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Late yes­ter­day, Dou­ble Helix, the stu­dio behind the Killer Instinct Revival on the Xbox One, was pur­chased by Ama­zon. The online retail giant has been in the rumor mill as of late, with rumors spec­u­lat­ing a pos­si­ble android based con­sole or becom­ing a pub­lisher. This is not the first games stu­dio that Ama­zon has pur­chased. In 2008, the retailer bought Reflex­ive Enter­tain­ment. Dou­ble Helix has a rather sta­ble, if not unre­mark­able, resume. Dou­ble Helix was formed by the merg­ing of Shiny Enter­tain­ment and The Col­lec­tive. They recently have had suc­cess with the revival of the Rare fight­ing fran­chise, Killer Instinct, and were picked by Cap­com to revive the Strider fran­chise. Pre­vi­ously they had two titles in estab­lished fran­chises that were mildly received, Front Mis­sion Evolved and Silent Hill: Home­com­ing. Out­side of those titles they have had a string of movie tie-in titles that were poorly received. Microsoft has responded to Games Indus­try Inter­na­tional about the trans­ac­tion say­ing ““We want all of our loyal fans to know that the Killer Instinct team at Microsoft is not chang­ing and that the fran­chise will remain with Microsoft Stu­dios. We remain ded­i­cated to deliv­er­ing a great expe­ri­ence and plan to announce our new devel­op­ment part­ner soon. We’re excited about the future of this pop­u­lar franchise.” It will be inter­est­ing to see what comes of this, if any rumors come to light. The Strider reboot that Dou­ble Helix is putting the fin­ish­ing touches on, will be down­load­able, which will be avail­able on Feb­ru­ary 18th and 19th, 2014. The title will be avail­able for the PlaySta­tion 4, PlaySta­tion 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The title will run you $14.99.


Are you bored with the hol­i­day shop­ping? Do you wish for some­thing to hold your inter­est while you duck, dive, and dip through the hol­i­day crowds? 2K games and Gear­box Soft­ware have you cov­ered. This past week they released the Loot the World app, which is avail­able on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app is free and will have you grab­bing loot for your char­ac­ters in Bor­der­lands 2. The app syncs with the email you used for the Shift pro­file and will trans­fer loot to you in game. How do you get this won­der­ful loot you say, sim­ply by scan­ning QR codes. Those won­der­ful lit­tle black and white pix­e­lated gems are your keys to get­ting weapons, shields, and a hand­ful of other good­ies. The inter­face is quite sim­ple with 4 tabs at the bot­tom, one being your inven­tory which can hold up to 20 items. Once you have snagged some­thing you want, you spend stamps to send it to your char­ac­ter in Bor­der­lands 2. There are plenty of ways to get stamps either by QR codes on prod­ucts or through Randy Pitchford’s Twit­ter peri­od­i­cally. I went around Tar­get with my fiancee the other day and was scan­ning QR codes while she shopped, I got to play a game, she got to do Christ­mas shop­ping; a win for both. You can check out the few screens of the app below I took with my phone, and it is avail­able for free in both the App Store and Google Play, unfor­tu­nately it is not avail­able for Win­dows Phone.



This week has just been a splen­did week for video game music as we saw the release and Gam­ing in Stereo fea­tured sound­track to Bat­man Arkham Ori­gins yes­ter­day, and today the release of Bionic Com­mando ReMixed: OK We’ll Groove! Well to be hon­est, the lat­est from Over­Clocked ReMix hit yes­ter­day, I was just so busy I didn’t have a chance to give it a proper lis­ten. Now that I have the album set to repeat I must say, it is one of their finer efforts. There is a vari­ety of music genre’s that can be found on the album, every­thing from dub­step (the wub wubs), trance, to syn­thetic orches­tra, jazz, and rock. They some­how mesh very well and some even fea­ture some of the orig­i­nal chip tunes from the NES title. All the tracks despite polar gen­res, all have a great energy to them. One thing I love about Cap­com, even cur­rent Cap­com, is their high energy music out­put. I love the elec­tronic mixes we see in Street Fighter, Mar­vel vs. Cap­com, and the inter­est­ing music we saw from some of their down­load­able titles such as Mega Man 9 & 10 and Bionic Com­mando: Rearmed. I unfor­tu­nately was late to the party with Bionic Com­mando, my first time with the title was in 2008 with Bionic Com­mando Rearmed. I loved Rearmed, and if fact, just played through it again not too long ago. Bionic Com­mando ReMixed: OK We’ll Groove is avail­able for your lis­ten­ing plea­sure and as a free down­load over at Over­Clocked ReMix. Down below is the offi­cial trailer for the album and one of my favorite tracks from the album. Have a lis­ten and down­load the album and sup­port this great com­mu­nity of tal­ented artist.


