March 1, 2011

Crysis 2… A Sellouts Story… No DX11

This article is going to be a bit biased as I am a PC gamer at heart and I was dearly looking forward to Crysis 2.  Bragging to all my console friends about how it was the flagship for PC gaming and that none stood next to it in terms of graphics.  Today was a massive let down for me. 

I first got the news that the Crysis 2 demo was finally out for PC and I went to go download it.  First thing I n0ticed when I started the game was the tell tale sign of a port “Press Start to Begin” .  Generally this means someone was to lazy to remove text to say “Press any key to continue”.   This is generally a bad sign as the game has clearly been ported.  I decided to go ahead and try it out to give it the benefit of the doubt.  I went to change my graphics settings only to find out that I only had 3 options gamer, advanced and hardcore.  I was not allowed to tweak any of my graphics settings the way I wanted to.  This is a big deal for me as I’ve payed good money to have a great setup.  To be fair, however, this is a demo and demos don’t always include full functionality.  That being said I will reserve that judgement for the final product when I get my review copy. 

The second issue I ran into is once i launched the game it felt, looked and played like Call of Duty.  I’m not a fan of Call of Duty for several reasons mainly because it’s a money grab game and to top it off I can’t stand the rat race maps and cartoony style graphics.   It appears as if the devs were going straight for the masses with this title.  I suppose I should point that that is again a demo but I’ll get into why I think it will be more of the same with the full release. 

Crysis has always been known as the “benchmark” game.  “Can it play Crysis” or “but can it play Crysis” were both extremely popular terms with this game and rightfully so as this game set the bar for graphical beauty and quality for the last 3 years.  That being said Crysis 2 DOES NOT set the bar any higher if anything I feel it’s a bit lower in the demo.  I was expecting this game to bring my system to it’s knees and I cranked  all of the settings that I could and it didn’t even phase my system.  I run a Phenom II X4 965, Radeon 5870, Raptor 300 GB Hard Drive and 8GB of ram.  But the real knife in my back for this game was the fact that they aren’t even going to release it with  DX11 and not even DX10.  The developer said it will be releasing it in a patch at at a later time once the game has been out for awhile. 

In essence I’m being told that PC gamers will not be able to utilize their equipment that they probably purchased in anticipation of this game because the developer is holding it back for two outdated gaming systems.  Some of you may say “Thsoundman who the hell cares anyway?  What does it really matter?  ”  To that I would say it really doesn’t matter but I still feel betrayed anyway.  In a day in age where developers where game development is no longer an artform and now it is a business many developers have jumped ship on the PC platform and left us with sub par ports blaming it on piracy.  It was nice to have those few developers that still developed games for the PC and focused on them and I in turn paid full price for those games at release and was glad to do so.  Crytec assured us that this game would not be a console port and before us we have one.  I feel betrayed and I feel angred by a company that I supported.


  1. Brad - April 20, 2011 6:12 pm

    People I agree with all of you but don’t fear, Battlefield 3 wont turn out like this dice was a PC dev and will always be a PC dev, consoles are getting watered down PC ports not the other way around

  2. hoppychopz - March 28, 2011 4:00 am

    I am very very disappointed. A while ago i downloaded the leaked version and to my shock when i opened it it had Xbox buttons and said press start to begin i was SHOCKED!. now no dx11 i have lost faith in the gaming industry. Remember when games started to take off when halo 1 was released back then it was about the single player experience that addicted you. Now all games are about is money and no creativity. The only games that get talked about now are online games were u run around on a few maps and kill each other that gets old REALLLY!!! fast. The producers need to focus on the story line as much as the graphics and online experience. before long games wont have a story they will be all online. And when that day comes im going to Nuke the world……

  3. thsoundman - March 24, 2011 7:29 pm

    It’s not that i can’t break my system that sent me off the edge. It’s the fact that I didn’t have the option to do so. Crysis I will admit was terribly coded and it needed a great deal of optimization. That being said DOOM3 coudln’t be run on the modern systems of the day for almost 2 years after it’s release. I could care less that the game is optimized… I think that something that should be taken more seriously within the game development industry. But thats a whole nother topic. I’d like to be able to play it at this level and then in 3 years when i get new hardware I want to see how much better it looks. A product that gets better with age if you will 😛

    BTW welcome to the site I appreciate your input. We hope to see you around when I finish my offical review of the final product. You might find it suprising. Thanks again and welcome.

  4. darkcg - March 24, 2011 7:27 pm

    @FUCRYSIS2: I will buy it, instead. Do you know why? Because I can play it now. I don’t want a game now to play it in three years. No thanks. I have a GTX 580, I play on a 1920×1200 monitor and Crysis 2 makes good use of it. Amazing graphics with right performance.

