January 9, 2012

Creators of South Park Team up with Obsidian to create the first “real” South Park game

Warping our fragile little minds through television and movies simply wasnt enough, Matt Stone and Trey Parker the creators of the hit TV show South Park have teamed up with Obsidian to create a full sized RPG style game (possibly with some turn bases elements?). It will capture everything that south park is about and wont hold back just because its being played and not watched. The game of course will include the four iconic characters Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, players however will not be playing as them, you will play as the “new kid in town”. The starts with character creation and class selection and will put you, the new kid, out into the world of south park to make friends and will evolve into an adventure full of questing and fantasy.

The game will be just as crude and politically incorrect as the show and feature just as much if not more violence. It will also reflect the south park we know and love to a “T”, weapons will be typical things kids can get their hands on such as wooden swords, broomsticks and so on and armor will be things such as noodle strainers, tin foil, buckets, cardboard etc. While playing someone could glance in on you and easily mistake your game play for an episode. What sets this south park game away from the rest is the fact that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are both very much in on its development and heavily┬áinfluential on its overall outcome, and also that its being headed by a big name developer with the experience and knowledge to create a top tier game.

Not much is actually known yet about the game, just that its in development and some screens that have been released. There is no official release date yet but hopefully we will see this by the end of the year. The game should release for X360, PS3 and PC but again nothing is official.




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