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Our pod­cast is back after a long hia­tus, we are sorry for that. Real life can some­times hin­der our sched­ules is unpre­dictable ways. Brad (the­sound­man) and I are talk­ing about what we want from the next round of con­soles, and what we would like to see dis­ap­pear as well. We will be doing a series of these, with var­i­ous peo­ple, tak­ing about what we liked and dis­liked about the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion we are leav­ing  behind. Enjoy.


Intro Music — “Mas­ter D is for Dance (Rise of the Alba­tross)” by Gario from Bionic Com­mando Remixed — Ok, Let’s Grove (Over­Clocked Remix)


Well the New Year is well under­way and thought I would cel­e­brate it with two tracks off of one of my favorite albums of last year, The Great­est Video Game Music vol. 2 (that is includ­ing any main­stream music as well). The ren­di­tions Andrew Skeet put together are fan­tas­tic; and 8 bit music turned full orches­tra is just the bee’s knees. I picked two dif­fer­ent tracks from the album that were in games I have never fea­tured before, Assas­sins Creed and Super Metroid. One is very majes­tic and fit­ting for its time period the other is dark and grim and con­verted 16 bit audio. Let us ring in the New Year with a Renais­sance assas­sin and bounty hunter out to kick some space pirate booty.



Assas­sins Creed: Rev­e­la­tions – Main Theme – Lorne Balfe

This title track for the lat­est unnum­bered Assas­sin Creed entry was not done by series com­poser Jes­per Kyd, but Lorne Balfe who com­posed the score for the cur­rent entry in the series Assas­sins Creed 3. This is a beau­ti­ful track. The series has always had a beau­ti­ful score that made the cru­sades or renais­sance Italy feel beau­ti­ful despite the tem­plar cor­rup­tion. (0:10) A somber female vocal­ist car­ries the melody through­out most of the track. At (1:36) the main beat comes in feel­ing a bit on the elec­tronic side. (3:13) the female vocal­ist is replaced by del­i­cate strings lead­ing up to (3:51) where the track takes an epic turn. At that point you can just set back close your eyes and imag­ine a sun drenched Con­stan­tino­ple. The song is nei­ther too sub­tle nor over­bear­ing to make its point.


Super Metroid: A Sym­phonic Poem – Kenji Yamamoto & Minako Hamano

Metroid is one of my favorite Nin­tendo series. There was always a sense of explo­ration, dark­ness, and mys­tery lurk­ing around every cor­ner. Super Metroid to this date still holds up incred­i­bly well, if you can’t find a copy there is the Wii Vir­tual Con­sole where you can snag a copy for a mere $7. This track is an ode to the great themes found on space sta­tion hold­ing the Metroid lar­vae and the planet Zebes. (0:04) the brass pull in the main theme that will be picked up later and cre­ates a grand entrance for the track. At (0:29) the clas­sic tune from the title sequence starts. At (1:27) the swirling on the drum brings a sense of dread that leads up to (3:50) the reas­sur­ing theme of Samus. Finally at (4:18) the main theme from the start of the track is ush­ered back in for a grandioso finale. This track made me pur­chase the game on the Vir­tual Con­sole just in case my orig­i­nal SNES copy ever bums out. Enjoy and Happy New Year!


Sorry to every­one that we have been away, real jobs get in the way of updat­ing the site. Brad was recently pro­moted and I am a man­ager at a retail chain so this time of year can be hec­tic but I will do my best to sched­ule weekly arti­cles and we will have more con­tests on the way. Now, let’s get back to busi­ness! This week on Gam­ing in Stereo we are going to lis­ten to some of the fan­tas­tic sound­track to one of my absolute favorite games of the year, Bor­der­lands 2. Now, I have yet to fin­ish the game. Yes, I know it has been out for quite some time now, but I am play­ing two char­ac­ters simul­ta­ne­ously (I have Maya the siren and Axton the com­mando and are lev­eled well into the 20’s) and try­ing to see all of what Bor­der­lands 2 has to offer. Now on to the music!