  5. darkcg - March 24, 2011 7:24 pm

    Let me understand the “crysis gamer” psychology. You’re disappointed because the game allows you to play the game, while you would expected to throw in the toilet all your expensive equipment for an unoptimized, unusefully heavy game. You’re disappointed because you would expected to play it in the next three years with the next three generations cards. The game looks amazing, has a great graphics. No, it’s not DirectX 10 and 11 that makes good graphics. I’m a PC gamer also, but sometimes I don’t understand all the stupidity behind this.

  6. bootleg Crysis - March 20, 2011 1:09 am

    If Crysis doesn’t come out with DX11 or even DX10, I’m just going to bootleg it. Simple as that.

    Screw you console ports!

  7. AiR - March 9, 2011 10:38 am

    like the other crysis games i will buy it when its on special on steam and then probly never play it lol

  8. FUCRYSIS2 - March 8, 2011 10:53 am

    us PC gamers should NOT buy crysis 2 once it is released.

  9. ScrotusKilmystr - March 5, 2011 6:37 am

    Update on the demo issue at least for XBL… Crytec released a “NEW” demo for XBL and they did add alot more from the previous lack luster cookie cutter demo The graphics are much better theres a cool video pointing out some of the features and a second game mode gets unlocked at level 6 there is also a 2nd map that isn’t metioned at all that is playable

    While the game is still looking like a COD clone I think maybe Crytec is trying to move in the right least for consoles

    Lets hope to see a HUGE leap for the PC gamers out there that made the first installment a benchmaring tool for gaming rigs everywhere

  10. ScrotusKilmystr - March 4, 2011 6:26 am

    If it’s any consolation The console version looks like ass as well I was totally un-impressed given the pedigree this game has-to and should live up to graphics looked about 5 years ago even for a console….

    but like you said battlefield 3 still gives hope and from what i’ve seem so far it’s looking good for all the PC guys out there

  11. PimpmasterF - March 3, 2011 1:38 pm

    unfortunately T8 is right, its a damn shame to, I miss the good ol days of PC gaming goodness before all this sell out money grabbing bullshit. On a different note Ive been playing the Crysis 2 multi player demo and while my previous rant still stands I dont hate the game, it looks like ass and as thsoundman said its COD with crysis skin. When I say it looks like ass I mean compared to the first crysis, compared to most other games its about average, if they can patch it to utilize a higher DirectX, get rid of the console menus and add graphical customization it would be tons better. However I have decided to give it a chance, mostly due to having pre ordered it before I found out its portish nonsense and there isnt anything else releasing soon I dont already have a preorder for.

  12. T8 - March 3, 2011 11:49 am

    crysis accomplished what they set out to do with the original game. They arnt going to be able to keep those standards so high for much longer. This is just something that was bound to happen.

  13. PimpmasterF - March 2, 2011 9:33 am

    This pisses me off on more than one level. Crytek has sold out, I dont care if its developed for console but it should have been cross developed for PC also, Crysis and Crysis warhead set the bar pretty damn high in my opinion and this port pretty much says “Eh, who gives a shit, well get paid anyway”. If anything it should have been ported to console (if they can do that) to achieve their intended money grab. I feel this basically says they dont give a shit about the PC community.
    Crysis set a really high bar in terms of PC gaming and graphical intensity setting crysis 2 up for an epic win, and they totally bombed that, sending out a patch, especially after its been out a while, doesnt rectify shit, unfortunately ive already pre ordered it so I guess ill see if my rant is over the top, and I hope it is. until Im proven wrong i remain incredibly dissapointed. and yes if they do this to battlefield 3 I will be soooooooooooooo pissed off!

    Rant over

  14. CharcoalCoyote - March 2, 2011 8:31 am

    All honesty, I hate games that go straight for graphics. Now, understandably, that was the thing with Crysis. The remarks about “can it run Crysis on the highest settings” were fairly rampant when the game was first announced. I’m more of a “fuck graphics, Paper Mario was a far better game than this” type guy, but I also believe in sticking to what you’re expected to be. Crysis is supposed to be the ultimate graphics game. If it’s not, then it has failed.

  15. thomas - March 2, 2011 1:42 am

    chill sluts . crysis 1 was perfect
    crysis 2 they had to make money so they made it for console as well. thats the world we live in now. games are getting worse for us pc gamers rather than better. annoying isnt it

  16. CaptainMurphy - March 2, 2011 12:11 am

    Fingers crossed Battlefield 3 doesn’t end up this way.

  17. zero_19 - March 1, 2011 11:45 pm

    Honestly I’m not surprised. I would not expect any game to be developed for the PC instead of a port unless it is something like an RTS that just doesn’t play well on a console.

  18. CaptainMurphy - March 1, 2011 11:15 pm

    I’m disappointed but not fully surprised. The first Crysis was a big let down as well after all their talk.

  19. Bartholomew P. Skibbenheims III - March 1, 2011 10:44 pm

    I am not surprised the consolized it so much. They lost money on the original at the end of the day and it is published by EA afterall. Not saying I will support what they did, because I will not, but just saying it doesnt shock me these days.


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