January 31, 2013

Crusader Kings II – The Old Gods Announced

Unfortunately Cthuhlu was an ELDER god and wasn't included.


Right on the heels of the new “The Republic” DLC update which expanded the gameplay to include merchant republics, CK2’s Facebook page started a piece-by-piece reveal of an image, culminating in this final one here:



The teasing had come to an end and clearly showed a Norse warrior and many longboats, indicating that players would FINALLY be able to play as pagan characters. Here are the features of the upcoming Old Gods expansion:


  • Play as a Pagan chieftain and ravage your weak neighbors. If you remain at peace for too long, your people will grow restless…
  • New special start date in 867 AD: The Viking Rurik has founded the kingdom of Rus and the Great Heathen Army under the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok rampages through England.
  • Play as a Zoroastrian lord and restore your ancient religion to prominence.
  • Adventurers: Landless characters can gather armies and go off to carve out new realms on their own.
  • Prepared Invasions: Declare your intention to invade and watch your armies grow with adventurers and restless warriors, but don’t wait too long to start your war or it might all fall apart…
  • Rebels with a Cause: Rebels are no longer a faceless menace – they are now led by characters with agendas.
  • Loot and pillage provinces. Burn down their cities and take their gold!
  • Sacrifice to Odin at the great Blot!
  • Christians and Muslims can dispatch missions to convert the depraved heathens.
  • New beautiful Pagan interface skin.
  • New events and decisions: berserkers, sejdr, curses, omens, divinations, runestones and much more.


The only release date the cryptic page has is Q2 2013, but any CK2 player knows how to wait. Especially with the new fantastic The Republic DLC just having been released two weeks ago.

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