November 18, 2013

Gamerchat is back, discussing what we want from Next Gen.




Our podcast is back after a long hiatus, we are sorry for that. Real life can sometimes hinder our schedules is unpredictable ways. Brad (thesoundman) and I are talking about what we want from the next round of consoles, and what we would like to see disappear as well. We will be doing a series of these, with various people, taking about what we liked and disliked about the previous generation we are leaving  behind. Enjoy.


Intro Music – “Master D is for Dance (Rise of the Albatross)” by Gario from Bionic Commando Remixed – Ok, Let’s Grove (OverClocked Remix)

November 6, 2013

New Vita Update Prepares for Impending Launch


If you have downloaded the new system update for the PlayStation Vita you will notice that there are some new features, including one for the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 4. If you check out the picture above of my home screen (yes that is Fall of Cybertron artwork as my wallpaper), you will notice there is a new app, the PS4 Link. Tab the bubble and you will be taken to a screen that has the options of Remote Play and Second Screen. Second Screen will be used for titles that have the ability to display information on a second screen like a tablet or smart phone. What titles and how they will use this has yet to be determined, hopefully DICE makes a Battlefield 4 commander app for the Vita. Remote Play works similar to how remote play with the PS3 works, the benefit of the PS4 however, is that most games (outside of utilizing peripherals like the camera) will be supported. The feature works best if you have the PS4 connected with an Ethernet cable and the Vita is on the same Wi-Fi the PS4 is connected to. There are other features to be excited for as well. The content manager can now access your PS3 via Wi-Fi, so you no longer have to hard wire your Vita to transfer data back and forth. There is a new panorama feature to the camera that lets you take 360 degree photos, and new parental controls were added as well. One last feature I want to hit upon is the new update to the friends app, that lets you sort, add, and accept friend request with ease. For more of the features and descriptions head over to the official PlayStation Blog or check out the video below. I am excited to see the PS4 application in action, only just over a week and the PlayStation 4 will be on store shelves. The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15th.

October 31, 2013

Free With Your Subscription: November Edition


I have been sitting here now for 15 minutes debating on whether or not to write this article. It is not that the games are bad that you get with your subscriptions to wither PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. There is just a lopsided value and I didn’t want to seem biased. Microsoft announced Games with Gold back at E3 and have had a decent flow of games, two per month, featuring both Arcade games and Games on Demand. Sony, on the other hand, have featured the Instant Game Collection for over a year and has proven to be an incredible value. This month shows that value in a line up that spans 3 consoles including the new PlayStation 4. On Microsoft’s side, well, you get a demo of Kinect Sports Rivals…..yea. Though I must congratulate Microsoft for putting Halo 3 out there for free, I have had an incredible time reliving the multiplayer and the influx of the community returning is fantastic. I still feel Halo 3 is the best multiplayer FPS available on the 360, just my opinion. Lets take a look at what you will be getting with your subscriptions next month.


Games with Gold – You get two games this coming month, and while both games are decent, the lineup is kind of lackluster. Typically they pair an Arcade game with a Games on Demand title, this month we are getting two arcade games. I am not complaining because they are free games that I getting with a subscription that I pay for anyways, but compared to their competition, this is pretty paltry. Here are the games you can get and when they will be available

A World of Keflings – November 1st-15th

Iron Brigade (The game formally known as Trenched) – November 16th – 30th

Like I stated both games are worth a look, I have both and enjoy them. Iron Brigade is the stronger of the two and the co-op is a blast. If you are going to download Iron Brigade, spend the couple bucks and grab the Rise of the Martian Bear DLC. Enjoy the games!


