February 18, 2012

Co-Review: Gotham City Impostors

It’s been some time since we have heard from Monolith Productions. F.E.A.R. 2 was the last we heard from them and while the game was more varied than its predecessor, the A.I. took a large dose of stupid pills. They are finally back with a downloadable title that is rather odd. Take one part Batman, one part Team Fortress, and one part absurd humor, shake not stir, and you come away with one humorous but compelling shooter.



Gameplay: Based on the Team Fortress/ Team Fortress 2 style game it works really well with plenty of customization allowing you to play this first person shooter however you like.  The four game types are varied (one being a challenge mode ripped right out of Batman Arkham City) giving plenty of verity to add value to the price of this DLC game. Fumigation was my favorite game type with Psych Warfare coming in a close second only because it was hard finding matches. There is some issue with match making and balancing that I hope get addressed in the upcoming patch and of course my favorite LAG! The game always states connecting to server but I think “server” is another name for “HOST” as in peer to peer gaming which always lags.


The game types are varied but so few, though they never seem to grow stale. Fumigation is my game mode of choice, nothing more than territories but the matches are normally hard fought and can last a lengthy amount of time. The amount of customization is insane; everything from costumes, to weapons, to gadgets, to calling cards, and 1000 levels to gain. The gadgets are the star of the game play. Using a grapple gun or glider pack to traverse the intricate maps is like nothing else. I do agree with Joe, the matching making is a mess. Unbalanced games and some occasional lag can spoil the experience, though when all is going well the game’s brilliance shines.


Visuals: the five maps are really detailed and incredibly intricate almost to a fault with plenty of nooks n crannies to discover and explore I wish the game types I like used more of the maps to play them so we could enjoy the detail that is hidden around every corner, door and on every roof! Most areas that are heavy engagement zones have a way to flank making attacking or defending feel challenging and rewarding although there are a few spots strung across the maps that can be abused to spawn lock the opposing team.

Rick: for a downloadable game, the visuals are great, but could be better. The maps are painstakingly detailed and have great variety. The amounts of verticality in the maps are just as impressive as the detail. The characters sport that goofy TF2 look but have a feel of their own. The customization adds more appeal to visuals and the humor. Would you like your Bats character to have a cardboard cowl, a rain slicker for a cape, and have them running around in nothing but a pair of briefs? Great news, you can have it. One little gripe I have with the visuals is the lack of mouth animation. There are some memorable quips, but to see the closed mouth models spurt them feels archaic


Overall: The atheistic of the game is great adding comedy to the otherwise dark gothic universe of Batman. The visuals are really good and the maps well layed out with plenty of options to get around from place to place. The overall game is fun and varied with plenty of options to suit your gaming style. There are TONS of un-lockables and customization options that will keep you busy for months to come! Sound is great with hilarious voice acting and sound effects always making the experience enjoyable. There are a few things that need work but over-all this game is well worth the price!

Rick: For $15, the game offers a substantial amount of content and excitement. Like Joe I enjoyed the humor, the map layout, the combat, and the customization. The game was delayed once in January and it really could have used a few extra weeks to get the matchmaking under control and deal with some of the lag issues, but Monolith has stated there will be a title update in March to fix these issues; but would have been nice to already have this and not potentially kill the community because of these issues. The game is worth your money and could easily be the new go to shooter if the community and Monolith back the game. If you are looking for a TF2 experience consoles and have tried the sad excuse that was on The Orange Box (no support and awful community) than check this game out.



~ team fortress 2 game type taken to the next level

~ Great visuals

~ Detailed map layouts

~ Character voices are hilarious


~ Peer to peer host leads to laggy game play at times

~wish the game types used more o the maps to show off the detail put into them

~ Matching and balancing need a lot of work

~ Heavy body type, rockets, and armor. You will learn to hate this.


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