both Alliance and Horde must secure mighty arti­facts and join forces with a new hero class, the Demon Hunter — an elven out­cast shunned for dar­ing to wield the ter­ri­ble pow­ers of the Legion. The objec­tive is to find the Pil­lars of Cre­ation which are the secret to Azeroth’s salvation.

Apart from the set­ting and the famil­iar addi­tion of new Dun­geons and Raid, World of War­craft Legion will also be bring­ing plenty of addi­tional con­tent into the game­play. The new fea­tures are sum­marised below:

  • New con­ti­nent: The Bro­ken Isles
  • New class: Demon Hunter (Tank and DPS available)
  • Arti­facts: cus­tomiz­able weapons that grow in power as you do
  • Class-specific Order Halls and followers
  • All New Dun­geons and Raids
  • New World Bosses
  • Level cap raised to 110
  • Re-vamped PvP pro­gres­sion system
  • Improved trans­mo­gri­fi­ca­tion system
  • Improved social features
  • Char­ac­ter Boost — imme­di­ately raise one char­ac­ter to level 100

You can sign up now to opt in for Beta test­ing later this year. All you have to do is log in to your Battle.net account, go to Beta Pro­file Set­tings and check the War­craft option, mak­ing sure you click Update Pref­er­ences to save your choice. You will then be eli­gi­ble to be ran­domly selected for a Legion beta invi­ta­tion once the test­ing process begins.

I hope you are look­ing for­ward to see­ing what Legion has to offer as much as I am.  For more infor­ma­tion on the lat­est expan­sion and more details about the new Demon Hunter class, new arti­facts and expan­sion lore you can visit Bliz­zards ded­i­cated Legion site at www.battle.net/wow/en/legion.


First I wanted to say sorry I haven’t posted more, with life, school, work, Des­tiny, Shad­ows of Mor­dor, Forza Hori­zon 2, and Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS has taken all of my free time. I will how­ever, try to take the time more often to post, and start­ing with that here are a cou­ple of videos I put together to show some of the goofy things we have been up to in the world of Des­tiny. My thoughts on Des­tiny are split, the story is a inco­her­ent mess, the loot sys­tem is all based on chance, the voice act­ing is hit or miss (mostly misses); but the game play keeps me com­ing back almost every­day. Enjoy the videos and will be back shortly with another post.



The servers are up, the game is wait­ing in store rooms around the coun­try in antic­i­pa­tion for the mid­night release, and the forums (Bungie.net and oth­ers) are fill­ing with excite­ment. Des­tiny launches at mid­night (though some ter­ri­to­ries already have it due to it being the 9th already, curse you Aussies and Kiwi) and the hype machine has hit max­i­mum over­load. This hybrid MMO/FPS/RPG/Kitchen sink, will be the first non-Halo title to come from Bungie since 2001 title Oni. Bungie fin­ished off their side of the Halo fran­chise with Halo: Reach (released in 2010), pass­ing the Halo torch to 343 Indus­tries. Since the depar­ture of Halo, Bungie has been focused with deliv­er­ing a new IP. I, per­son­ally, have not been this hyped for a game since Halo 3 (coin­ci­den­tally another Bungie title). I played the post E3 Alpha, and then in late July, played the Beta on three dif­fer­ent plat­forms (PS4, PS3, Xbox One), and even though much of the con­tent between those tri­als was the same, I could not be more hyped for this game. If you have not yet caught the Des­tiny bug, then I have sev­eral pieces of media, that will try its hard­est to entice you.


First up is three tracks from the beta, that I am more than cer­tain are in the final game. Just a note an offi­cial sound­track has not been released yet, but I am hop­ing that will change very shortly, since the sound­track is eas­ily becom­ing my favorite of the year. The sound­track was com­posed by Bungie’s res­i­dent crafts­men, Mar­tin O’Donnel (who unfor­tu­nately is no longer with Bungie) Michael Sal­va­tori, and spe­cial guest Sir Paul McCart­ney. The sound­track is robust, dynamic, and full of con­trast. Tak­ing the tribal drums, epic cho­ruses, rock, and elec­tronic ele­ments from Halo; they have crafted some­thing that feels fresh yet famil­iar. Below are three of my favorite tracks from the beta, I had a list of them to choose from, but these three stand above the crowd. Enjoy!


1. The Last Array

2. Deac­ti­vat­ing the Mesh

3. Sepiks Prime




Last, but not least, are two trail­ers. The first is the live action trailer that was directed by the helm of Tron Legacy, Joseph Kosin­ski. The trailer is all fun and fluff, try­ing to get the gen­eral pub­lic inter­ested and it does a fair job. The sec­ond trailer is the Game­play Launch trailer and does a much bet­ter job of hyp­ing the game. Enjoy!




For any­one that played the Alpha this is for you.….



I can’t wait to see every­one starside!


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