Inter­lude Com­bat – Jes­per Kyd

I have always thought of Bor­der­lands as a crasser, more vio­lent take on Fire­fly. Feel­ing that west­ern, sci-fi tone, this song fit right in with my thoughts. Jes­per Kyd has done numer­ous Video Game sound­tracks from Free­dom Fight­ers to the Hit­man series, and the Assas­sins Creed series. His most recent work was on Dark­siders 2, which I do want to fea­ture on here. Inter­lude Com­bat feels like it could be dubbed into an episode of Fire­fly and would fit right in.


Pan­dora Park – Jes­per Kyd

While finally mak­ing it to the Wildlife Exploita­tion Reserve, Joe and I real­ized how awe­some the sound­track really is. The bass fall the starts at 0:39seconds in and is a con­tin­u­ing theme through­out the track is and is an awe­some hook in such an action ori­ented mis­sion. Hav­ing to tra­verse this area for a side mis­sion was a real treat just to hear this track over and over.


Ban­dit Slaugh­ter – Rai­son Varner

This elec­tron­ica track from the Fink’s Slaugh­ter House was a great com­pi­la­tion to the mass chaos that ensues dur­ing the horde like mis­sion. It imme­di­ately reminded me of the night clubs in Mass Effect, only with no Asari dancers; which is dis­ap­point­ing. I hope every­one enjoys the look at Bor­der­land 2’s incred­i­ble sound­track. Now get out to Pan­dora and loot, loot, loot.


P.S. Don’t for get to say hi to Mushy Snug­glebites and Feli­cia Sexopants.

After a long hia­tus do to work relate rea­sons, I am finally bring­ing back our music arti­cle, Gam­ing in Stereo. The for­mat is chang­ing just a lit­tle. It will be posted one day a week, still haven’t decided which one, and it will focus on two songs. Other than these minor changes the for­mat will remain the same. This week we take a look at 2 songs both theme songs for games and are catchy pop songs from their respected countries.


B’z – Into Free –Dan­gan– This was the main title theme from Dragon’s Dogma. I had the plea­sure of lis­ten­ing to over and over again while I down­loaded the Res­i­dent Evil 6 demo. It’s insanely catchy tune and is avail­able on iTunes, where I pur­chased it from. The song is by Japan­ese rock leg­ends B’z, and the song was their 24th sin­gle; the song was orig­i­nally released back in 1998. The song was rere­corded in Eng­lish in 2012. The song is only 69 cents and I keep lis­ten­ing to it on the way to and from work. It has that late 80’s hair band feel to it with a mod­ern twist, but what is even more sur­pris­ing is this was a title track for an open world medieval fan­tasy action RPG; and that is why Japan is so cool. Enjoy



 Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive – Back in 2008, one of my favorite games if not my favorite game of this gen­er­a­tion hit shelves, Mirror’s Edge. It’s unique take on the FPS genre and clean, cre­ative esthet­ics and a lead female pro­tag­o­nist that was not over sex­u­al­ized. I have a tra­di­tion to at least play through the game once a year and some­times I do it mul­ti­ple times. Devel­oped by DICE, who is based in Swe­den, brought in Swedish pop star Lisa Miskovsky and what we got is an awe­some song that has small hints from the actual sound­track. Hope­fully every­one enjoys the return of the arti­cle, it will return every week!






I was extremely excited when I found this sound­track avail­able as a free down­load. Geom­e­try Wars Retro Evolved 2 is by far my favorite XBLA game of all time. I use it as a morn­ing rou­tine, when I am up early enough, to get the brain cogs turn­ing. I also use it as a great unwind­ing tool, when you have a rough day, noth­ing like some great techno pul­sat­ing to twin stick per­fec­tion. Geom­e­try Wars Retro Evolved 2 – Megamix by audioan­tics is every track in the game fused together to cre­ate 13 min­utes of bliss. Audioan­tics did sev­eral games includ­ing Geom­e­try Wars, PGR3, PGR4, The Club, and Blur. It’s a shame we may never get a sequel since Biz­zare Cre­ations was shut down after Blur’s poor retail per­for­mance, I bought it just so you know.


Today’s tune is a free down­load, I have pro­vided the link below. Enjoy!



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