PlayStation Plus – I just went out and purchased a 3 month membership just so I can grab these games and the PlayStation 4 ones when they go live. This month PlayStation Plus is more than stepping up to plate to deliver goods all on fronts for the Vita, PlayStation 3, and the new PlayStation 4. There is so much to love here, there is over $150 in games that you can download next month on your Sony platforms, lets take a look.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3)

Ibb & Obb (PS3)

Binary Domain (PS3)

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath (PS Vita)

Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita)

Resogun (PS4)



That is quite a list and could have your November taken over despite new releases. I have been wanting to boot up my Vita again and now I have to make room on my memory cards for some great stuff. I played Strangers Wrath when it was originally released and would love to have it on the go, and I checked out Soul Sacrifice when it was released and had a good time with the dark RPG. Resogun is being brought to you by Housemarque, the same people that put together Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation, two of my favorite twin stick games on the PS3. I urge everyone to take  the time and download the game on your new, shiny PS4. As always what you get on certain weeks will be up over at the Official PlayStation blog, but all these games are just a download away with your PlayStation Plus subscription.

October 23, 2013

Bionic Commando Rearming the Remix


This week has just been a splendid week for video game music as we saw the release and Gaming in Stereo featured soundtrack to Batman Arkham Origins yesterday, and today the release of Bionic Commando ReMixed: OK We’ll Groove! Well to be honest, the latest from OverClocked ReMix hit yesterday, I was just so busy I didn’t have a chance to give it a proper listen. Now that I have the album set to repeat I must say, it is one of their finer efforts. There is a variety of music genre’s that can be found on the album, everything from dubstep (the wub wubs), trance, to synthetic orchestra, jazz, and rock. They somehow mesh very well and some even feature some of the original chip tunes from the NES title. All the tracks despite polar genres, all have a great energy to them. One thing I love about Capcom, even current Capcom, is their high energy music output. I love the electronic mixes we see in Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, and the interesting music we saw from some of their downloadable titles such as Mega Man 9 & 10 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed. I unfortunately was late to the party with Bionic Commando, my first time with the title was in 2008 with Bionic Commando Rearmed. I loved Rearmed, and if fact, just played through it again not too long ago. Bionic Commando ReMixed: OK We’ll Groove is available for your listening pleasure and as a free download over at OverClocked ReMix. Down below is the official trailer for the album and one of my favorite tracks from the album. Have a listen and download the album and support this great community of talented artist.


Master “D” is for Dance (Rise of the Albatross) – Gario

I love the high energy and the staccato stops. No your speakers are not broken, just a great effect used well, effectively.



October 22, 2013

Gaming in Stereo: The Dark Knight Rises


This Friday sees the release of Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel to Arkham series developed by Rocksteady. Arkham Origins takes place roughly 5 years before Arkham Asylum and puts the Dark Knight in first contact with many of his rogue’s gallery that we know of today. The game takes place during the Christmas holiday, and as a blanket of snow covers Gotham, Black Mask issues a death warrant on the caped crusader. The game not only received a new development team, WB Montreal, but a new composer as well. Christopher Drake took the musical reigns from Ron Fish and Nick Arundel, and created something that sounds both familiar to both fans of the Arkham franchise and the recently wrapped Nolan trilogy. Though Drake has scored Batman media before ( Batman: the Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Under the Red Hood, and Batman/Superman: Public Enemies), I was hesitant, just as I was with the new voice cast, until I heard the final product. The final product maybe one of the best Batman soundtracks to date, to no discredit of any previous soundtracks. The soundtrack is well put together with sweeping stings, racing electronic beats, deep brass, exploding percussion, and even some well know Christmas jingles make cameos. Let us dive into the defining soundtrack of Batman: Arkham Origins.




Arkham Origins Main Title – Christopher Drake

This is the main theme for Arkham Origins. The beginning of the this track is very reminiscent of Hans Zimmer score from the Dark Knight trilogy. Starting at the (0:11) mark we get that same electronic beat, explosive percussion, and deep brass sound. At (0:33) the track makes its own impression with a sweeping strings and a proud lower brass sound at (0:53). At the (1:26) mark, the track kicks the tempo up again including a chorus this time. This track feels like we are watching Bruce in a flashback of the events leading him to become the hero he will be. The main theme seems to hold the same character building we will see from the story, and we couldn’t have asked for a more grandiose entrance.


