October 21, 2010

Come get you protest on….

Hey everyone I am finally back on the site after a little moving hiatus, but now since the house and job are secure I will be back to posting as always. GamerChat will return I am trying to smooth out some technical difficulties and as soon are those are fixed it will be back. But let’s talk games because that is why we are here. Today the Electronic Consumers Association has planned to do a demonstration up on capital hill, on the morning of November 2nd. This is the same day that the Supreme Court will hear the California Law on regulating violent video games. Kotaku broke word of this demonstration this morning here is what ECA had to say in their article.

“This will be a historic day for gamers and the video game industry as a whole, and we greatly appreciate everyone who has taken action on this pivotal issue,” said Jennifer Mercurio, Vice President and General Counsel for the ECA said in an official statement. “Video games, like any other form of entertainment, should be protected under our First Amendment and now is the time to stand up and let our collective voices be heard.”

I really hope this goes well for the industry, it’s not about restricting sales to minors. It’s about California having the right to deem what is violent and what is not; which is taking away are right as Americans. It is up the parents of these minors to determine for themselves what is too violent and make the choice to purchase the game. No other art form or media is censored, you can go on Deviantart.com and find full frontal nudity but since it is considered art, no one can touch it. In this editors opinion, games need to be protected by the amendment just as movies, books, an music are. It is a form of speech and needs the rights as such. Are there some games that are tasteless, yes. Are there some that push what he deem as decent just for the sake of seeing how far they can go, of course. But all of this falls on to the parents and they need to be more involved with their children and if they want to let them play these games, let them but have repect for the material. Ok I will put the soapbox away for now, but I will definitly be thinking about taking the day off to head down and rally for the medium we all love and love to write about, anyone want to roadtrip with me for the day?


  1. ScrotusKilmystr - October 24, 2010 2:47 pm

    I agree if the game industry didn’t already have a rating system that works really well I would say the goverment AT MOST should impliment a rating system for informed decision making BUT it’s already there!
    I just like cabxyz and aceofnades work in the retail end and telling parents why the game is rated this way usally gets the answer “he/she plays them at his/her friends house so i dont care” or something to that accord.
    The parents need to be involved in what their kids are playing bottem line not the goverment!!!!!!!

  2. thsoundman - October 23, 2010 10:44 pm

    I believe the government needs to stay the hell out of the video game, art, movie and entertainment industry in general. It is not the role of the government to tell the public what to do. It is the role of the PARENTS of children to tell them what to do.


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