September 7, 2012

CD Projekt Red’s new ‘triple-A RPG’ game is Cyberpunk

Since being introduced to The Witcher (thanks thsoundman) I’ve definitely followed the progress of CD Projekt Red with interest. After the international success of this game, which is based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, the CD Projekt group changed it’s focus to game development – enter CD Projekt Red. It’s great to see that the development side of CD Projekt is growing and going from strength to strength, this year they became the official Polish distributor of games published by Codemasters, an award winning game developer and publisher with over 25 years of industry experience bringing titles such as DiRT, GRID, Cricket and Operation Flashpoint. The group has also formed several partnerships with companies such as Blizzard, Astragon, Sega, NCSoft West and Wizards of the Coast; important steps in the company‚Äôs development.

The latest game in development will be a ‘triple-A RPG’ based on the Cyberpunk pen-and-paper game by Mike Pondsmith, it’s development team will be made up from developers from The Witcher series alongside new staff brought in to support the project. There is not much known about this game, which was announced during the CD Projekt group’s summer conference, but it looks like it’s going to follow the same ‘mature’ RPG theme as The Witcher, which means violence, nudity and images and content of a sexual nature will all be in there (done really well I might add), and we can expect that it will follow the rules of a usual RPG game with customisable characters, classes, weapons etc. The game will be non-linear but story-driven, where magic, fantasy and lore is replaced by cybernetics, weapons and implants. Details from an online job posting show that CD Projekt Red are looking for a multiplayer programmer to work in their core development team confirming that future games will be featuring multiplayer modes. Although The Witcher is an amazing game players are limited to playing just Geralt of Rivia. This isn’t really a problem, but many RPG fans want to be able to choose their own character and in CyberPunk they will get that choice.

The cyberpunk scene has been done time and time again, but somehow I feel that CD Projekt Red are the right team to be taking this on and will be able to do it justice; judging by the reactions online to the news of this upcoming game it looks like I’m not the only one and there is genuine interest in what comes from the project team next. It also looks like they will be opening the door for a lot of new players with the news that The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, already available for PC and Xbox 360, will soon also be coming to Mac later this year. Pure speculation at this point but perhaps they will aim to deliver future games to Mac also on release.

Honestly, there are not enough hours in the day for me to play The Witcher and The Witcher 2, two of the best games I’ve played this year for sure. If you haven’t played either of these it’s well worth picking up a copy, you won’t be disappointed.

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