Assassins – Christopher Drake

Now I have not played the game yet, but from the title I am guessing this the main theme for villains Black Mask has assembled to hunt down the Batman, and it could not be more epic. Starting with racing strings and a deafening bass hit, it goes directly into a low key piano romp at (0:09), the track doesn’t let up. I love the use of the brass, especially towards the (0:30) mark with the staccato notes followed by the whaling note. The track is as epic as the villain cast charged with hunting down the Dark Knight, enjoy!


Arkham Origins Suite – Christopher Drake

There are a lot of familiar sounds from the previous tracks but there are hints at other tracks, including the very spine chilling Joker theme, which is a twisted version of Carol of the Bells. Nothing like hearing the Joker’s cackle over a Christmas jingle. Enjoy the culmination of the Arkham Origins soundtrack.

October 18, 2013

Second Next-Gen Title, Drive Club, Pushed to 2014


Confirmed today by Sony’s own Shuhei Yoshida (head of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment) via the Official PlayStation Blog, Evolution Studio’s next gen title, Drive Club, will be pushed to 2014. Drive Club was the launch title coming from Evolution Studios, know mostly for the Motorstorm franchise that launched with in the “launch window” of the PlayStation 3. Motorstorm was a hit and spawned 2 sequels on the PS3 and two spin offs, one on the PSP, the other on the PS Vita. This delay hurts a bit more than Watch Dogs for Sony, as a version of Drive Club was going to be free on launch day as part of the Instant Games Collection that coincides with the PlayStation Plus membership program. There is good news to this push back though. Drive Club will still be offered when it hits the PlayStation 4 next year and there is a replacement game in the meantime, Contrast. Yoshida also gave info on a free Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer weekend on December 28th and 29th. Like I stated with Watch Dogs, I am all for delays if they bring a better product to market, I wish the films industry would have pushed some films back in hopes of better outcomes. Hopefully Evolution Studios puts the time to good use.

October 17, 2013

Arkham Origins New tv Spot and Soundtrack Preview Does Not Disappoint



Hot off the presses this morning is the newest trailer in the marketing machine for Batman: Arkham Origins, and it does not disappoint. The trailer clocks in at only 0:53, not even a full minute, but what we get from it is so much more. The trailer shows how the one traumatic event scars Bruce for life, leaving him emotionally dead. Though now a man with a purpose, I love how they show through the years and even through his training, he is broken; those emotionless eyes are haunting. This could be one of the most emotional trailers I have seen for any medium, reminds me of the Dead Island trailer from a few years back; you get goosebumps every time you watch it. One event, one random act of violence, one life voided of emotion, and that life changed for ever. I was on board with this title since the last trailer and seeing actual gameplay via E3. Though Rocksteady may not be doing the title, it will be using many of the mechanics and changes they made to the Unreal 3 engine. With Arkham Asylum and City, WB Games have created a franchise that has come to define action/open world games and superhero games in general, I highly doubt they would let that bar slip now. Again, below is the new TV spot for Batman Arkham Origins which is out on October 25th worldwide.





The next section talks about the soundtrack and some of the titles maybe potential spoilers, read with caution.

While I was looking for the trailer above, I came across a sampling of the soundtrack from Arkham Origins. Thanks to the people over at the YouTube channel BatmanArkhamVideos, they have taken the samples of the official soundtrack and strung them together into one huge preview. Overall I am very impressed with what I heard. I was hoping that we would get the return of Ron Fish and Nick Arundel from Arkham City to reprise their efforts, but instead they landed Christopher Drake in the composers chair. Drake has scored several other DC media, mainly animated features, with his most recent outing on the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns. The whole soundtrack interest me, but there are a couple of track in particular that interest me. The main theme (#1) and the end titles (#31) have reoccurring themes that I would like to see develop into something grand. Arkham City had an incredible main theme, here is hoping Origins can outshine it. Two other tracks that have caught my ear is is The Night Before Christmas (#2) and Carol of the Bells (Joker’s Theme) (#12). I love the chimes and sleigh bells in (#2) giving it a eerie feel reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Carol to the Bells is a traditional Christmas Carol, that is turned on its head and been given a nice, big smile. The bells and distorted guitar bring a haunting and evil presence to something that is suppose to be filled with joy, I love it. There is a lot to love from this soundtrack, and if you want to hear more of the these tracks, there is another preview over at Water Tower Music’s SoundCloud page.


