March 22, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Hidden Gem Thursday





I apologize that this is getting up a bit later than usual, but I am making up for it. Today’s song highlights one of the hidden gems from the previous console generation, Beyond Good & Evil. Michel Ancel action/adventure game was a masterpiece that did not sell well upon release but has since had a HD release and Ubisoft has already green lit a sequel. The game is worth your time and money on whatever platform you choose and so is time on this remix. Frame of Mind by Aurora, SGX, and destructo is wonderful and full of great beats and vocals. So please, check out BG&E and give this great remix a listen, the song alone may sway you.



March 21, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Jade Empire Wednesday


With all of the turmoil that Bioware has been facing with the less than stellar ending to Mass Effect 3, I thought we could sit back and remember a great franchise Bioware started and never really did much with outside of its Xbox and PC release, this game being Jade Empire. Jade Empire kept the same Bioware formula that is trite and true, but in a very unique world that would never be replicated. Jade Empire Global Empire by Big Giant Circles, Sole Signal, and Tweek is a combination of Jade Empire and a Genesis game called Global Gladiators. The track is very interesting and even though it is quite long, never seems to lose your attention. Now I must go hunt down my copy of Jade Empire and relive a great action RPG that time has lost.



March 20, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Melodic Mario Kart Tuesday





I am going to take a 180 degree turnaround with today’s post. I have been featuring some very heavy and epic pieces lately. Today we are going to relax in the warm glowing sun of Koopa Beach and sip on frozen drinks while Mario and the crew race about in their tiny karts. Super Mario Kart ‘Koopa Nova’ by diotrans reminds us that even the most epic sword swinging, blaster wielding, grenade chucking, Hadoken throwing gamer needs some R&R. Take time today to sit back and enjoy the sweet beach sweeping melodies and when you’re done with that banana, don’t forget to throw it out the peel on to the beach, Bowser must not place (we don’t condone littering).



March 19, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Mega Man X Monday






What a great way to start the week than with one of my favorite game franchises of all time! Mega Man X was one of, if not the best games to come out of the SNES era, just my opinion though. OverClocked Remix just released a new album based solely on the music from the Mega Man X franchise, 1-7. Today’s track is off this collection entitled Towering Revolution (MMX – Boomer Kuwanger stage) by Washudoll. Climbing the Robot Masters tower to this track was one of the most thrilling experiences I had during the 16-bit days. Enjoy the first song off of Mega Man X: Maverick Rising and don’t forget to use Homing Torpedo when you reach Boomer.



March 15, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Make up Thursday


Yesterday we focused on one of my favorite characters in the Mass Effect universe, Garrus. Today we will visit another favorite character, Mordin. Though only in the later two games, Mordin proved to be a valuable and comedic asset. The fast talking Salarian has grown to be one of my favorites and today we will celebrate him with Mordin by Jack Wall off of the Mass Effect 2: Official Soundtrack. I hope you enjoy Mordin’s theme and always have him as part of your Mass Effect team.

March 14, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Make Up Wednesday




Today is going to be a little short just due to the part time job getting in the way of the site work and trying hard to put together a good Mass Effect 3 review. Today’s track focuses on one of my favorite characters from the series, Garrus. A true friend to the end, he has been through the thick and thin with Shepard and always has a witty punch line to throw in. Enjoy Garrus by Jack Wall off the Mass Effect 2: Official Soundtrack. Tomorrow we will focus on another character from this universe I hold dear.

March 13, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Make Up Day 2


I am still trying to make up for last week and I have now finished the third installment of the Mass Effect Trilogy and won’t give anything away here because this is not the place or time to do so. But we do continue with the fantastic score of this series and how my want for more of today’s music to sound more like this and not like we digressed 30 years. Moving on to today’s music, The Citadel by Jack Wall off of the Mass Effect Official Soundtrack, reminds us of the awe that we were struck with when we first laid eyes on that massive structure. The Citadel is one of my favorite settings in all of gaming and would be content with a whole Mass Effect game talking place on the Citadel as a member of C-Sec . Enjoy the music as I start to write my review on one of 2012 early contenders for GOTY.


March 12, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Make up Monday


I apologize for the short week last week, technical difficulties kept me from posting last week. I am however, making up this week with another week of music from the Mass Effect series. While are review for the game is still a work in progress due to my ADD of having to finish all side missions, never leave a side mission behind! But I can tell you if you have yet to play the game it is by far and wide one of the most engrossing and heart wrenching games I have ever played. Today’s track is New Worlds from the Mass Effect 2 Official Soundtrack. This is the music that plays during the galaxy map and I have heard this song quite a bit over the weekend, but I enjoy the somber tune. So enjoy where we left off last week.


March 6, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Mass Effect Week Day 2


Welcome to the second day of celebrating nothing but Mass Effect! I will warn you now, if you have not played Mass Effect 2 my description of today’s song may contain SPOILERS, you have been warned. On the day that Mass Effect 3 is handed out to the masses Gaming in Stereo brings you The Normandy Reborn by Jack Wall coming straight from the Mass Effect 2: Official Soundtrack. To see the newly constructed Normandy in all its glory is awe inspiring. After the watching the horrific destruction of the original Normandy, it was only proper to bring that beautiful ship with the respect it deserves. It gave me that same feel you got when setting eyes on the starship Enterprise for the first time. Enjoy Mass Effect 3’s launch day and hope to see you in the fantastic multiplayer. TAKE EARTH BACK!


March 5, 2012

Gaming in Stereo: Mass Effect Week Day 1


This week on Gaming in Stereo, we are featuring nothing but music from the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect and its sequel have amazing compositions that are stuck between grandiose orchestras and pulsing techno. Jack Wall is responsible for most of the music is the series alongside Sam Hulick. Kicking off the week of Mass Effect will be Mass Effect Theme from the Mass Effect: Official Soundtrack. I felt it was necessary to start were everything began. I hope you are all excited for the return of Shepard and the fight for humanity as much as we are. So get ready for a week of epic music and to tell the Reapers where to go, happy Mass Effect Monday everyone.



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