Mas­ter “D” is for Dance (Rise of the Alba­tross) — Gario

I love the high energy and the stac­cato stops. No your speak­ers are not bro­ken, just a great effect used well, effectively.



What a week­end, that cul­mi­nated into a very sad day yes­ter­day. Per­son­ally I have had a very rough week­end and start to the week, but I still want to sit here and write about games and dis­cuss games, because games and the games indus­try make me happy. I am going to link a cou­ple of arti­cles that I feel are impor­tant that I have found around the web, while I went to and from the hos­pi­tal this week­end. Here we go!


Games Indus­try Inter­na­tional — This arti­cle was just posted today, but I still find it very impor­tant, though I have not had ample time to mull over the sub­ject. The arti­cle is on the decline of mobile gam­ing and devs find­ing it eas­ier and more cost effec­tive to head to PC’s and con­soles, now that they are offer­ing self pub­lish­ing. The other thing I find inter­est­ing is a few years ago, every­one was on the mobile band­wagon, and that your iPhone was going to replace your portable and con­sole gam­ing. I remem­ber Rovio, the devel­oper behind Angry Birds, say­ing mobile will rule the mar­ket and that Angry Birds is bet­ter than some AAA titles, or some­thing along those lines. Please don’t quote me, I am para­phras­ing from mem­ory. Any­way, the mobile space is now in decline, with devs jump­ing ship, and 3DS sales are very strong and has a great library mak­ing it very com­pet­i­tive. Check it out, let me know how you feel about the mobile segment.


Game Trail­ers– Annoyed Gamer — Mar­cus Beer is either loved or despised, but he brings up plenty of good points. Per­son­ally, I like the guy and we need more peo­ple to ques­tion the indus­try we work in. His lat­est rant is on the sub­ject of Grand Theft Auto V, not the game but on mature rated games get­ting into the hands of kids. Mar­cus can be a bit brash, but he has a very good point. Enjoy and hope­fully it pro­vokes your thoughts.




I was absent yes­ter­day try­ing to get through Grand Theft Auto V in a effort to fin­ish the story in a timely manor for review, but there was some large moves in the indus­try in the past two days. EA has finally appointed a new CEO after John Ric­c­i­tiello who resigned in March of the this year, and that new CEO is the exec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent of EA Sports, Andrew Wil­son. There were sev­eral can­di­dates in the run­ning for this posi­tion includ­ing the for­mer Xbox head and now EA COO, Peter Moore, and EA’s Labels pres­i­dent Frank Gibeau. It will be inter­est­ing to see if there is any bad blood between Wil­son, Gibeau, and Moore now that the share­hold­ers have spo­ken. I am curi­ous on sev­eral of EA’s next gen launch titles. I an anx­ious to see how Bat­tle­field 4 han­dles the new hard­ware and if their sports titles will be more advanced and bet­ter pack­ages than what we are get­ting on the cur­rent gen. I was sorely dis­ap­pointed with Mad­den 25 on the cur­rent gen, with this year feel­ing more like a rehash from last year, even more so than pre­vi­ous entries. We will know when the new hard­ware launches in less than 2 months.


The house that Sonic built has built the house that Per­sona built. Sega announced this week it has pur­chased Atlus for $140 mil­lion. Sega has really been chang­ing itself over the past cou­ple of years for the bet­ter, start­ing with Sonic Gen­er­a­tions and All-Stars Rac­ing Trans­formed, and they picked up Relic Enter­tain­ment dur­ing the THQ fire sale. Sega has just recently released the well received Total War: Rome II and Com­pany of Heroes 2, with the great look­ing Sonic: Lost World com­ing to the Wii U and 3DS in just over a month. Atlus is known as the niche game sav­ior with the Shin Megami Ten­sei and Per­sona series. it will be inter­est­ing to see how Sega’s new acqui­si­tions play out for them as the pub­lisher returns to form.


Who says crime doesn’t pay? We in all actu­al­ity it doesn’t but Grand Theft Auto V cleared a huge $800 mil­lion mark in the first 24 hours. Games Indus­try Inter­na­tional is report­ing that this is a first for Rock­star and their par­ent com­pany Take– Two Inter­ac­tive. Halo 4 reached $200 Mil­lion in 24 hours last year, and Black Ops II did some­where around $500 Mil­lion, mak­ing GTA V the top grosser. The esti­mated cost of devel­op­ment was bor­der­ing $270 mil­lion, that is sum­mer movie ter­ri­tory. I am sev­eral hours into the game and have spent ample time mess­ing around in the world and the tech­nol­ogy that went into the game is extremely impres­sive. The way they were able to get this game run­ning on the extremely aging con­soles is beyond me, and they should be com­mended for that alone. The game was released on Sep­tem­ber 17th.


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