February 6, 2012

Corpse goes unnoticed for nine hours in Taiwan

23yr old gamer Chen Rong-yu was playing League of Legends when he suddenly and inexplicably died mid game. There were roughly thirty other gamers at the Taipei gaming center in Taiwan when it happened, all of which failed to notice the dead man among them. Chen reportedly remained sitting upright with his hands on the mouse and keyboard when he died. A medical condition, possibly a problem with his heart, is suspected as being the culprit for Chen’s death and it was noted that sitting still with minimal movement for long periods of time can create blood clots, which may have been the cause of death. The gaming center was also subject to cold temperatures which may have had a part to play.

Going unnoticed for a little while given the state of his body when he died is understandable but NINE hours? Cmon, thats just downright disturbing. I know how it is to get completely immersed into a game, but cmon people, lets give a damn and watch out for those around us.

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