October 15, 2013

Watch Dogs Delayed Until 2014


One of my most anticipated titles of the year has been put on hiatus for just a couple more months. Ubisoft announced to day that the open world title will be pushed back until spring 2014.  Here is the official statement from the Ubisoft press release :

“Our ambition from the start with Watch_Dogs has been to deliver something that embodies what we wanted to see in the next-generation of gaming. It is with this in mind that we’ve made the tough decision to delay the release until Spring 2014.

We know a lot of you are probably wondering ‘why now?’ We struggled with whether we would delay the game. But from the beginning, we have adopted the attitude that we will not compromise on quality. As we got closer to release, as all the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear to us that we needed to take the extra time to polish and fine tune every detail so we can deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you. We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the way you respond on the web, at events, press conferences and during other opportunities we have to interact. Your passion is what drives us.

We can’t wait to see you in Chicago next Spring. We are confident you’ll love this game as much as we love working on it.”


Now I am all for delays if they make the overall quality of a title better, this seems a little late coming, since the title was suppose to release in a month. Now comes the question of what retailers will do with the pre-orders they have already taken. The game was suppose to release along side the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as a launch title, and may retailers were offering bundles that included the game. It will be interesting to see if the extra time does improve the game, or if this is just marketing talking since Ubisoft has another big open world release this fall with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag that is still on track for a late October release and launching along side the next gen consoles.

October 9, 2013

Obliteration comes to the Battlefield 4 Beta


Winding down into its final week, DICE has upped the mode count to three today by adding in Obliteration. Obliteration is now available on all platforms hosting the beta. The new mode is a 24 players on current gen and 32 players on PC and next gen. The two sides battle over a bomb that spawns in a random location and must take it to one of three objectives. Once there, you arm and protect the package. After the detonation, the process starts over. This sounds like it could be a blast, and reminds me of a Halo like game type. I played nothing but objective based games in Halo, for Battlefield on the consoles it has always been about Rush. Obliteration will take place on the Siege of Shanghai map that is currently available. I am off to go try the mode out for myself. I have been playing the beta since the 1st, and have enjoyed myself despite the map being a little too large for just 24 people; it feels a bit empty from time to time. Enjoy the public beta, it ends next Tuesday, October 15th.

October 6, 2013

Watchdogs pc requirements leaked

This information has appeared to of been pulled but not before we caught it.  Watchdogs (PC) will apparently only support the 64 bit version of windows.  Below you can see the Minimum, recommended and the Ultra specs:


CPU:  Quad Core processor (Phenom X4 9750 or Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

Memory: 4GB Ram

Video: Radeon 5770/Geforce GTX 460 or greater

Hard Drive: 20GB



CPU: AMD FX-8350 or Core I7-3770 or greater

Memory: 8GB of RAM

Video: GeForce GTX 560 Ti and AMD’s Radeon HD 7850

Hard Drive: 20 GB



CPU: Intel’s Core i7-3990K and AMD’s FX-9370

Memory: 8GB or more

Video: GeForce GTX 670 or AMD’s Radeon HD 7970

Hard Drive: 20GB


Watchdogs looks truly to be a next gen console game and a very exciting PC game.  It’s slated to be released on the PC, Xbox 360,  PS3 and WII U on November 19 with the release date for PS4 and Xbox One still to be announced.  The PC version of the game will have support for exclusive Nvidia features.


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