Crusader Kings II on sale on Steam for 48 hours!


I can­not can­not CANNOT preach this game’s deserved praise enough. Cru­sader Kings 2 is one of my top games this year already. I was a huge fan of the first, and now they’ve only expanded and improved upon it in this sequel. It’s a Para­dox title that launched rel­a­tively bug-free, and that alone speaks more vol­umes than I could.


But for a quick syn­op­sis, it’s a game set in medieval Europe where you assume con­trol of a count, duke, king, or some­times emperor, and then try to keep your fam­ily dynasty in power, all while vying for MORE power and more land. While that in and of itself may not sound excit­ing, every char­ac­ter has var­i­ous traits that drive their actions and opinions,and that’s what makes this game truly fun to play. It’s a crazy char­ac­ter soap opera that has you try­ing to keep every­thing under con­trol while man­ag­ing a drunken wrath­ful uncle and try­ing to keep your sons from killing each other over the line of succession.


It’s cur­rently on sale on Steam for $5 under its nor­mal price of $50, which includes all the DLC released so far (Mon­gol faces, music packs, dynasty shields, and the ruler designer) as well as the typ­i­cal Para­dox post-release sup­port. The lat­est patch for the game added in sev­eral new fea­tures and revamped how de jure king­doms work, and this is only a few months after release. The sale is only last­ing 48 hours though, so you must be quick about get­ting it! There’s also a demo avail­able here if you want to try-before-you-buy.


Just as a quick exam­ple of how crazy the game can be, I was rul­ing as a count in my single-county game of Weimar in the Holy Roman Empire. Out of the blue my ruler is stricken with an ill­ness and passes away within a few months, dump­ing con­trol to my 10-year-old son. When he’s struck down by the same ill­ness pass­ing through our lands, it goes to his thiry-something sis­ter who’s mar­ried and has two sons by another dynasty, mean­ing that as soon as she dies I’m out of the game for good. So I divorced my cur­rent hus­band and remar­ried matri­lin­eally the first ran­dom young man I could find. A few months later I have another son of MY dynasty. But the suc­ces­sion still goes to my sons by the other dynasty. So I had to kill them. And so I did. Now, while my count­ess was labeled a tyrant and loathed by all her sub­jects, the son of her dynasty was now next in line for the throne. She lived to be seventy-something and out­lived her tyrant sta­tus, dying with no one in her court hav­ing a neg­a­tive opin­ion of her.


And that’s just the single-player. It sup­ports up to 32 play­ers in multiplayer.

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